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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 306: [Moon Demon] and [Dragon Demon] Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 306: [Moon Demon] and [Dragon Demon]


A shattering sound suddenly rang out in the utterly silent banquet.

It was the sound of Bali’s wine glass slipping through his fingers and smashing against the ground.

The duke known for being cold and unfeeling currently had an obvious expression of shock on his face as he looked at the person who just appeared here.

Never mind Bali, even Limgir next to him was utterly stunned.

No one way paying any attention to either of them though.

It’s because pretty much everyone else was more or less in the exact same situation.

This is especially true for the relatively high ranked dukes and marquis. All of them were completely frozen like they couldn’t believe their eyes.

This included the royal party.

Lia was gasping uncontrollably.

Charl was utterly stunned.

Aldia’s pupils contracted.

Ancil’s eyes widened.

Even Lucy reacted like she saw something inconceivable and was frozen in shock.

As for Shien, his gaze was already stolen away by the person who showed up.

It was a demon girl who gave off a deep impression.

That girl was dressed plainly, with a thin waist and long legs. Her face was clear and flawless, and she bore a tall, model like figure. Her body was also quite voluptuous, with full breasts and wide hips. Her figure was so good that it could be called the incarnation of sexiness.

Shien could tell everyone with absolute certainty that this was the best figure that he has seen throughout both of his lives thus far. That unbeatable figure could arouse lusts in the purest of me.

It was a body of a succubus which could attract countless men to it like sharks scenting blood even if her face was terrible looking.

However, the person with such a body only had a flawless face, her eyes also shined with an unforgettable beauty to it.

Such a demon girl was practically filled with infinite charm.

Perhaps Lucy might be able to win out slightly when it comes to sheer beauty, but when it comes to the ability to attract men, a girl like her may instead be the most powerful.

However, even so, none of the people here dared to look at her with the slightest bit of disrespect.

This even includes those impure minded young noblemen.

There were two reasons for that.

The first is the fact that demons such as Jacinta, Jace, and Liece were all obediently following behind her while showing the most respectful attitude possible. This proves just how high the demon girl’s status is, and that she’s not someone who anyone normal could possibly touch.

There’s also the atmosphere that the demon girl was giving off.

It was an aura that seemed like it could swallow all the magic power in the air, to make the heavens and earth shake beneath her feet, and reign over all beneath the night sky. It was enough to make anyone realize that this demon girl was absolutely not someone to be taken lightly.

Even Shien thinks so.

It’s because, after Airi, the demon girl before him is the second existence he has even met who could completely nullify the effects of his detection skills. Not even his max leveled [Appraisal] skill could see into her true strength.

In such a situation, the demon girl scanned the entire avenue.

“It really is a pretty good environment here. The fact that it could be fixed up to this extent, even that idiot Mitra would probably be satisfied from where he is, right?”

The demon girl just referenced the founding Hero of the kingdom, the ancestor of the royal family, and the great hero of humanity with such an insult right before all the most powerful people in the Kingdom.

Yet, Ancil and the others didn’t show the slightest hint of anger at that.

The reason for that is simple.

The one before them does in fact have the right to say such things.

Lucy was the first to react. After taking a deep breath, she lowered her head to the demon girl.

“Lady Sara.”

Lucy respectfully bowed.

Those words woke everyone here from their stupor.

“Lady Sara.”

“Lady Sara.”

Ancil and Lia did the same as Lucy and lowered their heads in a bow.

And everyone else there, including Aldia, Charl, and even Bali, instead took a knee.

““““Welcome, Lady Sara!””””

The respectful welcome was spoken in tandem, making the entire banquet turn solemn.

Over on the side, Shien was stupefied by what he was seeing.


That name. It feels like he’s heard of it from somewhere before?

Shien kind of got a bad premonition.

However, the demon girl named Sara who was just bowed to by everyone there just shook her head and spoke without much concern.

“Alright, enough. There’s no need for all the formality. I only casually came over to take a look, that’s all.”

As she said that, Sara waved a hand. A hidden wave of magic power then spread out into an invisible wave of energy before acting upon everyone’s body.

The next second, every single noble who had been kneeling was picked up by an irresistible force and was force back to their feet. Even the bowing royalty were forced to straighten their backs. This of course made everyone visibly react.

Shien was no different.

Just that single move from her was enough to make him understand. That demon girl is definitely someone extremely terrifying.

The reality also agreed with his conclusion.

“Be careful.”

Lucy’s voice imperceptibly entered Shien’s ears.

“You mustn’t act too casual before that person. Otherwise, the consequence will be very severe.”

Why was that?

Lucy then spoke the answer.

“She the one who holds the greatest territory within the demon world. She’s the master of the greatest faction and who bears the strongest power. The head of the six great Demon Lords.”

“In history, she was the first demon to ever be born. She was also once the most trusted and most capable Demon Lord beside the Demon King. The entire time after the Demon King’s death all the way until now, she was the one who rules and controls the demon race. The one who made peace with the gods and mortals and brought up the coexistence of the three races is similarly her. Even the other five Demon Lords consider her their leader and follows her directions.”

“Therefore, she’s the true top of the demon race, the one known as – The Moon Demon.”

In other words, she’s the unrivaled leader of all demons.

