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Chapter 291: &%^@ゥ Me!

At this moment, Shien was having a dream.

A really nice dream at that.

The scene that appeared in the dream is recognizable as something in his past.

In an open air bath out in the wilds, Shien was holding Dier, who was straddling him. He was on firre after seeing the exposed face of the ultra beautiful girl without her mask on.

As the saying goes, thoughts during the day becomes dreams at night.

Last time, due to the fact that everything happened too suddenly while also receiving a one-two combo from Diere (her revealing her true appearance while also exposing her blessing), Shien was just utterly stunned, to the point where he even needed the other party to drag him out of the pool.

But this time…

“Like hell I’m holding back!”

Thus, the Shien who was hesitant in reality struck hard in the dream. He converted his shock into motivation, his regrets into force, and went for his happy end.

Only after being completely satisfied was Shien finally willing to leave this beautiful dream, and finally woke up from his sleep.

Then, when he woke up and saw the scene before him, he also screamed out in terror


A beautiful maid way lying down before Shien with a silent demeanor that’s hard to put words to. She simply quietly stared at him with those ruby like eyes.


Shien was stunned, struck dumb, and was completely unable to react to the reality before him.

“Have you woken up?”

Lasha however was incomparably calm. She face didn’t even so much as twitch.

However, even so, she was still lying on Shien’s bed while being tightly embraced by Shien. Although she was still fully dressed without being ruffled at all, Shien’s hands were still in a very awkward position.

Feeling the soft body in his embrace as well as the great sensation from his hands, Shien suddenly smiled.

“So that’s it, I’m still dreaming huh.”

Thus, Shien closed his eyes like he was going to continue sleeping.

Unfortunately for him though…

“Please do not attempt to escape reality like last time.”

Lasha’s icy voice woke Shien up from his attempt at pretending to ignore all this.

Shien timidly reopened his eyes and reconfirmed the situation with the two of them. Then, he showed a smile that looked more like he was crying.

“Um, Miss Lasha. We’re… This is…?”

Shien carefully attempted to confirm the situation.

Lasha on the other hand was utterly calm.

“You were moving in your sleep.”

Lasha explained the situation in the simplest way possible.

However, the meaning behind those words are kind of huge.

At the very least, for some reason, Shien heard that as something with a meaning similar to, “You got drunk last night. Are you not aware of what you did?”

Thankfully though, things didn’t end up in the worst situation.

“I was waiting for you to wake up at the side. However, you had some kind of unknown dream and suddenly dragged me onto the bed and hugged me without letting go.”

Lasha explained the entire situation in an utterly placid tone of voice.

“J-just hugging you without letting you go?”

Shien didn’t feel any relief from that. Instead, he just turned more pale.

It’s because he knew full well what kind of dream he was having.

Since he ended up dragging Lasha onto his bed due to that dream, and now that he woke up, his hands were in such conspicuous places, Shien didn’t think that he was only just hugging her and not letting go.

As expected…

“You also groped various places on my body.”

Lasha continued delivering the shocking news.

“… And?”

Shieni was silent for some time before finally croaking out an attempt to further confirm the situation.

“You also attempted to undress me.”

Lasha spoke the most terrifying words in the most calm tone of voice.

“… And?”

Shien continued trying to confirm the situation, but his voice already had a hint of embarrassed and teary quality to it.

“You also kissed me.”

Lasha was still as calm as ever, like all this was nothing at all.

“W-where did I kiss…!?”

However, this time, Shien as unable to remain calm, and his voice cracked.

Thank goodness though…

“My face.”

Lasha calmly uttered a position that’s not too terrible.

Shien finally relaxed a bit with that.

Thank goodness it’s just the face.

No, wait! Even the face is a huge deal here!

This is the first time he’s ever kissed anyone on his own initiative, right!

The previous two times, he was the one being forcibly kissed. This time, he’s finally the one doing the kissing, but it’s benchmark that he ended up passing in his dreams?

&%^@ゥ me! (He felt like there was a stamped of millions of horses in his heart)

Only Lasha was still as calm as ever.

“Since you’ve awoken, it’s about time you got up.” Lasha stared at Shien straightforwardly, “Can you please let me go now?”

Only then did Shien finally come back to himself, and he hurriedly let go.

Although Shien really was somewhat reluctant to part with the sensations from his hand, it can’t be helped. That would end up really being sexual harassment, so he couldn’t continue.

Lasha finally got up then. Her actions were so smooth and clean that she didn’t even need to smooth out her clothes. She still looked as pure and unruffled as always.

This gave Shien a somewhat complicated feeling.

Shit, after something so big happened, can’t you at least show some kind of expression about it?

Acting so calm like that, like all that happened was something completely insignificant while I’m panicking like a virgin. Is that fun or something?

Even if I really am a virgin, you don’t have any experience either, right?

So how are you so calm?

Shien, being a bit unwilling to accept that, ended up speaking up.

“Do you not feel like there’s any problems here?”

Shien stared intently at Lasha.

Lasha on the other hand just frowned.

“Issues?” Lasha asked confused, “Why do you say that?”

“Cough…” Shien’s voice died out for a moment. In the end, he could only say, “Because I treated you in that way.”

In response to that, Lasha finally seemed to have understood something and her expression turned placid again.

“Satisfying all the requests of my master is the meaning of existence for a maid like myself.” Lasha calmly spoke, “Therefore, this question of yours is meaningless.”

Shien’s mouth twitched.

In other words, so long it’s your master, then anything done to you is fine?

Very good then. I’ll remember this.

Next time, I’ll be certain to make you cry. Not even Leisha coming will help.

While Shien was making that promise to himself, Lasha spoke up again with some more words that made Shien want to vomit up blood.

“Milady will often also end up moving about in her sleep, which ends up with her dragging me into her bed with her. She also likes to nuzzle and rub against me.” Lasha spoke indifferently, “Besides, I do not believe that Mister Shien has the will to do anything rude.”

Shien didn’t quite register the latter part of that statement.

It was only a bit after that Shien finally ralized.

Isn’t that just saying that I have the lustful thoughts but lack the guts!?

&%^@ゥ me! ((╯‵□′)╯︵┻┻)

Just as Shien was about ready to passionately object, Lasha struck preemptively.

“Alright, please get up already. Breakfast is already prepared, and Miss Vivian’s group had also gotten up already. Don’t make everyone wait too long now.”

After hearing Lasha’s eternally even tone, Shien finally got up despite his unwillingness and left the room together with her.

As an aside, just like last time, Shien has also ended up fully dressed in his clothes without him noticing. The routines of washing up and brushing his teeth were also completed without him realizing.

Scary as always.


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