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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 300: Did I Just Get Cursed? Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 300: Did I Just Get Cursed?

That girl’s actually not dodging!?

Shien’s heart lit up in joy seeing that Lucy is actually closing her eyes with a blushing face.

This is a princess here!

Plus, she’s even the Treasure of the Kingdom. The goddess whom the millions all over the country so wildly idolizes.

Just how many nobles spend so much effort just for the sake of being able to have a single conversation with her?

Just how many men would use all their might just to get her to look at them just a single instant longer?

This is the greatest beauty of humanity who can make countless people go wild for her. Now, she’s right before him, bearing a scarlet blush, and closing her eyes. How can Shien possibly not be tempted?

Kiss her!

He’s going to kiss her even if it means making the entire world his enemy!

With such thoughts in mind, Shien thus immediately moved to take those red lips on the beautiful face before him.

However, right at that moment, a very sudden loud sound suddenly rang out from a nearby mansion, startling Shien and Lucy.

Lucy suddenly opened her eyes and seemingly recovered her mind from daze she was just in. Embarrassment also rushed forth from her heart, making her push Shien away.

Shien had a shocked expression on his face. Only a bit after did he finally come back to himself.

An interruption?

A damned cliched interuption?

The heck (艹皿艹)!

Instantly, an unfathomable rage erupted out of Shien’s heart.

Lucy, who didn’t notice this at all, instead seemed extremely embarrassed over her complete lack of resistance just now. She smoothed out her clothes, took a deep breath, turned to Shien, and spoke with a fake calm.

“A-alright. Let’s go in and take a look… Kyah…!”

Lucy’s word of false calm suddenly turning into to a scream of surprise the next second.

It’s because Shien suddenly reached out his hand and brought Lucy close once again.

The shocked Lucy was planning to say something, but right then, her eyes widened in shock.

Right before the gate of that magnificent mansion, Shien had tightly held Lucy to him before stealing away her lips without hesitation.

Lucy only felt a shock go through her head. Her pupils shrank as she completely froze in shock.

Shien didn’t go easy at all. Not only did he stead the lips of this number one princess in the world, but he even pried open her mouth and went completely wild with his kiss.

An interruption is it?

That cliché is it?

Like hell!

So he got interrupted. So what? At worst, he’ll just do the kiss again.

You think that just interrupting will make it the end of it?

No way!

If one is willing to risk it all, then one can even pull an emperor from his horse. If a man throws away his shame, then he’s utterly invincible. So long as one is shameless enough, then there’s no fear of being unable to kiss again!

Just be coarse!

Just be reckless!

With such feelings in mind, Shien simply continued to sample the taste of the princess without reservations.

As for the princess in question, her mind was already completely blank. She could only stay there in utter confusion, her thoughts utterly gone during all that time.

Thus, while illuminated by the setting sun, a man and a woman thus passionately kissed while their shadows melted together.

They were completely ignorant of the fact that within the mansion where that loud sound came from, a father-son pair were in the middle of a conflict.

“Just how many days has it been. That damnable adventurer is still in the Capital, and whenever he’s not in the Latrard home, he’s in the palace. I just told you to give him something, and yet you can’t do something as simple as that!?”

Bali was in a rare rage, shouting at Limgir, who stood before him.

Next to Bali was a number of items that had been smashed apart.

Obviously, that loud sound just a bit ago was the work of this duke here.

Limgir simply had his head lowered before Bali. His hands were tightly clenched, and he was obviously mad, but didn’t dare to speak up.

He’s mad too here!

In these past few days, Limgir had already visited the Latrard home several times. He had even attempted to wait around the palace in order to intercept Shien, hand over his “gift”, and draw him out of the Capital.

However, Limgir either had the door shut in his face or ended up missing his target. He was unable to find Shien at all. Plus, after handing the “gift” to Shien, there was no movement whatsoever from Shien’s side. It was like the entire matter had never happened, making him feel like the world’s gone out from under him.

This guy had no idea at all that those so called “gifts” were all thrown away without exception by Shien or were dealt with in secret by Lasha.

Thus, Shien had no idea what’s inside at all. Nor did he even consider leaving the Capital. In fact, he had even completely forgotten about this matter.

Bali had observed that this plan continued to show no progress despite all the time that had passed and thus finally lost his temper and started shouting at Limgir.

Limgir could only bear with it while thinking hatefully to himself.

(One day, you’ll definitely fall to my hand.)

(I’ll carve this into you. Her highness isn’t someone that you can touch at all.)

(Someone like you is unworthy of touching so much as a single finger on her.)

Limgir thus swore to himself.

While doing so, he had no idea at all that the princess so dear to his heart was there not far from his home. Plus, never mind a finger, her entire self was nearly being swallowed up.


After who knows how long, Shien finally let out a satisfied breath, pulled his lips back with satisfaction, and let go of Lucy.


Then, Lucy basically lost all strength in her body. Her knees wobbled and she fell over towards the ground.

Seeing that, Shein got quite the scare and hurriedly pulled the princess back into his arms.

