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Chapter 273: Why Are You All Like This

Diere wasn’t unconscious for long.

At the very least, the group still haven’t left their current area by the time she woke up. She was also still being carried in Shien’s arms, and everyone fussed over her.

“A-are you alright? Diere!”

“Do you feel any discomfort? You have to tell us if there’s anything!”

Lumia and Melika were the first to notice that Diere had awoken. Their eyes lit up, rushed over to Diere’s side immediately, and started chattering away.

Diere didn’t even know what had happened at first. She just looked at Lumia and Melika as they surrounded her with worried expressions. Then she looked at Vivian, who was showing a gratified smile from further away. Only after that did she notice that Shien was gazing down at her from overhead.

“Had a nice nap?” Shien continued carrying Diere as he showed a teasing grin, “It’s fine, I don’t mind lending you my arms, so it’s completely fine if you want to sleep a bit longer.”

Having heard that, Diere had finally fully woken up.


Diere tried to say something, but she found herself unable to utter a word.

After using the power of the [Horn], Diere had completely lost all senses after she went berserk, so there’s obviously no way that she could remember just what she had done in her oni form.

However, Diere does still remember that she was forced into a desperate state by Gerald, as well as the fact that she decided to gamble everything on summoning the forbidden power within her at the end.

After seeing the shattered landscape that looked like it was subjugated to a bombardment, as well as the shattered boulders and canyon walls, there’s no way that Diere would be unable to tell just what had happened.

“… Was it you who stopped me?”

Diere was silent for a moment before asking Shien with a very complicated tone.

“Make sure to properly thank me.” Shien just shrugged without denying it, “As an aside, it wasn’t just me. Someone else also accompanied you in fighting it out, so you need to be thankful to them for going easy on you.”

Those words made Diere turn and look up in the air to her side.

There, Airi was looking at Diere while holding her pillow.

Diere noticed the change in Airi right away.

Before, Airi might have normally interacted with them, but Diere had naturally noticed that Airi had no interest in them at all. There were even times when Airi’s eyes were completely unfocused when looking at them, almost like she had never even properly looked at them.

However, this time, Airi’s eyes did properly reflect Diere. Airi had also properly imprinted Diere’s figure into her vision.

Airi calmly spoke up addressing Diere.

“Don’t look at me. I never intended to help you. I just wanted to test out your strength, that’s all, so there’s no need for you to thank me.”

That’s what Airi stated.

However, those words did allow Diere to understand a lot of things.

After all, Diere knew full well just how horrifying she can be after going berserk.

Although Diere won’t have any presence of mind while rampaging, she does see the scene around her as well as the attitudes of others every time she awakens. Thus, she knows full well just what a terribly powerful monster she had become.

Even the grandfather who is considered invincible was heavily injured by her when she was little, to the point where he ended up dying to those injuries only a few years later at that. This matter was more than enough to show just how powerful that she gets after she goes berserk.

Shien is one thing, but for Airi to be able to hold her off as well, and looking completely untouched, with not even a speck of dust on her clothes, at that. That much told Diere just how strong Airi really is.

Shien said that Airi held back against her at that. Those words may really be true then.

Diere didn’t say anything in response to that.

She’s not Vivian after all.

Since the other party had already said that she doesn’t need thanks, then Diere won’t be doing anything unnecessary either.

That said, after looking at the completely fine members of Vivian’s party as well as Shien and Airi, Dier finally breathed a sigh of relief.

That’s because it means that she didn’t end up causing too big a problem, that she didn’t make a mistake that can’t be taken back.

Shien’s timely arrival had not only saved the members of Vivian’s party from disaster. He had also saved herself.

As she thought that, Diere once again turned her gaze to Shien. Like always, she didn’t say anything, nor did she do anything. Her eyes however said it all, expressing her thoughts deeply and clearly.

Shien originally was only stealing glances at Diere while hoping that she might be able to relax and release some of her tention. However, now that he’s being stared at by Diere like that, his own attitude had also turned a bit unnatural.

(… Why are you all like this?)

Shien was having a tough time.

Melika was looking at him with heat and affection in her eyes.

While Diere wasn’t as blatant and obvious as Melika, the emotions in those expressive eyes of hers instead make Shien’s entire body itch.

Thus, Shien immediately abandoned any teasing and hurriedly changed the topic.

“Since everyone’s fine now, then let’s go already. I’ll escort you guys back to the Capital.”

In response to Shien’s words, everyone nodded.

They of course also want to get back as soon as possible.

They’ll only truly be out of danger after returning to the Capital, after all.

Plus, everyone really was exhausted. They felt like they can’t go on much longer.

They’ve been on the run for three days and three nights now. Even after all their injuries have been healed by magic, the mental exhaustion and magical drain were still issues.

Thus, everyone wanted to hurry back to the Capital, back to the Latrard home, and take a proper rest.

Only Melika spoke with a hesitant tone.

“Is that really fine?” Melika asked worriedly and uncertainly, “Something seemed to have happened here, making it really unnatural. Will there really not be any issues if we just left like this?”

It was apparent that Melika was quite worried over the ritual in the Canyon.

Even if she didn’t know what’s actually happening, she could still sense the unnatural flow of magical energy in the Canyon, making her worried.

This made Airi gave Melika a look as well.

“Her senses are quite sharp. It looks like this girl has quite some potential when it comes to magic.” Airi thought.

Add in the fact that Vivian is quite special as well, this not all that strong looking adventuring party is unexpected a gathering of some geniuses not to be underestimated.

The only exception to that is…

Airi gave a glance at the timid Lumia over at the side without giving any signs before quickly losing interest and withdrawing her gaze.

Out of everyone here, only this beastman girl is the most normal and average. This is a point that Airi had fully realized now.

That said, the person in question herself didn’t have any such understandings. She was just timidly standing over to the side.

Shien didn’t really want to drag Vivian’s party into this matter though, so he instead spoke up.

“We can deal with the stuff here later. You guys should get back to the Capital first.”

Jacinta is already on the trails of the Demon Lord Spawn over on his side anyways, so the ritual will likely be destroyed soon enough anyways. All that’s let is a bunch of unimportant mobs, so it’s fine to take their time dealing with them.

Airi seems to be thinking something similar, so she made no objections.

The girls all exchanged glances before nodding as well in the end, agreeing to the plan.

Just like that, the group started heading toward the outside of the Canyon as they got ready to leave this place.

They had no idea that, some distance away, an enormous dark figure was flying in their direction.


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