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Chapter 307: Smiling On the Surface, WTF Inside

At that moment, a lot of people heads went blank.

Their minds were filled with the echos of those last few words exchanged.

“That little girl is the Dragon Demon of the Six Great Demon Lords?”

“The Dragon Demon was in our Kingdom? And she was even in the Capital?”

“She had been with that adventurer the whole time? And she was even living in his home?”


All those nobles could only dumbly go over those revelations. From the looks of it, they weren’t able to come back to themselves for a while.

This was especially true for those nobles who have been plotting against Shien in secret. At this moment, their minds were overwhelmed by horror.

They cannot even imagine it. If they actually did try to act against Shien. If they ended up offending or even injuring him. In such a case, just what might the Demon Lord who has been following Shien around do in response to that.

That’s a freaking Demon Lord here!

Ever since the death of the Demon King, the Six Great Demon Lords were the strongest fighting power for the demon race!

It can be said that the Kingdom cannot possibly afford to provoke the Demon Lords. In fact, the entire human race can’t afford to provoke even a single Demon Lord.

The moment they thought of the consequences that might result from them provoking Airi, a number of nobles with impure intentions stared shaking on the inside.

Even Bali and Limgir were the same.

“How is this possible…”

Bali was muttering to himself.

“Damn it…!”

Limgir was both fearful and horrified.

Why did such an insignificant adventurer have the Dragon Demon following him around?

What’s wrong with the world?

It’s complete madness!

The nobles who can’t believe any of this cursed and shuddered in their minds.

The royal family also had expressions of disbelief on their faces.

“That guy…”

Lia looked at Shien with a complicated expression on her face.


Ancil went completely silent, although he had a strange look in his eyes when he looked at Shien.

Aldia and Charl were still keeping a knee on the ground. They weren’t showing any signs of what they were thinking.

As for Lucy, she glanced at Airi before then glancing at Shien. She had no idea just what she was feeling now.

Not even she had imagined that Airi was actually the Dragon Demon.

Yet, Shien had been draging this Dragon Demon around this whole time. He and the Dragon demon were practically glued to the hip at that.

Lucy really wanted to properly ask him just who gave him such guts that he dared to drag around the king of dragons, who is capable of evaporating the seas with a single dragon breath, like he’s going out on a walk with a kid in tow.

Could it be that the reason why he was able to tame the black dragon of Ataru was all because he had the Dragon Demon with him?

Lucy couldn’t help but start thinking in that direction.

Likely, after all this, a lot of people will also think that as well, right?

But right now, their thoughts had nothing to do with Shien at all.

Shien just wanted to say WTF though.

Although he did more or less guess at Airi’s identity, he really did still want to break out swearing when directly faced with that little girl’s true identity.

After all, one of the six most amazing members of the demon race was actually this girl who was fleecing him every single day in making him shell out his entire savings to buy her expensive deserts. That’s something that Shien really didn’t want to face up to.

However, this is indeed the reality.

Sara on the other hand was quite overjoyed at seeing Airi. Then, she spoke in a happy yet also angry tone.

“Really, Airi. You really did wake up after all. And you didn’t even let anyone know when you woke up and instead sneaked off to the mortal world while making everyone else think that you were still sleeping in your castle. Big sister doesn’t remember raising you as someone like that.”

Sara’s tone had shifted. She no longer gave off a feeling of being far above all. Instead, now she gave off an impression like a close family member. She lectured Airi while also reaching out with her hands like she was planning on picking Airi up.

Unfortunately for Sara, Airi shifted and dodged Sara’s hand without even thinking about it.

“Big sis Sara is here for me after all, huh?” Airi spoke with a very dissatisfied tone, “In other words, then, someone had leaked my information to you, huh?”

As she said that, Airi shifted her gaze toward Jacinta, who had arrived along with Airi.

“Master, I…”

Jacinta’s expressions stiffened into a very ugly looking smile as he got ready to try to explain.

However, Airi didn’t give him any opportunity to do that at all.

“Since you sold me out, then you should have already prepared yourself to be punished for it, right?”

Airi glared at Jacinta.

“Yes, ma’am…”

Jacinta still wanted to try to explain himself, but when he saw how Airi looked unwilling entertain any objections, he ended up completely deflating and could only lower his head while looking like he’s about to cry.

A full on demon commander was looking so completely defeated. It just made all the nobles feel like they were seeing something unreal.

However, realistic or not, this too was the truth.

“You stuck out on your own, and yet you dare to blame others.” Sara placed her hands on her hips as she spoke in an upset tone, “If our other sisters learned of this, they would definitely consider this your fault, little Airi.”

“I don’t care. I’ll go wherever I like. Big sisters are all too overbearing. Why should I listen to you? Airi frowned deeply as she argued back, “Besides, how many times have I said it already? You’re not allowed to put ‘little’ in front of my name.”

“Hehe. You still really like pretending to be an adult huh. But it can’t be helped you know. No matter how long it gets, in the eyes of us big sisters, you’ll always be our little Airi.” Sara grinne, “Alright come on and go home with big sis already. If those annoying gods find out that you ran over to the mortal world on your owwn accord, then they’re going to come complain to me again.”

“Then let them complain.” Airi let out a cold humph, “Whenever there’s an issue, they’ll nag at us to come to the mortal world and deal with it, and when there aren’t any issues, they just want us to stay in the demon world forever. Just what do those idiot gods take us for?”

