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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 310: Go Ahead and Get Jealous, Hmph! Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 310: Go Ahead and Get Jealous, Hmph!

In the end, Sara still stayed around.

Shien didn’t bother saying anything about it either. He just had Lasha help allocate a room for Sara before having everyone disperse.

He knew full well, that there was no way that Sara would change her mind just because of a few words from him.

No matter what, she’s still the sovereign of the demon world, and an extremely smart sovereign at that. Therefore, she must have her own thoughts on the matter. Add in the fact that she’s a Demon Lord and thus stands at the peak of the three worlds, how could she possibly back off just because of a few words from him?

Rather, if not for the fact that the one facing her was someone with a status as special and sensitive as Shien, anyone else who dared to talk like that before Sara would likely be buried and their grave already overgrown.

Therefore, Sara must have her own thoughts on the matter. It’s just that Shien doesn’t know if those thoughts are good or bad for him.

Shien didn’t care to bother too much with it. It’s all fine so long as it doesn’t affect himself.

Of course Sara seemed to be quite willing to show Shien respect as well. While she herself stayed behind, she did kick Jacinta and the others out.

“I’ll naturally come get you if and when I have any need for you, so you should just go back and wait around.”

Sara mercilessly chased everyone around her back, making them look at each other with uncertainty.

However, soon enough, they ended up turning pale once again.

“Remember this. As for the matter of selling me out, I’ll make sure to take my time and get you back for it.”

The words that Airi mercilessly threw out made it so that Jacinta nearly started crying. This wasn’t even mentioning Jace and Leice, who was already on the verge of collapsing from fright.

Heavens have mercy on them, they only contacted Sara for the sake of their little master.

If not for the fact that they were worried that their little master was being tricked and used by a human, then there was no way that they would have done all this.

The one that they’re loyal to was Airi in the end, not Sara.

Plus, during this incident, if the fact that they sneakily got Sara involved got found out by Sara’s subordinates, then they would definitely end up with a lot of trouble from their side as well

Even though they fully knew the price that they would end up paying for it, Jacinta still ended up getting Sara in the end. That was all because of his loyalty!

Yet now, the result was instead that they now had their little master holding a grudge for it, hating them for it, and even going to punish them for it. Jacinta truly wanted to die at this point.

(It’s all that human’s fault!)

Jacinta angrily glared at Shien.

Originally, Jacinta was actually quite interested in Shien, and he wanted to get to know Shien. But now, all that was left in him was hate and anger at Shien.

In response to that, Shien merely blinked innocently before giving Jacinta a big smile.

Jacinta instantly got pissed off and he seriously wanted to give Shien a beating.


“Everyone, please take your time leaving. I’ll have my mount properly escort you out.”

Shien actually snapped his finger without a second word and called Yulin out.

Yulin descended from the sky with a roar right away, landed in front of the main mansion, and looked inside through a window. Her draconic eyes stared intently at Jacinta’s group, shutting them down right there and then.

“A level 99 dragon?”

Even Jacinta was shocked.

One thing needs to be said here. These demons had no idea of Yulin’s existence at all.

It was because Jacinta’s group hurried back to the demon world right away after finishing their task in the Ataru Canyons in order to report to Sara about Airi. Thus, Jacinta’s group had completely missed the excitement in the Capital regarding the fact that the black dragon of Ataru having been tamed.

As for Sara, she had been in the demon world and only just arrived in the mortal world, so there was even less of a chance for her to learn about this matter.

Perhaps, after a bit more time, they would have also received this bit of information.

This especially applied to Jacinta. As one of the four great commanders under the Dragon Demon, he likely would have learned of this very soon after returning.

The problem, however, was that they were simply in too much of a hurry as they returned. They also headed over to the banquet in far too much of a hurry, so they ended up arriving at the Bayztrot home before they even had the chance to learn of this information.

That’s why Yulin’s appearance completely stunned them.

However, after being stunned, every one of their gazes started turning heated.

“The mortal world actually had such a powerful dragon in it?”

Jacinta was overjoyed.

“Very good. This child really is high quality.”

Sara was also quite happy as well.

Being a dragon as well, Jacinta knew full well just what a level 99 dragon really meant.

It means that the moment she succeeds in humanizing and turns into a demon, she would immediately be able to take a place at the top of the demon race and become an existence right below that of the Six Great Demon Lords.

Faced with a dragon with such unfathomable potential, how could Jacinta not be overjoyed? How could Sara not be happy with it?

Unfortunately for them though…

“Enough already. Don’t even bother. That child is unwilling to follow us to the demon world. She just wants to say by this guy’s side.”

Airi’s dissatisfied tone was like a bucket of cold water over Sara and Jacinta.

By the time the two of them finally understood the situation, their gazes toward Yulin was now one filled with regret and disappointment.

To refuse to be a demon, and instead act as a mount?

The moment she goes back to the demon world with them and achieves humanization, at that point, no one besides the Six Great Demon Lords would dare to challenge you anymore. This is practically a status where she stands over all others. Isn’t it way better than just being a mount?

And then there’s that human. Just what kind of drug did he feed her to make her so determinedly loyal to him?

Sara and Jacinta both felt like it’s a pity. They considered it unfair.

However, never mind Shien, even the black dragon Yulin herself was utterly dismissive of the two of them.

