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Chapter 311: [Lv.55]

The day after, the news of Sara visiting the Bayztrot house, the fact that Airi had been staying by Shien’s side the entire time, and the fact that two Demon Lords have appeared in the Kingdom and were even in the Capital right now had immediately spread out all around.

The people of the Capital were making quite a bit of noise over this news.

The neighboring countries also receive the news and were all completely shocked.

“Why did the sovereign of the demon race and the Dragon Demon come to the mortal world?”

“Could it be that some Old Demon Faction appear to do something evil here?”

“They’re living in the home of viscount Bayztrot?”

“But he’s just a viscount. How could the Moon Demon and Dragon Demon move in with him?”

Many people where surprised by this, while some also started making moves in response.

The citizenry of the Capital were happily getting excited over this news, making the information about what happened the previous night during the Bayztrot house’s ennobling banquet spread out at an extremely fast pace.

Various nobles and even the high powers of various nations also started moving in the direction of the Mitra Kingdom’s Capital in the hopes of being able to use this opportunity to make contact with the sovereign of the demon race and form a connection.

Although Demon Lords are very terrifying existences, the peace between the three races had also been around for a whole thousand years thus far. The various great powers of the mortals would naturally not just fear the Demon Lords anymore. There are also plenty who instead hope to forge connections with them, to create good relations, and to gain their protection.

Thanks to that, ever since that day, the Bayztrot home’s gates had tons of carriages piled in front of it, with many high nobles and major figures visiting.

They used the excuse of visiting the new count, Shien, but in reality, they just wanted to see Sara and Airi.

Even the pope of the temples, Joule, had personally come by for a visit. He must have come on behalf of the gods in order to scout out Sara and Airi’s thoughts, right?

Even Ancil, Lia, and Lucy had come by multiple times to visit the Bayztrot house.

Unfortunately for most of them, Shien didn’t bother seeing any of them apart from a few select individuals.

“It’s not like they’re actually here to see me, so like hell I’m going to see them.”

Shien complained over and over.

Practically all of those people were coming for Sara and Airi, so Shien didn’t want to see a single one of them. Even if practically all of them had far higher status than him as a viscount, Shien still didn’t bother to show them any regards. Sometime, he even just shut the gate in the other party’s face, making a lot of self-important nobles and factions simply stunned for some time. Even so, none of them dared to say anything despite their anger.

As for Airi, she was even more decisive. She simply refused to see a single person.

Shien at least met with Lucy, Ancil, Lia, and Joule, but Airi didn’t show any respect to even those individuals. Not a single visitor was able to see her at all.

Sara on the other hand was different. This sovereign of the demon race seemed to have already anticipated this particular turn of events, and she was even more used to these kind of perfunctory work. She ended up seeing a few individuals and notified them of her intentions for staying here.

It was obvious that Sara didn’t want to end up causing any tensions with the gods or mortals due to her and her sister’s actions.

As the face of the demon world and someone responsible for protecting the peace between the demons and the other two races, Sara did have to at least show certain considerations.

Of course, Sara only met with a few people on the level of Ancil or Joule. Anyone she meets has to be either the king of a country or someone of equivalent status. The rest didn’t even have the privilege of getting Sara to remember their names.

However, even so, the Bayztrot home’s front gate was still utterly crammed every single day. There was constantly major nobles visiting, and even Bali himself had come at one point. Even if they got the door shut in their faces, they still left gifts in the hopes of leaving a good impression on Sara and Airi.

“That’s how nobles are.”

Shien has sighed out something like that more than once.

However, after sighing over it, he still continued to do the same thing that he always did. He continued to refuse to see anyone that he didn’t see.

This is probably the most arrogant and fearless viscount in the history of the Kingdom, right?

Even some dukes and marquis’ visits were mercilessly refused by Shien. Yet, the other party still didn’t dare to do a thing against Shien even so. All they could do was curse in their own minds while still showing understanding expressions on the surface while making statements about coming again next time if there’s an opportunity. It really made Shien look down on them.

Toward the other end, Shien just decided to leave those guys to continue slamming their heads against the gate as much as they liked. He had completely stopped paying any attention to this matter and instead returned to his daily routine.

What daily routine, one might ask?

It’s of course going to the underground magic library below the castle to study his ass off.

Although Shien did end up encountering some nobles when he entered the palace. In such cases, he was called out to with the intention of forming connections. However, Shien also only gave what necessary replies before leaving. He continued to do what he had to do without the slightest change.

This made a lot of people extremely confused.

“Just what is this viscount Bayztrot thinking?”

“It’s such a great opportunity for him to form connections there. Does he have no intention of valuing it at all?”

“If he could get the backings of all those dukes and marquis, then he would be practically unstoppable within the Kingdom, right?”

“Such good opportunities, wasted.”

That’s what most believed.

In response to that, Shien still continued to ignore it all. He refused to ask or hear of it. He continued to study magic when he’s supposed to, and went home when he’s supposed to. Sometimes, he’d connect with the members of Vivian’s party, and sometimes, he’d go to the palace to chat and play around with Lucy. He was basically the embodiment of doing as he liked.