Why else would the nobility of the Kingdom need to act so respectfully toward her/

It was exactly because she’s the unrivaled sovereign of the demon world whom none can oppose.

Her status and rank is absolutely far higher than that of a mere King of one the mortal world’s nations.

After all, there are many nations in the mortal world, and the Mitra Kingdom is merely one of them. Thus, how could it possibly compare to the one who rules over the entire demon world?

This isn’t even getting to the fact that the combined might of the demon race is higher than that of the gods or mortals. Back when the Demon King was still around, the gods and morals could only hold the demons back when working together.

Thus, for the sovereign of the demon world to descend is, for a single country, unquestionably equivalent to the descent of the gods.

If not for the fact that the royal family of the Mitra Kingdom were the Hero’s descendant, a normal royal would probably have to kneel down before this sovereign of demons.

After all, the person in question wouldn’t even need to call on the rest of the demon race. She herself would already be enough to destroy the entire country.

Thus, no one dared to show any disrespect. No one dared to even lapse in courtesy.

Sara however simply slowly stepped forward, her high heals clearing tapping against the ground.

Finally, Sara arrived before a certain person.

“So you’re Shien, huh?”

Sara stared intently at Shien with her clear eyes like she was trying to see right through him. She then spoke up with an entrancing smile.

“Not bad. Although your level is very low, your magic power and skills are exaggeratedly strong. You even seem to have hidden some kind of trump card as well. No wonder that child would be interested in you.”

When he heard those words, Shien understood.

His abilities were completely seen through by this sovereign of the demon race.

She definitely had an observational skill even more powerful than the max leveled [Appraisal].

Shien felt like she had seen through his everything. Likely, he has no more secrets in the eyes of this demon sovereign besides his unique skill, special skill, and his still sealed Holy Sword.

As for the others, they also finally came back to themselves by now.

Seeing Sara head directly to Shien in such an undisguised manner, they understood one thing.

And that thing is that this personage had come specifically just for Shien.

“Lady Sara, might I ask…?”

Ancil spoke up in a shocked tone.

Lucy had already moved next to Shien without showing the slightest change in expression. She was also looking at Sara with some caution.

It can’t be helped. That one is no ordinary person.

If she really did want to do something to Shien, then it’s likely that no one here would be able to stop her.

As she thought that, Lucy had already unconsciously moved next to Shien, giving off an impression like she was willing to fight by Shien’s side.

Although such an action might have been unconscious on Lucy’s party, it was an extremely overt action in the eyes of everyone else.

“It looks like you have quite the luck huh. So even the Treasure of the Kingdom is on your side huh?”

Sara raised an eyebrow as she smiled teasingly.


Lia hurriedly called out to Lucy.

Even Ancil tried to signal Lucy with his eyes to get her to back off.

They were worried that Lucy might offend Sara.

If that happened, then the Kingdom will be in a difficult situation.

Unfortunately for them, Lucy acted like she didn’t hear them at all and continued to stand by Shien’s side.

That determined and unmovable attitude of hers gave everyone complicated feelings.

Even Sara was surprised for a moment.

However, right after that, the sovereign of the demon word smiled.

“Alright, that’s enough now. There’s no need to blow things out of proportions here. I’m not here with any intentions of doing anything against this boy here.”

Sara waved a hand to dispel everyone’s concerns.

“Then, what might Lady Sara be here for…?”

Ancil hadn’t completely calmed down. He thus asked in a somewhat hesitant yet probing tone.

Sara didn’t answer right away. Instead she just smiled before speaking.

“It’s nothing much. I’m just here to thank this Shien kid for taking care of my little sister, that’s all.”

Those words shook everyone greatly.

“Little sister?”

Everyone knew full well just what those words represented.

After all, there were only five existences that can be referred to by Sara as little sisters.

Those being the other five Demon Lords.

“Are you still not coming out? Brat?”

Sara turned toward another direction as her tone started turning unhappy.

Everyone followed her gaze.

The next moment, everyone saw a tiny figure.

“… So it was you after all, big sis Sara.”

Airi appeared while showing a very unwilling attitude and speaking in a very begrudging tone.

Everyone exchanged glances upon seeing that adorable little girl.

Actually, quite a few people already knew of Airi’s existence.

it’s because they had been paying attention to Shien the entire time, so they knew full well that Shien would often have an unbelievably cute little girl following him around.

They didn’t know just who that little girl was though.

Only the members of royalty sucked in a breath like they suddenly remembered something when they saw Airi.

Lucy was included among them.

The previous time, Lucy has already felt like she had heard of Airi’s description from somewhere before.

It was only now that Lucy finally remembered.

Supposedly, the youngest sister among the six great Demon Lords is a sleep addicted dragon. She would commonly stay slumbering within her castle in her own territory.

Thus, there are very few people who have ever seen that Demon Lord. That Demon Lord will generally never appear in public, and all the matters within the territory were all handed off for her subordinates to deal with. She’s quite mysterious.

Ten years ago, due to Jillian, she did end up appearing once.

Based on the description given by those who have seen her, that Demon Lord was a cute little girl holding a pillow.

That’s right.

That Demon Lord is…

“Dragon Demon Airi…”

The youngest sister among the six great Demon Lords have appeared here and now.

And she was even living in Shien’s home.


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