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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 282: Lord of All Dragons? Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 282: Lord of All Dragons?


Just as the black dragon lowered its head to Shien, a suddenly bang of displaced air came from across the horizon.

A meteor blasted toward them with shocking speed, instantly reaching the area where Shien and the dragon was.


The dragon abruptly raised its head and let out an enraged roar toward it. Blazing hot magic power leaked from its mouth like it’s planning to blast that meteor out of the sky with Dragon Breath.

“Wait up. Don’t be so impulsive.” Shien hurriedly stopped it, patting it’s body to calm it down as he smiled, “It’s someone I know, so don’t go causing any offense there.”

After all, even he would have a hard time with that particular big shot.

The dragon didn’t seem to quite understand why, but it did calm down and obediently withdraw its magic power.

The meteor from afar thus came and dropped down before Shien and the dragon.

The newcomer was obviously Airi.

There, Airi looked at the black dragon staying obediently by Shien’s side with some shock.

“Where did you find such a treasure?”

The little girl quickly walked to Shien’s side. She first gave the dragon a look before then staring intently at Shien with surprise.

Also, it doesn’t need to be mentioned that she was utterly adorable as she did that.

Shien was quite happy and patted the dragon’s wings like he’s showing off.

“Well? Amazing, right?” Shien grinned, “This is the demonic beast that had been dominating the large sized magic spring here for the past 400 years now. I also only met it just a moment ago.”

“So that’s who it is, huh?” Airi raised an eyebrow and continued on, still surprised, “I never imagined that the one who took this place over was a dragon. If I knew that there was such a high leveled dragon here, then I would have come taken it a long time ago.”

In response to that, the black dragon started showing its discontent before Shien even had a chance to say anything.


The dragon roared out toward Airi. Its breath was so hot that it was like there was a flame inside its nostrils.

Obviously, the black dragon was conveying its anger and disdain, like it’s saying something like “a little thing like you want to try to take me?”

“And it’s got quite a temper too.”

Airi didn’t get mad though. Instead, she just looked at the black dragon with some interest and showed a rare grin.

Accompanying that grin was a terrifying aura flashing out from Airi’s form.

“Holy shit!”

Shien just felt like some terrible monster suddenly appeared next to him. He shuddered as a chill went down his back. Not only did [Magic Detection] blare out in that instant, even the magic staff that he had already put away started screaming out warnings like it’s trying to tell Shien to run away as fast as possible.


The dragon also widened its eyes. The pride and arrogance previously there had vanished without a trace like it had discovered something amazing and ended up getting a serious scare from it.

Only then was Airi satisfied.

“Well? Little guy? Want to come along with me?”

Airi actually started trying to lure the black dragon over.

“You’re really trying to make it yours?”

Shien blinked, stunned.


“Did I not mention it to you before?” Airi replied back quite calmly, “In the beginning, demonic beasts were life formed created by demons, and all dragons were created from modeling after my true form. The first dragon in history was personally created by my own hands, so I’m basically the creator of all dragons.”

Those words utterly stunned Shien.

Never mind Shien, even the black dragon had understood Airi’s words and was stunned. The pair of dragon eyes were wide open and round, giving off quite a funny impression.

Looking at the human and dragon before her, Airi spoke up in a teasing tone.

“By the way, the four great commanders under me are all dragons, and about half of the demons under my command all have dragon blood in them. My territory is also known as the Country of Dragons, and nearly all draconic being in the demon world live in my territory and are under my command. Also, Jacinta, who you met before, is a dragon too.”

This startling truth only made Shien want to swear.

Fuck, big shots be big shots after all. To have hidden such a huge thing. Freaking unbelievable.

Shien could only keep his face stiff as he finally spoke up after a moment.

“Aren’t dragons demonic beasts though? How are there demons who are dragons?”

Shien could only bring up such a question.

“I already saaid it, all dragons were created imitating my true form. Since I’m a demon, is it really strange for other dragons to be demons as well?”

Airi gave Shien a glance, but she did go ahead and explain the matter to him.

“You can think of it this way then. Dragons who managed to turn humanoid are demons, and dragons who couldn’t turn humanoid are demonic beasts. The dragon born in the very beginning were all able to assume a humanoid form, just like me, so they’re all demons. The dragons that were born later on in imitation of our dragon form were unable to assume human form though, so they were categorized as demonic beasts.”

“However, in reality, dragons are foundationally the same as us. Other than the fact that they can’t turn human and need to absorb magic power to grow like other demonic beasts, they’re basically no different from us.”

“If demon lords are the beings closest to the Demon King, then dragons are beings closest to demons. Perhaps not all demons are dragons, but all dragons have the potential to become demons.”

That’s how it is.

It’s for that reason that Airi ended up the lord of all dragons, with over half her subordinates being dragons.

“Why do you think the Demon Lord spawns have dragon wings and can breath Dragon Breath?” Airi grimaced, “It’s because the nature of dragons are similar to that of demon lords. That’s why [Original Devil] would use dragons as the base for creating their seventh Demon Lord. Also…”

Airi stopped as she got to that point.

“Anyways, my side pays a lot of attention to powerful dragons with high potential. If possible, my subordinates and I would all do our best to subdue the, take them back to the demon world, and try to get them to humanize.”

Airi shifted her gaze onto the black dragon. She first gave it a look over before speaking up with high praise.

“Your power’s quite rare, being but a step away from the limit of life. Your potential is far greater than any other dragon beneath me. If you can humanize, then you have a high chance of directly awakening a unique skill, thus becoming the strongest demon below the Demon Lords. Want to give it a try?”

Airi obviously appreciates the power and potential of this black dragon.

The dragon however hesitated.

Not long after, the black dragon let out another roar as it flew to Shien’s side.

Anyone could understand what that meant.

“You want to follow him?”

Airi spoke out in surprise.


The black dragon let out a roar and nodded with a firm attitude.

Airi frowned. She looked toward Shien and spoke out in a strange tone, “What did you do to make it so attached to you?”

Shien finally came back to himself in response to that and ended up speaking without thinking.

“Just rode it.”

Just rode it.

The entire area fell silent at those words.

Shien’s mouth twitched.

Well, he seem to have accidentally majorly stuck his foot in.


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