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Chapter 331: You Play Some Dangerous Games

“Why? Why can’t I even pull out a sword?”

After some time, Tyler was lying exhausted on the ground and was breathing heavily while showing a disbelieving expression.

Never mind Tyler, Even the nearly level 80 Terrance gave it a try. With the amount of strength he used, he shouldn’t have had any trouble even pulling up the floorboard that the sword was stabbed into, and yet even he wasn’t able to pull the sword out, a fact that quite shocked him.

By this point, Shien had already gotten the old book that Terrance spoke of and had finished reading through it.

After he finished reading it, Shien’s brows were deeply furrowed and remained that way for some time. Only now did he finally let out a sigh, placed the book away, got up, and headed over to Tyler.

“Of course you’re unable to pull it out.” Shien spoke knowingly, “Never mind you, even if you looked across the entirety of humanity, the number of individuals capable of pulling this sword out can be counted on the fingers of one hand.”

As a Holy Sword that was exclusively for Heroes, born from the very concept of “Hero”, it’s completely impossible for any normal person to wield it.

It’s because it will only release its power and allow itself to be used when it detects the magic power of it exclusive wielder.

If it’s not the exclusive wielder, then even under the sealed state, it’s still not a Holy Sword that anyone can take up.

Why was Lucy known as the Hero of the Modern Age?

It’s because she was recognized by the Holy Sword, thus allowing her to draw it.

Only by gaining the recognition of the Holy Sword can one easily draw it and use it normally. Otherwise, even for someone like the Demon King or the Highest God, while they might be able to forcefully lift it via brute strength, they would still be absolutely activate the powers it should have.

And this is only for a Holy Sword like Mitra’s, which managed to remain in the world due to special circumstances but had already lost its exclusive user.

For one like Shien’s, where the Holy Sword’s master still remained in the world, then not even a Modern Hero like Lucy would be able to draw it.

Adding in the fact that a Holy Sword will automatically return to its master’s side not long after the moment it leaves the presence of its master, the only one who is capable of freely using a Holy Sword are just Heroes alone.

Thus, while there might exist individuals capable of lifting Shien’s Holy Sword in the world, but there’s definitely no existence apart from Shien capable of actually using said Holy Sword.

Naturally, even if there did exist an individual that might be capable of lifting a Holy Sword, there’s no way that person could possibly be Terrance, and there’s even less chance of it being Tyler.

Shien thus used reality to tell this child ignorant of the world that he’s far too early to even think about challenging Shien.


Shien reached out, pulled out the Holy Sword, drew a pattern in the air with it, before finally returning it to its sheath.

That easy and casual motion made both Terrance’s and Tyler’s heart jump. They almost couldn’t believe that the sword that they were just trying to pull out was the same one that Shien just pulled out.

Tyler especially got seriously provoked by it and jumped up.

“No way! I won’t accept this!” Tyler threw a tantrum.

“You have no choice but to accept it no matter how much you might not want to, brat.”

Shien’s not the type to spare the feeling of brats, so he just grimaced. The disregard that leaked out of his tone ended up just provoking Tyler more though.

“There’s definitely a problem with that sword!” Tyler objected loudly, “That’s definitely some kind of magic weapon with specific use requirements, something that can only be used if you know the right way. You just know the right way of using it, that’s all. I didn’t know the right method at all, so how could I have pulled it out?”

That’s true enough. Those kind of magic weapons do exist in this world, where they can only be wielded via specialized methods, and without which, they can’t be used.

Tyler thought of that point and just thought that Shien was playing him, so he was shaking with fury.

Seeing Tyler act that way before him, Shien’s gaze gradually turned into one that was looking at a pitiful child in need of care.

If this was in some other novel, then at this point, the protagonist should be showing all kinds of amazing abilities to shock and awe everyone present, making everyone awed and amazed with him, while also crushing their opponent’s will to resist, making said opponent kneel down and admit defeat, right?

Unfortunately for them, Shien doesn’t need to prove himself.

He just wanted to say one thing.

“Young man.”

Shien patted Tyler’s shoulder, grinned, and spoke words that could give someone a heart attack.

“I even know just how many moles Lucy has on her body, you know?”

That one sentence struck Tyler like a bolt of lighting, making him shudder and freeze on the spot.


Never mind Tyler, even Terrance did a spit take with a completely shocked face.

Even an idiot would be able to realize just what Shien’s words implied.

“You said that you refuse to believe that I had any relationship with Lucy, right?” Shien gave a brilliant smile as he enunciated each and every word, “I’m sorry to say that you’re going to be disappointed. The day I set off from the Capital, she was lying in the same bed as me.”

Utterly crushing!

This really was utterly crushing!

In the face of a young man in love with his idol, Shien had mercilessly revealed the brutal truth that shattered his dreams!

“You… You’re lying…! You’re lying…!”