Naturally, Shien also continued to treat Airi the same way as he always did. He’ll still argue with her when he feels like arguing with her. He still hugs and pats her when he feels like hugging or patting her. He even grabbed and hugged that little girl right in front of Sara more than once without minding Sara at all, which made Sara show an extremely stiff expression at the time.

However, right after, Sara’s jealousy also went through the roof.

“Hey, little Airi, didn’t you really hate it when someone else treats you like a little kid? Didn’t you refuse to let us hug you with everything you had? Why could this guy so casually hug you then?”

Sara asked Airi in a very resentful and envious tone.

At that time, Airi answered like so.

“… It’s because I’ve gotten used to it.”

Airi was silent for a while before finally spitting out such an answer.

Just that one sentence nearly made Sara completely explode.

Got used to it?

In other words, you guys do this all the time?

Is your relationship really that good?

He’s just a worthless man, so why did he have rights that even her big sisters didn’t?

Little Airi, you’ve changed.

Sara was both jealous and resentful, making her look like a young maiden. The look she gave off really did end up making Shien somewhat weak at the knees just looking at her.

“That seductress. What Demon Lord? She’s really practically a witch.”

It’s just that this witch seems to be kind of a sis-con, resulting in Shein getting glared at by her more than once. If not for the fact that the situation disallowed it, then she may already have already started resorting to violence.

Shien on the other hand was overjoyed.

“I really do love seeing you guys grinding your teeth at me hatefully while completely unable to do anything about it.”

Shien’s sagely announcement made not just Sara, but even Airi want to beat him up.

A point worth noting is the fact that the more that Shien did this, Sara, despite getting angry, was also getting more and more surprised at the same time.

After all, she can’t even remember how long it has been since she’s last met someone who dared to act so casual and unconcerned before her.

As the leader of the demon world, Sara is different from her sisters, who basically didn’t care about the other races at all. She was already used to seeing the higher ups of the various races, and she has seen many, many fake acting people. For someone so uncaring and genuine to show up out of nowhere like this, she had to admit that this was quite a fresh experience for her.

Especially when she saw Shien argue with Airi over her trying to make him buy pastries for her. Sara found that both extremely funny and unexpected.

Who knows how many people wanted to try to do things for Airi? They sent her all kinds of rare and valuable gifts in the hopes of gaining her favor.

Yet, this Hero started directly fighting with Airi like that over some measly pastries. It was truly quite a shock.

Yet, despite that, Airi did not end up dissatisfied with him over it. She got pissed off, but she never once got truly angry. Although she continued to fight and argue with Shien, she happily did so without getting tired of it.

Sara had to admit that she had never seen Airi act that way before.

This made Sara remember the words that Airi said back on that night.

“I just want to tell you guys that I can have my own friends as well.”

Sara finally managed to understand those words now.

“Are you seriously considering this Hero as the first friend you’ve had in over countless years? Little Airi?” Sara muttered such words to herself.

“The combination of a Hero and a Demon Lord… Huh?”

This really is a combination that has never been conceived of before.

Originally, Heroes were the natural enemy of the demon race, a threat against the demon world. Yet, now her sister actually has such a deep relationship with said Hero. Is this actually a good or bad thing in the end?

Should she stop them or not?

Sara ended up troubled over this matter for quite a while.

However, over her time observing him, Sara also discovered that Shein didn’t seem to be plotting anything at all. Instead, he really was just living freely as he liked.

Maybe others might think that Shien as just pretending, and that his current act was just a show that he put on for others to see, but Sara was very confident in her own judgment.

She really did only saw that Shien was just acting freely as he desired. She didn’t see the slightest bit of falseness in his actions.

“This Hero…”

Sara’s continued to think.

Shien didn’t know any of this. He likely wouldn’t have cared even if he did know. He just continued to pass each day the same way as always.

This continued until one final day, when Shien finally finished a major project of his.


Inside the magic library underneath the palace, Shien let out a long breath as he closed a book on enchant magic.

His face was lit up in joy.

“I’ve finally finished my training for enchant magic.”

That’s right.

Just then, Shien had finally finished memorizing the final incantation for enchant magic.

At this point, Shien has finally fully mastered the systems of astro and enchant magic.

One incantation after another clearly rose up in his mind, making his lips quirk up in a grin.

Then, Shien also took a look at his current level.

———— [Lv.55]

It seems that he has almost caught up with Diere, who was known as a genius.

Being able to reach level 55 by age 20 should also count as a minor genius, right?

“Let’s just see if anyone would dare to call my level low from now on.”

Shien tossed the magic book in his hand away, allowing it to fly back into the air, before turning about and leaving.

The month of visitation right has also reached its limit. Shien won’t be able to use this place anymore, at least for the time being.

His next step will be to fulfill the promise he made Airi before.

And that was to head over to the Stalim ducal territory and deal wit the Old Demon Faction that has appeared there.

As well as…

“Let’s settle the matter from before, shall we, oh lord Duke.”


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