Although of the two of them, one was no weaker than herself, and the other was beyond her ability to gauge and gives off the same terrifying feeling as that dragon king big sister (an address that was forced onto her by a certain little girl) who was very good to her. She’s still the king of demonic beasts though. She’s a dragon. Since she has already sworn her loyalty, there’s no taking that back at all.

Besides, her master loves and pampers her so much. He’ll inject lots of thick stuff into her (meaning magic power), and every single time, he’ll make her feel so very good (meaning absorbing magic power). How could she possibly bear to leave?

She’s going to eat master’s stuff (still magic power) and feel good (still absorbing magic power) every single day. Go ahead and get jealous, humph!

(Anyone whose minds went somewhere dirty should go face the wall and reflect ( ̄ ̄) σ…(_ _)ノ|) (T/N: Yeah, not sure what this ascii art is supposed to be… Someone staring judgmentally at someone else facing a wall maybe?)

Thus, Jacinta’s entire group was chased out by Yulin.

As for Sara, Shien had completely stopped minding her.

She’s a big shot after all. It’s not like she’d listen to him. Nor can he control her. He might not be able to beat her either, so he might as well just leave her be.

It’s just a shame that he won’t be able to to share nice and comfy baths with his little cutie Diere for a while.

What else could he do? Who knows whether or not this sovereign of the demon race who said that she’s her to observe him over and over might decide to peak?

He’s just going to have to keep a low profile for a bit.

After that night, many noble families also completely changed their attitudes toward Shien.

“That’s not someone who can be easily provoked.”

Only now did those nobles who disliked Shien really start fearing him.

In the past, although Shien’s activities have been quite eye-catching, it was still only at the level of being eye-catching. It could get them to take Shien seriously, but it wasn’t enough to intimidate them.

Without knowing about Shien’s true might, they would only believe that, no matter how strong Shien is, there’s still no way that he could be stronger than Lucy, that there’s no way that he could be stronger than Aldia, and there’s even less way that he could be stronger than the power held by their families. Thus, they very much dared to have ideas about Shien.

Even if Shien tamed the black dragon of Ataru, in their minds, that’s just a stupid dragon. They might not be able to fight it in a straightforward battle, but there’s still plenty of tricks and obstacles they can use in the shadows. Therefore, even if they do respect and are cautious of Shien, they would still very much dare to take a few risks if the reward is worth it.

Even if everyone had said that the National Knight Order was nearly destroyed by Shien, in reality, many instead believed that it was all due to Yulin’s actions and not the power of Shien himself.

Thanks to that, those nobles who saw Shien and Lucy being so close together still wanted to try to make some hidden maneuvers.

If it’s for the sake of preventing that peerless princess from being stolen away by someone else, that was indeed worth it for them to take a few risks.

However, everything that had happened this night had completely erased all thoughts to that effect.

“Who would dare to touch him with the Dragon Demon at his side?”

“That’s a Demon Lord after all.”

“If she gets upset, then she may very well directly annihilate the entire country. At that point, all of us will be done for.”

“She’s not going to care about who the actual mastermind is, nor would she care about the lives of innocent people. If she actually brings down a breath of dragon fire, then the entire Capital would likely be completely vaporized, right?”

“Oh gods. That’s terrifying.”

“Absolutely not. That person cannot be touched anymore.”

“At the very least, until we completely understand what his relationship with the Dragon Demon is, we absolutely cannot touch him.”

“Not only can we not touch him, we also have to keep anyone else from touching him.”

“In that case, we’ll even have to prevent anyone else from getting any ideas?”

“Duh! Unless you want to die!”

“Damn it!”

This kind of conversation happened between many, many nobles. In the end, they all gave up on making trouble for Shien one after another.

This is especially given the fact that Sara was also living with Shien right now. No one dared to provoke Shien, nor did they dare to show any dissatisfaction with Shien living in the very center of the noble district.

The other party is a noble with a Demon Lord backing him up, after all. In that case, can they really say that he lacks the qualification to move into that residence?

If he’s still unqualified, then just who is?

The nobles could only swallow their bitterness.

This also included Bali as well.

That duke simply stayed silent for a long while in the study. It was only until this own eyelids started twitching that he finally spoke up with a heavy air.

“From now on, don’t provoke that Shien anymore.”

Those words were obviously addressed at Limgir.

Honestly speaking, Limgri really wanted to object. He couldn’t accept it.

But he knew full well that, at this point, no matter how much he objects or refuses to accept things, all of it was utterly pointless.

The father-son pair who originally thought that he could definitely crush Shien had no choice but to admit it now. They cannot possibly make an enemy of that person.

A feeling of powerlessness settled into their hearts.

“You should go ahead and just pursue her highness using honest and straightforward methods.”

Bali could only say that to Limgir.

“… Yes.”

Limgir lowered his head.

The scene of Shien and Lucy chatting happily together continuously repeated in his mind.

“This will be your room, Lady Sara.”

Lasha had brought Sara to a magnificent guest room and spoke to her respectfully.

“If you have any needs, please don’t hesitate. You may call upon me any time you like.”

In response to those words, Sara who followed Lasha the entire way didn’t even look at the room. Instead, she just looked at Lasha with a very complicated look in her eyes.

Lasha didn’t say anything in response to that. She just bowed to Sara before leaving.

Sara just watched Lasha’s retreating figure. After some time, she muttered a single word.


Sara merely muttered such a word.

Her voice was filled with sorrow.


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