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Chapter 339: Cosmos In Chaos

In another alley not from Shien’s group, Limgir, Julius, and Sunir were currently leading a group of knights and were heading toward the direction where Shien’s group was.

“Are you sure it’s this way?”

Julius calmly confirmed with Sunir as the walked.

Now that Cosmos’s structures has turned so chaotic, where even the streets were filled with various building, the difficulty of reaching a specific location or finding a specific person is far higher than it was before.

Add in the fact that Shien’s group hasn’t even found a place to stay at yet, the difficulty of confirming where they are at any moment and catching up to them is all the higher.

Therefore, the First Knight Order could only set up watches at various high points in Cosmos, have them confirm the geography, location of buildings, and where everyone within the city is from a high view point, and have them monitor and report in real time. This is how they maintain communications and find their targets.

Thanks to that, the First Knight Order managed to confirm Shien’s group’s current location without much issues.

“Around five minutes ago, there were eyewitness reports of a young noble with a maid and young girls. The people responsible for monitoring this area even saw the person in question enter their watch zone, so they should be here. We should be able to meet up with them if just continue forward.

Sunir replied with such a report.

“That’s good then.” Julius nodded before turning to Limgir, “You’ll need to control your emotions in a bit. Don’t let them detect your hostility, got it?”

“Don’t worry, uncle.” Limgir spoke without showing any emotions, “All members of the Royal Knights have undergone a certain training to control their own hostility. It’s for the sake of avoiding detection by skills like [Enemy Detection], and it’s a required class for any Royal Knight.”

After all, if one’s hostility is too obvious, then it would immediately triggering a reaction from detection skills like [Enemy Detection] and letting the enemy know their position. It’s quite a disadvantage in battle, and even more of a disadvantage when it comes to any covert operation.

Therefore, it’s not just the Royal Knights, but any high quality, high leveled knight order would have such training to make sure its members are capable of hiding their hostility toward their targets.

The First Knight Order has this kind of training as well, so Julius and Sunir naturally knew all this.


“To not expose the slightest hostility even face to face with one’s enemy. That’s easy to say, but…”

Sunir’s frustrated words showed just how difficult this mandatory class really is.

To put it bluntly, aside from the Royal Knights who are the pride of the Kingdom, it’s extremely difficult for anyone else to master this ability.

If not for the fact that everyone who enters the Royal Knights are level 70+ powerhouses who all have very high amounts of combat training, there would have been no way that even they would have been able to train this ability to a satisfactory level.

Limgir was an especially talented youth even among the Royal Knights, so he did master this ability.

If not for that, then there was no way that Limgir would have been able to act so calm and not suspicious in front of Shien before.

Unfortunately for him, Limgir did end up making a mistake. Back in the Capital, there were several times when he had met Shien where he had ended up exposing an instant of his hostility toward Shien by accident.

If it was anyone else, then those instant flashes of hostility really might have gone undetected. Only Shien, with his max leveled [Enemy Detection] skill could have caught it. Otherwise, he really might have been fooled by Limgir the entire time.

Limgir himself definitely hasn’t imagined that Shien’s [Enemy Detection] skill has already been maxed out a long time ago. It really was nigh impossible for him to not expose his hostility.

Of course, Limgir still doesn’t know about this yet. He had no idea that he had long since been exposed and had been put on Shien’s blacklist.

Thus, Limgir spoke the following.

“Father had told me. Right now, we can’t touch him no matter what, so I’ll bear with it.”

Limgir’s words made Julius nod in satisfaction.

“I believe in your ability to do that.”

Julius patted Limgir’s shoulder with no doubt in Limgir’s words.

Julius knows full well just how capable his nephew is.

It can be said that Limgir has never disappointing anyone before. If not for Shien suddenly coming out of nowhere, then not even Bali would have considered Limgir’s pursuit of Lucy slow.

That’s the reason why Limgir wants to hurriedly remove Shien so much.

It’s all because Shien is a obstacle to Limgir, someone that Limgir cannot allow to exist.

This is for the sake of both his responsibilities and personal reasons.

(Just wait…)

As he thought back to that peerless princess’s unmatched beauty, Limgir once again swore.

(I’ll definitely crush you and take away her highness Lucilosti’s favor and affection.)

This is something that Limgir wanted to do no matter what.

Even if Shien had the Dragon Demon backing him up. Even if the Moon Demon, the sovereign of the demon race, is watching him, Limgir still won’t give up.

How could he possibly give up?

Ever since he first saw that princess, Limgir’s heart could hold no one else within it. Even the centuries long wish of his family would have to rank below that of the princess in importance to him.