A familiar embrace once again fell upon Lucy, making her mind finally clear up again. Thus, she hurriedly pushed Shien away as she backed away with unsteady steps. Then she covered her lips as she pointed at Shein.

Lucy had no idea if she was angry or embarrassed. Her face was glowing red. She glared at Shien while the finger she had pointed at Shien shook.


Shien dryly coughed a couple of times, shifted his gaze away, and looked at the residence before him.

“At a more careful look, this place is pretty good after all. Hn. Not bad, not bad. It does quite suit me.”

Shien acted like he’s contemplating a serious matter and nodded in a very satisfied and happy manner.

Lucy nearly fainted with rage.

That shameless guy! She gave him such a huge house but he just tried to push it away, and yet now that he’s taken advantage of her, he’s instead finally accepting it! That complete scum!

The enraged Lucy grabbed Shien’s hand and, before he could react, viciously bit down on it.


Shien let out a scream of pain. The satisfied expression on his face thus morphed into a crying one.

“Let go, let go! It hurts! Are you a freaking dog or something!?”

Shien struggled wildly.

The fuck! Did my resistance skills all fail or something? Why the heck does it hurts so much!?

Shien’s face warped in a rictus of pain.

After Lucy viciously vented her rage, leaving an obvious set of teeth mark on Shien’s hand, she finally let go.

“That’s what you get for bulling this princess! It’s your own fault!”

Lucy let out a cold humph, turned around, and started to run away.

Shien continuously rubbed at his hand while blowing on it. When he saw Lucy try to run away away, he finally spoke out white gritting his teeth.

“Lucilosti! You’re done for!”

Shien immediately charged after her angrily like he’s give that girl what for.

The two thus charged into the residence. One ran while the other chased. In the end, however, they just ended up playing an hour of tag.

It can’t be helped. Shien’s not the kind of guy who would just take a slight, and Lucy didn’t dare to actually get caught by Shien either. Add in the fact that both of them were similar in strength and endurance, it’s only natural that the end result is a persistent stalemate. One never did get caught, while the other never managed to catch the other.

It was only when it turned dark that the two were finally forced to call a truce out in the gardens.

“It’s a promise then. You’re not allowed to try to get me back for this later on.”

Lucy begged Shien from some distance away. She herself was still hiding behind a tree.

“Fine, come out already.”

Shien just looked at the girl before him. He had already completely given up. His anger had drained away already, and all that was left was an expression of resignation.

“You said it, alright? If you dare to go back on your words, then I’ll tell everyone in the Capital in tomorrow’s showing that you sexually harassed me.”

Lucy poked her head out from behind the tree and warned Shien.

Shien immediately admitted defeat.

Seriously, that girl. One moment, she’s the perfect, cold, proud goddess in the eyes of the people, and the next moment, she’s the high and untouchable princess in the eyes of the nobility. She even has a cool and serious front in from of her own sister, Liadella. Now though, before him, she’s acting like a little girl who had completely lost any semblance of dignity. Just which side of her is the real Lucy?

Shien didn’t get it at all.

Of course, it’s fine even if he doesn’t get it.

Shien just need to be certain of one thing.

“I gave you a bite, and you also bit me back. We’re basically even then.”

Shien spoke such words with a meaningful tone.

Lucy was stunned for a moment before she realized what Shein meant by “giving her a bite”. Then, her face immediately turned red again.

Seeing her like that, Shien finally grinned.

That’s right, he just needs to be certain of one thing.

And that is the fact that look of being red with embarrassment over being kissed is something that truly came from her heart.

In summary.

“I wasn’t the loser at all in all this.”

Shien felt like he’s won.

Lucy on the other hand started grinding her teeth together.

“This princess isn’t someone so easy to take advantage of.”

Lucy quietly mutter that to herself before coming out from behind the tree. Then she moved to Shien’s side and grabbed his hand.

“You’re going again!?”

Shien got quite a scare from her action and hurriedly tried to get away.

“Don’t move!”

However, Lucy stopped Shien with a serious and solemn expression.

Shien, who was shocked still by Lucy’s serious and solemn expression, stopped his struggling.

Only then did Lucy finally look at the teeth marks on Shien’s hand. Then she looked at Shien as if she’s trying to completely imprint the memory of his appearance into the deepest part of her heart before finally caressing the teeth marks on Shien’s hand.


Shien let out a surprised sound.

He could feel it. Following Lucy’s caress, a thread of abnormal magic power entered his hand from Lucy’s thin fingertip.

As that happened, the teeth marks on Shien’s hand stared to give off a strangely mysterious and mystical feeling, like it’s some kind of ancient rune or something.

“What did you do?”

Shien asked in surprise.

“It’s nothing. I just left a mark on you.” Lucy rolled her eyes at Shien before staring intently at him. Then she spoke with a somewhat complicated tone, “This way, you won’t be able to run away anymore.”

After leaving those words, Lucy finally turned about and left.

Thus leaving just Shien on his own, who looked at the mark on his hand while his heart beat loudly in his chest.

“Did I just get cursed?”

That’s… Kind of scary…


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