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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 276: True Strength Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 276: True Strength


Shien descended into silence.

It’s because he didn’t want his gaze, expression, or tone to show even the slightest bit of sympathy.

It’s not because Shien is unsympathetic. It’s just that he believed that his sympathy will not only not make Diere happy, but instead be an insult to her.

Reality agreed with him.

“I don’t actually care much about the matter of my mother being killed.”

Dier spoke to Shien with an inhumanly cold tone.

“Just from an objective point of view, she wasn’t really good to me, so my own feelings toward her can’t possibly be all that good either. Plus, she was a spy from another country, betrayed the Kingdom, and was a mastermind who caused enormous amounts of damage to the Capital. I’m already being decent enough to her just by not hating her, so never mind about getting angry over her being killed.”

It’s quite logical and objective of her.

“The only thing I can do for that person is to repay her for allowing me to be born into this world.” Diere spoke indifferently, “Therefore, at that time, I made a request to someone else for the first time.”

What was that request?

It wasn’t anything much. It’s just to help make a grave for her mother.

If not for Diere’s request, then how could Diere’s mother, sinner as she is, possible have a grave?

As for the person who could help Diere realize her request, there’s obviously only either Lucy or Leili.

This made Shien involuntarily remember the matter from back when he saw Diere in the graveyard.

Back then, Diere had shed tears in front of her mother’s grave. It probably wasn’t due to sorrow at her mothers passing though, right?

Her tears and her grave visit were merely an act of remembrance for her past, that’s all.

It’s also for that reason that she doesn’t need any sympathy.

However, at the same time, Shien really did feel like Diere had been unfairly treated.

Just because of the issue of a unique skill, she ended up rejected by her family, feared by her clan. She had no freedom since she was little, and she never experienced any of the joy and happiness of childhood.

She was tossed about by fate solely due to the arbitrary decisions of adults, and was forced to live a life of loneliness.

In the end, she was even turned into a sacrifice without the right to complain because of the problems between her parents, maneuvers between nations, and fighting between people.

Those so called nobles, with the mother who was the main culprit already dead, under the torment of being unable to gain revenge, ended up putting all their hatred onto Diere and forcing her to take on the vengeance of the victims. That really is just too unreasonable.

But it can’t be helped, Diere is after all the only person who had blood relations with that person.

As for those those families were killed by the Old Demon Faction due to Diere’s Mother, who else are they supposed to hate, if not Diere, as the child of that sinner?

That’s why Diere ended up leaving that home.

However, the day she left, Diere also gained a goal.

And that is to defeat her father – Aldia Arbin.

It wasn’t to get revenge for her mother. Nor was it to get revenge for herself. It’s just that she dislikes that cold and unfeeling man.

“If mother looked at me like she’s seeing something dirty, then that person had never properly looked at me even once.”

“When I was being feared by the family and clan, he just coldly watched. He didn’t care or intervene. Nor had he ever conveyed any opinion over it.”

“When I more or less gained some freedom and was kept by his side, he just continued to coldly watch. He wasn’t guarded against me, nor did he pay much attention to me. He basically just acted like he’s only doing a job, without any feelings involved.”

“He’s like an emotionless weapon, a tool to maintain the honor of the family. His only meaning for existing seems to be the protection of the royal family and country. Calling him cold and unfeeling is practically praise.”

“Even when he discovered mother’s crime, he still didn’t show much emotion. He just suddenly pulled out his sword in front of me without a word to me or even mother and cut off mother’s head, just like a machine, mechanically going about its task.”

At that point, Diere’s tone finally started to show some emotion.

“I can’t understand that person’s heart, nor can I see through his thoughts.”

“I have to say though, it’s because of that, that I gained a bit of a grudge against him.”

“Not because he’s uncaring, but because he’s far more like a monster than me.”

That’s right, a monster.

In Diere’s eyes, Aldia is just an emotionless monster. Strong and unfeeling.

Yet that monster of all thing ended up having the respect and praise of everyone around him, and in the end, stood at the peak of knighthood.

Diere can’t understand that, nor could she accept it.

Just what’s the difference between her and him?


Or is it the mind and heart?

Diere had been thinking about that the whole time.

Thus, Diere had set a goal.

That being…

“Defeat that man, surpass him, exceed him. Shatter his pride and dignity.”

Diere coldly stated.

“I won’t be able to see the truth of his being, his inner thoughts, unless I do that.”

He’s a person who used strength as a wall, covering him against all criticism.

In that case then, if she wants to see his true self, then she has to defeat him and end his strength and perfection.

Besides that…

“If there comes a day when I can even defeat that man, then perhaps then I’ll have gained true freedom, true strength.” Diere quietly muttered.

“At that time…”

At that time, perhaps, Diere may not need to fear the “Oni” within her anymore.

That, is Diere’s true goal.

It’s for that reason that Diere worked so hard up until now.

Shien just listened to it all without comment.

It’s not because he didn’t feel like he had the right to say anything. It’s just that he couldn’t dare say that he understands Diere.

After all, when it comes to Shien’s own situation, his own power arrived rather mysteriously.

Is Shien strong?

Of course he is.

Even if his opponent is that Aldia, if he fully unsealed his Holy Sword, Shien is confident in his ability to win.

However, Shien’s strength came far too easily to him. It came simply and easily, to the point where one could say that he gained it without any real effort.

For someone like him, so blessed and lucky, he doesn’t have any right to say anything about Diere’s thoughts of chasing strength.

He had managed to easily get what someone else chased with all their efforts, so what right does he have to say anything to the contrary about it?

Thus, Shien was torn. He didn’t know what he should say.

Diere seemed to have noticed that though.

“Don’t worry, I’m not complaining to you or anything, nor am I complaining about the unfairness of fate or anything. It’s just that I feel like if I don’t explain this clearly to you, then you might end up misunderstanding.”

Diere gazed at Shien and spoke quietly.

“Plus, you’re not like that person. Even though you’re both strong, I feel very calm when I’m by your side.”

It must be that, after Shien stooped her rampage, Diere really did manage to relax quite a bit, huh?

This means that from now on, there will finally be someone by her who could restrain her and prevent her from making a mistake.

Besides that…

“I have a feeling that you’ll be the critical existence who will help me break through my difficulties and show me a new path.”

Diere stared right at Shien as she spoke.

“Therefore, I want to bet everything on you.”


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