“It can’t be helped though, little Airi. Our powers are just way too strong for the mortal world after all. The gods would definitely not want to see a situation where we end up regularly wipe out countries every now and again.” Sara spoke those words that terrified all the nobles around them like it’s only natural, ‘Besides, you only wake up so very rarely, and every time, you’d go back to sleep again not long after waking up. Your big sisters and your subordinates have such a hard time seeing you, yet you still sneaked off to the mortal world. Are you really fine with making us so worried over in the demon world?”

“You guys can worry uselessly on your own. What concern is that of mine?” Airi spoke in a completely unreasonable tone, “Anyways, I’m doing pretty well here after all. I don’t need big sis to worry over me, so big sis should hurry up and go back to the demon world.”

In response to that, Sara stared at Airi for a few seconds before then squatting down while covering her face.

“Waaahh! Little Airi has finally gone into her rebellious phase! She doesn’t want her big sister anymore! Waaahh…”

This sovereign of the demon world actually started crying.


Everyone there were completely stunned.

Never mind everyone else, even Shien was dumbfounded.

“W-why did she just start crying like that?”

Shien was utterly flabbergasted.

Besides which, a great beauty like that squatting down on the ground, crying like that, really did make everyone feel sympathy and heartache at the sight of it.

At the very least, all the men there felt their hearts break at the sight of it. They all wanted to rush to her and comfort her.

Only Airi still maintained her cold and unfeeling visage.

“Stop pretending to cry, big sis Sara.” Airi calmly spoke, “Every single time, you’d pretend to cry. Aren’t you tired of it already?”

“Waaaahhhh…” Sara immediately started crying even harder. It was as if she was seriously hurt by Airi’s words.

Everyone else there looked at each other uncertainly.

The corner of Shien’s mouth also started twitching. He had completely no idea just how he should react to this.

Even Airi was starting to get a headache.

“Please stop crying, big sis.”

Thus, Airi could only go up with a resigned expression and pull her big sister up.

“Big sis is the sovereign of the demon race, so can you please not act so childish?”

Airi’s words were close to pleading.

In response to that, Sara just raised her tear-stained face and spoke up while sniffing.

“Then, will little Airi come home with me?”

She was basically just acting spoiled now.

Shien almost couldn’t watch it anymore.

O the other hand, all the other men around just felt their legs weaken and their lusts run wild after seeing such a beauty, and the sovereign of the demon race at that, at so spoiled.

If not for the fact that the demon girl before them was just way too strong and her status being just way too terrifying, all the men here would likely be going crazy for her.

She really is someone who could ruin a country with her beauty. Thank goodness she was no ordinary person though, otherwise, she would definitely cause tons of men to war over her, thus causing countless conflicts and battles.

Only Airi continued to act the same.

“I really don’t want to go back, big sis Sara.” Airi spoke resignedly, “Going back just means continuing to sleep, so just let me do what I like instead.”

It was obvious that Airi had been overly smothered and overprotected by her sisters, so she really wants to do something different from before.

“What you like instead?” Sara blew her nose, blinked, and then suddenly spoke, “So the thing you like that you referenced is staying by this human’s side?”

Sara turned to look at Shien.


Shien didn’t know what he should say to that.

It’s because he could clearly see that Sara was glaring at him. She was glaring at him like he was a criminal who had stolen the thing that she treasured the most.

No, it wasn’t just Sara. Even Lucy was glaring at Shien.

Only, the look in Lucy’s eyes were different from Sara’s. Instead, she was looking at him angrily like she was looking at a shut-in with some kind of weird perversion.

Shien really wanted to say one thing.

“She’s the one who wanted to follow me around. What does that have anything to do with me?”

It was just that straightforward.

However, the meaning behind this scene was completely different in the eyes of the nobility here.

It’s because this is a very terrifying matter indeed.

What did this mean exactly?

It means that a Demon lord stood behind Shien. That she was by his side every single moment, protecting him.

This matter made many people’s hearts speed up. It was just that shocking.

Bali and Limgir especially were nearly on the verge of biting through their own tongues.

And yet, Airi didn’t consider hiding anything.

“That’s right. I want to follow him around.” Airi spoke completely calmly, “I’m very interested in his future, and I’m even more interested in what he might do in the future. Even more than that, I’m also interested in what kind of change he might bring to this world. That’s why I want to follow him around.”

Airi’s words made even Sara go silent.

Everyone else were already completely numb from all the shock that they’ve taken. They had no idea just how to react to this anymore.

As for Jacinta’s group, the way they looked at Shien started to change.

That person. Is he able to make his little master to view him with that much importance?

Everyone fell silent at the development before them.

In the end, Sara stood up.

“In that case, then please allow me to intrude here for a while.”

Sara ignored everyone’s breathing suddenly stopped and turned toward Shien.

“For you to make my sister view you with such importance, I believe that you must have something special about you, right?”

“In that case, let me observe you a bit as well.”

Sara made such a declaration.

Shien really wanted to refuse.

What kind joke is this? Who would want to have such a terrifying voyeur by their side?

And observe him? Go observe your sister instead! You really lover her after all, don’t you?

As for I, Shien, the thing I love the most is telling other people no!

Shien was thus going to shoot right back.

However, Lucy, who was next to him, instead caught him and shook her head. It seemed like she really didn’t want to make Sara upset.

Shien might be able to ignore Sara’s feelings, but he can’t ignore Lucy and the people of the Kingdom.

In the face of all that, what more could Shien say?

He could only keep smiling on the surface while going WTF inside.


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