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Chapter 333: A Minor Commotion


The brilliant, holy light from the foxgirl holy maiden shined brighter and brighter, denser and denser. In the end, it turned into a curtain of light spreading out from the foxgirl.

The beastmen around her saw all this and nervously kept guard over her while looking around warily.

It’s because the [Prayer] that the foxgirl holy maiden was using right now was not something that can be casually invoked. Not only would it cause a great deal of damage to her, it may even end up causing all kinds of side effects.

It can’t be helped though. This [Prayer] is borrowing the powers of one the Three Great Goddesses, the Goddess of Life. If the user didn’t have the Goddess of Life’s blessing, then using this [Prayer] was certain to more or less cause some problems.

Although the foxgirl holy maiden is the holy maiden of the beastmen, she herself was unable to gain the blessing of the Goddess of Life.

Blessings on the level of the Three Great Goddess’s are things that only the Heroes of legend are capable of getting. Throughout all of Omnipotlin’s history, the number of individuals capable of gaining the blessing of one of the Three Great Goddesses can be counted on one’s fingers. The foxgirl holy maiden indeed has a special status, and the beastmen race themselves are believers of the Goddess of Life, but even so, only one ancestor of the fox-kin had ever gained the Goddess of Life’s blessing. The current foxgirl holy maiden currently lacked the qualifications to gain a blessing on that level.

Thanks to that, even if the foxgirl holy maiden had the ability to utilize [Prayer] and temporarily borrow the powers of the Goddess of Life, she still lacked the support from the blessing. Thus, every time she uses it, she would be greatly harmed and exhausted and even end up causing side effects. This is why the beastmen were so anxious.

If not for that reason, then the foxgirl holy maiden would have used [Prayer] to find the target that they’ve been searching for a long time ago.

Now though, she had no other choice than to use this method. In the end, that’s just fate.

In this situation, the foxgirl holy maiden did not open her eyes, yet she somehow saw an image from the curtain of light.

That being…


Yes, the foxgirl holy maiden saw a dragon.

A very scary and vicious looking black dragon currently flying high up in the air with a majestic aura.

By borrowing the powers of the Goddess of Life, the foxgirl holy maiden as able to sense the terrifying life energy from that dragon. It shows that it was no ordinary dragon at that.

It’s likely one that stood among the top even among the entire dragon race.

Yet, on that dragon’s back was sat several individuals.

Of those individuals, the majority of them were girls. One is a little girl hugging a pillow, one is a very beautiful maid, and one more was the foxgirl holy maiden’s target.

Found her!

The foxgirl holy maiden thought that in her mind, but she felt no joy whatsoever.

It was because, through the power of the goddess of life, she had noticed that there seemed to be something horrifying about that very beautiful maid. She was letting out pitch black life energy. The little girl with the pillow next to her was even scarier, her life energy could be compared to a natural disaster, a volcano about to erupt. Her tiny body hid an incredible amount of power, terrifying the foxgirl holy maiden.

And when the foxgirl holy maiden’s gaze shifted to the last person on the dragon’s back, a completely ordinary looking man, a sound suddenly rang out in her mind.


At that moment, the curtain of light around the foxgirl holy maiden shattered.


The fox-kin holy maiden let out a scream of pain. Blood spilled out of her mouth as she collapsed.

“Holy Maiden!”

“Holy Maiden!”

The beastmen around her reacted with alarm.

They had no idea that, due to this event, a small commotion happened in the divine realm.

Up in a solemn looking temple in the divine realm, Nien who had been there all alone suddenly raised her head as if she felt something.

“A goddess had used her own authority to peep at Shien, huh?”

Nien seemed to have realized something as she grimaced.

“What hubris.”

Other than herself, how could any other goddess possibly peep on that Hero?

“With that woman’s blessing, Shien not long has the protection of the world itself, he can also nullify all direct effects from all divine authorities. Other than me, who has a direct connection to him from the source, no one can affect him with their authorities.”

Even now, Shien still hasn’t fully understood just what all the effects of the [Blessing of the Highest God] are.

One thing that he was unaware of is that those effects have already been operating without his knowledge.

Gain the protection of the world.

Limited to gods, all condition satisfied.

Limited to gods, all interference can be ignored.

Limited to gods, all positions can be set.

Limited to gods, all effects can be gained.

Those various effects are hard to understand just by looking, to the point where Shien still doesn’t get it at all even now. However, just because he doesn’t understand them, it doesn’t mean that they won’t work.

Right now, one of the effects of Shien’s blessing activated.

Limited to gods, all interference can be ignored.

Just like Nien said, the authority of the gods are unable to affect Shien.

Unless it’s a positive effect that is. In other words, interference that would be of benefit to Shien that is.

Take the premonitions granted by Lucy’s blessing for example. The prophetic premonition is considered an indirect form of aid, so it can affect Shien.

However, if the effect was not a positive one, but a negative effect, where it would interfere with Shien in a bad way, then such interference would be negated by the [Blessing of the Highest God] or even crushed on the spot.

In that case, the only authorities capable of affecting Shien with his [Blessing of the Highest God] are either authorities granting positive effects to him or the authority of the Highest God Omnis herself.

