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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 290: Deliver a Gift? Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 290: Deliver a Gift?

Just like that, Shien successfully escaped any chance of being judged for a crime and got away cleanly. He then immediately returned to the Latrard home and went to sleep right away.

It wasn’t just Shien either. Vivian, Diere, Lumia, and Melika were all also exhausted. They simply couldn’t properly rest all that well out in the wilds. Thus, after returning to the Latrard home, they quickly washed up and immediately headed off to bed.

Even Airi was yawning as she headed off to catch up on her sleep.

For that sleep loving little girl, all the commotions over the past night was super uncomfortable. If not for Shien asking her to, there’s no way that she would have gone.

Thus, when she got back, Airi similarly headed back to her room to sleep.

As for Yulin, Shien and the others obviously couldn’t bring her to the Latrard home.

“Allow me to take care of her then.”

Before they returned, Lucy said such words to Shien, who was worried over trying to figure out how to deal with Yulin.

“The northern district of the Capital doesn’t just have the knight bases. It also has stables for the various tamed demonic beasts. The wyvern housing is also located there, so you can leave your dragon there.”

Thus, Shien handed Yulin off to Lucy for her to set up with housing.

Although Yulin looked kind of dissatisfied with that, after Shien stuffed her full with a big wave of magic power, she immediately turned completely satisfied, obediently listened to Shien’s directions, and followed along with Lucy in leaving.

Yulin should have a more comfortable place to stay there after all.

At the very least, if not for Lucy’s arrangement, Shien would have no choice but to make Yulin fly outside the Capital’s walls and find some random mountain to hide herself in.

Thus, Shien was actually quite thankful for Lucy’s aid.

Lucy only had one thing to say in response to the grateful Shien.

“After you’re done resting, make sure to come by my place.”

Lucy gave Shien a blatantly fake smile, to which Shien could only laugh awkwardly in response.

He knew that Lucy definitely still has various matters that she wants to confirm with him.

Putting aside everything else, Lucy is definitely going to at the very least get to the bottom of whether or not Shien has a high leveled [Taming] skill.

After all, not even Lucy can ignore a high leveled skill capable of taming a dragon, right?

Plus, others might end up believing Shien’s tall tales, but there’s no way that Lucy would.

However, so long as Shien doesn’t plan on exposing those matters, Lucy doesn’t plan on pursuing it either.

However, the not pursuing part only means not doing so in public. It doesn’t mean that Lucy was going to let Shien off in private.

“… Fine. It looks like this princess wants to fleece me once again.”

Shien saw through the truth of the matter and resignedly rolled his eyes.

Even so, he didn’t refuse either. After casually agreeing to Lucy’s demands, he left along with Vivian and company and headed back to the Latrard home and go to bed.

Shien had no idea though, that after all these matters have settled, in a certain side residence in the noble district, the duke and heir of the Stalim family once again started plotting.


In the study, a shattering sound suddenly rang out.

Bali viciously smashed a tea up into the ground with an enraged expression.

Limgir stood to the side silently.

He understood why his father was so angry though.

“The black dragon of Ataru…” Bali spoke hatefully, “I never imagined that a mere adventurer not only had such a high leveled [Taming] skill, but he even succeeded in taming that vicious black dragon. It’s truly unexpected.”

This matter is unquestionably very disadvantageous for the Stalim family.

The reason for that is obvious.

“With such capabilities, there’s no way that the Kingdom would let such a talented individual leave. They’ll definitely try to do whatever they can to get him to stay and grant him a title of nobility. Add in the fact that he accomplished two great achievement, that adventure would have an utterly easy time of gaining such status.”

Bali spoke in an unhappy tone.

“If this continues on, he really may end up gaining status worthy of the princess. At that point, even his majesty might want to grant that adventurer her hand in marriage.”

That’s why Bali feels so unhappy and troubled.

Limgir didn’t say a word, but his was already tightly clenching his hands.

Obviously, Limgir had fully taken in all of Bali’s words into his heart, which seriously weighed on him.

After all, if things really do end up turning out like that, it would end up becoming a lifelong regret for Limgir.

After being stabbed from experiencing the atmosphere between Shien and Lucy, Limgir already has some faint thoughts of his own. Now, those thoughts have unquestionably become even stronger.

Especially given…

“With that black dragon, his might has unquestionably risen to a terrifying level. Even if I were to find out his unique skill’s weakness, how am I supposed to beat him?”

The moment he though that, Limgir felt like he had somewhat lost control over his emotions.

During these past few days, Limgir had continuously chatted with Shien with nothing but smiles. That was already humiliating enough for him.

But for the sake of reaching his goals, Limgir simply hid it with all his might, not daring to let his true feelings explode out.

But now, Limgir felt like even if he managed to reach his goal, he still wouldn’t be able to do anything to Shien.

That person had successfully tamed the black dragon of Ataru, which brought him the highest level of attention from the Kingdom. Add in the fact that he accomplished another great merit and the fact that he has the protection of a terrible, level 90+ demonic beast at his side, who would dare to provoke him from now on?

Even the Stalim ducal house will have to do some proper consideration if they want to provoke Shien anymore.

It’s because the other nobles won’t allow it. The Kingdom won’t allow it. The black dragon by his side will certainly not allow it.

Even if Stalim is a ducal house, they still can’t possibly fight off that many nobles, and they’d have even less of a chance against the Kingdom.

This goes double for that black dragon. As a level 90+ king of demonic beasts, it’s unquestionably a huge threat to the Stalim family who lacks a level 90+ super powerhouse themselves.

Limgir could even imagine just how the elders and other members of their family might end up reacting if he and his father were to return to the clan and speak of fighting Shien.

This is definitely something that makes him extremely uncomfortable.

In the end, Limgir also ended up drawing a blank.

“What do we do then?”

How are they supposed to deal with that person then?

He’s just a mere adventurer, so how is it that even a ducal house find him difficult to deal with?

Bali seems to be thinking something similar, so after taking a deep breath, he addressed Limgri.

“It seems like we can’t touch that adventurer for the time being.”

Limgir didn’t know what Bali was feeling when he said those words.

Limgir only knew that he himself felt extremely uncomfortable.

“… Are we really going to leave him alone then?”

Limgir spoke in a scratchy voice.

“At least for now.” Bali spoke coolly, “There are no opportunities for the time being. it’s likely that we won’t be able to deal with him so long as he’s staying in the Capital.”

In other word then…

“Father is planning on dealing with him outside the Capital then?”

Limgir stared intently at Bali.

“There’s no other way.” Bali fell silent for a moment before speaking, “Take a trip to the Latrard house tomorrow and deliver a gift to that Shine.”

“Gift?” Limgir frowned.

“Do as I say.” Balie refused any objections, “Whether or not we can succeed will depend on if this gift is enough to hook him.”

Limgir turned quiet at that. After a moment, he finally nodded.

Shien doesn’t know of any of that though.

When he does learn of it though, he won’t actually feel any discomfort. On the contrary, he would instead end up laughing with joy.


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