Tyler was overexcited to the point of near insanity. He just pointed at Shien like he wanted to say a ton of things, yet in the end, due to the unimaginable stimulation, all he could do was mindlessly and inelegantly deny it one-sidedly.

Seeing Tyler looking acting overly excited like he had taken major mental damage, Shien just shook his head pityingly before he struck the final blow.

It was a crystal like magic item.

Both Terrance and Tyler recognized this magic item.

It’s not a particularly valuable item. It’s just a magic crystal that’s used to record images.

In other words, it’s this other world’s magical version of a camera.

That said, this “camera” is unable to take all that many pictures. It’s only able to preserve the image at the moment of its use and embed it within the crystal.

Normally, it’s just a normal diamond shaped crystal. Only after one inputs magic power into it will it show the image recorded within it.

Thus, it became an item used by many nobles to save valuable memories. It’s also used in addition in a number of normal everyday functions.

For example, the crystals that the third floor library in the Lamdrion adventurers guild uses to record the index and locations of its books are basically these kind of crystals.

Shien’s own crystal was one that Lucy gave him. Lucy had one herself as well.

The person herself had said the following.

“I’m going to record the evidence just so you won’t try to get out of marrying me.”

In consideration of Shien’s unreliable personality, Lucy had taken the time before Shien left to drag along the clueless Shien and leave countless amounts of the so called “evidence”.

This crystal item is one of those evidences.

The picture recorded within it was also extremely simply. As Shien inputted his magic power into it, said image appeared.

Thus, within that crystal, a scene of two lovers currently warmly embracing appeared. One o them looked obviously unwilling, while the other was showing a most beautiful smile. That scene of what are undeniably lovers was thus imprinting into Tyler’s eyes.

Those two individuals were Shien and Lucy.

The one who looked unwilling was naturally Shien. He obviously looked like he was annoyed at the time with the whole thing.

And the one with the smile of absolute beauty was thus obviously Lucy.

That smile which no ordinary person could possibly ever see made Tyler widen his eyes.

Then, he look another look at how the two were embracing each other, the positions akin to that of lovers, and Tyler was finally forced to admit the truth.

And that truth was that the goddess he so idolized, the princess in everyone’s hearts, had become molded into someone else’s shape.

“Ugh… Uwahhh…!”

Tyler collapsed on the spot, sobbed, and directly ran away with tears in his eyes.

Likely, the events today will definitely end up becoming a trauma for him, something that he won’t be able to forget for the rest of his life, right?

Even Terrance was feeling faint as he looked at Shien with a disbelieving expression.

That viscount didn’t just tame a dragon, but also that peerless princess as well?

As he realized that, Terrance also felt a pain in his heart.

It couldn’t be helped. Lucy is the treasure of the hearts of everyone in the Kingdom. Even if one didn’t feel romantic love or lust for her, all men, women, children and elderly within the Kingdom had all been captured by her and were filled with love and adoration toward her.

Terrance might not be as insane as the people of the Capital, but even he considers the Treasure of the Kingdom as a source of pride and consider her a pillar of mental stability for everyone in the Kingdom.

But now… That mental pillar’s been pierced!

How could someone not be pained by that?

“I… I’m going to check on my son…”

Thus, Terrance too acted like he had lost his mind and let with an empty look, following right after his son’s trail.

Thus, in this strange turn of events, the parlor was left empty except for a outside guest.

“Was that really necessary?”

Shien acted like he did something completely insignificant and calmly put away the crystal, letting it settle right next to the royal token and Bayztrot coat of arms hanging off of his neck.

He really did look like he was just asking for a beating.

A point of note is that when Lucy was gathering her “evidence”, Shien was finding the whole thing troublesome and annoying.

But now he’s using it to mentally attack others. He really was way too much.

However, to repeat, this is only the start.

Shien had discovered an advantage of having this crystal. It was like he had found an unending source of entertainment from it.

“From now on, if anyone who dares to try to intimidate me and trash talk about my relationship with Lucy, I’ll just directly show them the evidence.”

This evidence was obviously something that Lucy got for the sake of forcing him into marrying her, but now it’s instead being used by Shien as a weapon to damaging his love rivals and draw aggro. There really is only one thing to say in response to that – you play some dangerous games.

Of course, this weapon is a double-edged sword, not something to be recklessly used.

Otherwise, if the royal family were to find out, then Shien really would be unable to escape anymore. He may very well end up being forced into a shotgun marriage on the spot and be forced into the future of providing for his family as a wage slave.

Plus, at that time, there would also definitely be countless people who would try to beat him to death.

Thus, Shien really does need to properly consider just how he should use this thing.

“Truly, it’s lonely being invincible.”

Shien drained the rest of the already cold tea in his cup before then casually leaving.

Yeah, this round felt quite nice. Here’s hoping that he’ll have the chance to do this again sometimes.


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