(I have to have the princess!)

Only by having her could Limgir gain all that he had wanted. Be it his own personal love or his family’s wish, all of it can be realized then.

For that sake…

“I have to hold back now.”

Hold back!

Hold back!

Hold back!

Limgir continuously told himself that to drill it into his subconscious.

Like that, Limgir slowly purged himself of his hostility toward Shien, tricked his subconscious, and got himself to put aside his hatred.


Everything went smoothly, and Limgir nodded. This also made Julius show a gratified expression from where he was at the side.



Just that moment, a shocking wave of magic power suddenly erupted from somewhere ahead of them.


Julius, Sunir, and all the knights there all reacted with shock.

“This magic power…!?”

Limgir was also extremely surprised, making him unconsciously cry out.

The magic power that suddenly appeared was extremely surprising, shocking everyone here.

It wasn’t something that humans could possibly have. That was how terrifyingly powerful it was.

And as this terrifyingly powerful magic power appeared, the city also started shaking.

“Be careful!”

“On your guard!”

Julius and Sunir loudly shouted out orders, having all the knights draw their weapons.

Limgir similarly drew out his own weapon and showed a guarded expression.

However, at that moment, an unnatural event started.


Before them, the chaotically arrayed buildings suddenly started shifting, moving, and switching positions like they were attached to mechanisms.

“This is…!?”

When Limgir, Julius, Sunir, and the rest saw this, their hearts clenched.

Could it be that the strange incident within the Stalim Dukedom be happening again?

However, why is the activity this time so huge?

It has to be noted that, when it occurred in the past, it never created this much obvious activity like what’s happening right now. Rather, before, it always happened quietly without anyone really noticing. It would subtly happen and subtly end, and by the time anyone managed to react, some people or buildings have already been teleported to another location.

Plus, in the past, it has always been one person encountering the incident at a time, and buildings similarly got teleported one building in each incident. There’s never been anything like this before, where all buildings moved at once, shifting a large number of structures.

With that, the geography that the First Knight order had so painstakingly mapped out had wildly transformed. The the various small alleys and paths have continuously shifted, becoming completely different from how they were before.

In one building that was moved, there were even sounds of people screaming, screeching, and moving about in terror. It shows that they were terrified by this sudden situation as well.

“Be careful!”

At that moment, Julius yelled out.

A building was charging right at them at a shocking speed, making everyone react with alarm.


Sunir yelled out an order and everyone dodged to the side, avoiding the building that was flying toward them.

Yet the buildings around them all started suddenly sliding toward them.

The knights reacted with alarm again. There was even someone who raised up their hand and got ready to use magic to blast the building apart.

“Stop!” Julius immediately growled out, “No one is allowed to attack any building!”

Those weren’t empty and abandoned structures after all.

The the First Knight Order was to attack those buildings with magic without restraint, then it would definitely end up harming the people screaming in fear inside those buildings.

“Dodge it! Dodge it!”

Sunir too could only loudly give out his orders to keep the knights from daring to use magic to attack. Thus, they could only clumsily dodge the buildings charging at them over and over again.

Even Limgir was in the same situation.

“Just what’s going on here?”

Limgir was surprised beyond thought as he dodged.

This kind of situation has never happened before.

“Could it be that the incidents have intensified?”

Limgir considered it, but he had no way to deal with it. All he could do is to continue dodging one building after another.

The entire First Knight Order was thus thrown into chaos. It was like they accidentally entered some kind of formation and showed none of the might they used to.

Unfortunately, besides the First Knight Order, there was another knight order who got pulled into the chaos here and were attacked by one building after another.

It was a group that were clearly wearing a style of armor foreign to the Kingdom. Their armors were emblazoned with a pattern of a broken sword, and all their members were female.

“Your highness!”

“Be careful!”

The female knights of the knight order all moved to keep a princess safe in the middle while they watched the buildings moving around them alertly. It gave the impression of them having been surrounded and having no way out.

“You guys, back away.”

The princess who was being protected in the middle of those knights calmly and silently watched the situation. Only after a while did she finally shift her gaze, looked in a certain direction, narrowed her eyes, and said the following.

“It seems like someone doesn’t want us to go near there. We’ll just have to use a somewhat forceful means to get past this then.”

As she said that, the princess drew a sword from her waist.

That sword was golden and shining.

If Shien was here, he would definitely have been shocked to discover that the sword in question actually looked quite similar to a Holy Sword.

Only what came from that sword wasn’t the holy and divine light of a Holy Sword, but an indistinct pure white light.


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