Even Nien is only able to affect Shien to a degree thans to her special link with Shien. That’s why she’s able to summon Shien to her temple or read his thoughts and memories.

If it was some other goddess though…

“You’d better just be good and focus on your own believers and not get any ideas about my Hero.”

While Nien says that, she also knows that given this event, Shien has likely now gained the attention of the godsd.

That said, Nien wasn’t worried at all.

With Shien’s current abilities, in addition to the fact that the [Blessing of the Highest God] can negate all interference from the gods, no normal goddess could possibly be a match against him.

Even for the Three Great Goddesses, with their authorities ineffective against Shien, they would be left with only their basic direct combat capabilities. In such a case, it’s completely unknown if they’d be able to win against Shien with his strongest Holy Sword.

“Although that guy unsealing his Holy Sword before a god is a problem too, but given the fact that he still has the Dragon Demon with him, there’s no way that they’d dare to do anything anyways, right?”

Thus, to put it completely bluntly, not even the Three Great Goddesses would have an easy time if the want to try to touch the current Shien.

“The only one capable of countering the Hero is the true goddess, in other words, the Highest God Omnis.”

Shien’s only going to actually be helpless against Omnis.

With the strongest Holy Sword in his hands, by Nien’s opinion, the Highest God Omnis is the only one in the entire world capable of killing Shien for certain.

As for the rest, even the Six Great Demon Lords would find it tough in the face of that Holy Sword, right?

Of course, if Shien was to fully develop and reach his limits, then even the Six Great Demon Lords would probably have no choice but to submit.

Currently, while Shien still hasn’t fully developed, there do exist some existences capable of threatening him. However, with the Holy Sword, if Shien was to fully unleash it, then even against the Six Great Demon Lords, Shien would at least be able to preserve his life and escape even if he’s unable to beat them. As for the gods, they’re of even less concern. With their authorities ineffective, even the Three Great Goddesses would likely be in trouble the moment that Shein unleashes the Holy Sword.

Currently, with the Highest God Omnis deep in her slumber, there’s only a single one capable of beinga threat to Shien among the gods.

That person is the current trump card of the gods. She is the strongest being in all three worlds, the existence right below that of the Demon King and Highest God. While Shien is still immature, he’ll have quite a hard time if he needs to face her.

However, the one who acted this time was unlikely to have been her.

“I just wonder what kind of face she’ll make when she finds out that both of her beloved blessed ones were drawn in by my Hero.”

When she had that thought, Nien couldn’t help but start giggling.

Beings capable of being granted blessings on the level of the Three Great Goddesses were extremely rare throughout history. The vast majority of the time, it’s only Heroes who could gain such privileges.

Therefore, the Three Great Goddesses tend to greatly value those beings capable of gaining their blessings. It’s because that represents the fact that those people really are just that amazing and rare. The goddesses would thus treat those ones like their own children, granting them unprecedented amount of love and favors.

What’s more, someone who gained the blessing of one of the Three Great Goddesses would even be considered a representative of her patron goddess herself, and thus be treated with great respect by the gods.


Why was Lucy so beloved by the gods?

There are two reasons for that.

The first is because of Lucy’s unique skill is special, making it so that the gods would consider her one of their own.

The other is because Lucy gained the blessing of one of the Three Great Goddesses, with said goddess being the trump card of the gods and the strongest being in the three worlds even.

That strongest being is exceptionally adoring and dotting toward Lucy, so who knows just what she might consider Shien.

“That princess even stole my Hero’s first time, damn it.”

The smile on Nien’s face disappeared.

Yeah, she was still holding a grudge over this matter.

“Next time… The next time will definitely be mine…!”

Nien could only continue nursing her grudge, open up a screen and continue studying the “knowledge” she got from Shien’s mind.

At the same time, over in another temple within the divine realm, a goddess who was singing while playing music suddenly stopped.

“My power was actually negated?”

The goddess showed a showed expression as she started considering the matter.

Over by her side, a black haired girl who looked exhausted spoke up.

“Goddess Anima, isn’t it about time you let me go already?”

The girl’s voice was filled with exhaustion and hurt as if she had gone through some rather harsh events.

If one were to look carefully, then they would have seen that she looked exactly identical to Lasha.

“Let you go?”

The goddess named Anima showed a small grin.

“A little demon like you dared to intrude into the divine realm, and even intruded into my own temple. The fact that I didn’t remove you on the spot was already more than merciful of me, and yet you dare complain?”

In response to that, the girl one again showed an exhaused and hurt expression as if she was regretting something.

However, Anima just grinned as she shook her head. After thinking a bit more, she finally spoke again.

“Well, whatever. You’ve been punished enough now, so you can come along with me to the mortal realm. After that, you’ll be free to go.”

Those words made the girl brighten up with joy before she then froze for a moment.

“You’re going to the mortal realm?”

The girl was quite surprised.

“Yes.” Anima finally withdrew her smile as she muttered, “From the start, this isn’t a matter that I could just sit back and watch. Now that there appeared an existence capable of negating my powers, it proves that unexpected factors have appeared as well. Just the beastmen priesthood are probably not going to be enough to deal with it.”

As she said that, Anima stood up and raised her head.

Upon Anima’s holy and flawless face, her eyes were tightly shut.

“I’ll go personally for the first time in a while.”


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