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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 268: [Horn] Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 268: [Horn]


Gerald let out a terrified screech.

It’s because Shien had finally started moving toward him.

“Don’t come! Don’t come!”

Gerald is unbelievably terrified. He looked at the scraps of flesh and blood surrounding him, remembered the scene of the people around him exploding one after another, and was driven completely mad. He cried pitifully with tears and snot running down his face as he tried to crawl backwards.

Shien however acted as if he didn’t hear Gerald at all. He just continued forward until he arrived before Gerald and looked down at the noble covered in blood, tears, and snot, before suddenly raising his foot and viciously stomping down.


With a shattering sound, one of Gerald’s feet was mercilessly crushed by Shien.


Gerald screamed out in pain. The sound of it was so heart-wrenching that even the members of Vivian’s party started shuddering.

Shien however didn’t care one bit. He just lifted his leg again and viciously stomped down onto Gerald’s other foot.


A shattering sound once again rang out. Now both of Gerald’s legs were broken and bent in twisted angles.

The pain of it naturally made Gerald scream, cry, and beg for mercy even more.

Shien continued to ignore those cries though. He didn’t soften the slightest and, with two more stomps, crushed both of Gerald’s hands as well.

That scene would definitely terrify any kid who saw it as well as give girls nightmares.

Lumia and Melika couldn’t bare to watch anymore.

Vivian visibly reacted, but she didn’t say anything.

They might be kind, but they’re not naive. Even if they found it unbearable and pitiful, they won’t try to stop Shien either.

After all, the person in question had nearly killed Diere. They had also doggedly pursued them for three whole days now. After all that, no one who doesn’t have something wrong with their head would easily forgive their tormentor.

Thus, although the members of Vivian’s party found Shien a bit scary, none of them sympathized with Gerald either, nor would they think that Shien had gone too far.

It’s a bit cruel, so the girls wouldn’t be able to do it themselves, but that doesn’t mean that they’re unwilling to let it happen.

Thus, while Vivian’s party won’t find Gerald receiving his just deserts particularly enjoyable, they do still find it understandable.

As for Airi, as she personally witnessed all this, she ended up blinking in response.

“How vicious.” Airi showed a small smile, “But I like it.”

It seems that rather than giving Airi a bad impression, Shien’s utter lack of mercy instead made her find him even more suited to her tastes.

Here and now, Shien not only shattered Gerald’s four limbs, he even crushed his ribs, making his screams turn weaker and weaker.

“Mercy… Mercy…”

Gerald was still begging for mercy even now.

Unfortunately for him…

“As someone who never considered offering mercy yourself, what right do you have to ask others for mercy?”

Shien finally spoke up.

“I won’t bother lecturing you about morality, it’s not like a parasite like you would understand anyway.”

“Thus, I’ll just tell you in a way that even you can understand.”

“Unfortunately for you, you messed up and provoked the wrong guy.”

“Go repent for it in the afterlife.”

Shien raised his foot for the last time before finally slamming it down onto Gerald’s chest.


Following the clearest crack up to now, Gerald’s ribs were crushed by Shien’s foot and his entire chest collapsed inward.

Gerald’s eyes bulged out, filled with desperation for life along with boundless regret.

Then, the last vestiges of Gerald’s life completely disappeared.

All the people who had been trying to kill Vivian’s party were thus annihilated.

Only then did Shien finally return to how he originally was and headed over to the girls’ side.

“You guys alright?”

Shien helped Vivian up and looked Lumia and Melika over as he lightly asked.

“We’re fine.” Vivian shook her head before focusing her attention on Shien as she smiled, “Thankfully, you came.”

Shien ended up showing a bitter grin at that.

However, at that moment, Melika’s voice suddenly rang out.

“Mister Shien!”

With that sobbing cry, the figure of a girl dove into Shien’s arms.

Shien was slightly surprised by that. Only a moment later did he realize that the person who was hugging him was Melika.

“You’ve come. Thank goodness…”

Melika just held onto Shien and cried with joy like she didn’t even realize anything abnormal with what she’s doing.


Shien immediately started to turn somewhat awkward.

Vivian immediately shot a teasing glance from the side.

Shien just felt even more embarrassed as time went on, so he hurriedly patted Melika’s back and tried to comfort her.

“Sorry I’m late. Thank goodness you guys are alright.”

Shien’s attempt at comforting her was instead just returned by Melika shaking her head.

As for Melika’s hands, they haven’t let go from start to end.

This made Shien rather uncertain about just what he should do.


“Diere! Diere! What’s happening to you…!?”

Lumia’s sobbing cries suddenly rang out.

Everyone’s heart clenched at that and hurriedly looked over.

With that look, everyone discovered that Diere hasn’t woken up even now. She was being held by Lumia the whole time, and despite Lumia constantly shaking her, she still hasn’t awoken.

“What happened to her?”

Shien’s face dropped at the sight. After Melika let go, he hurried over to Lumia’s side and took hold of Diere.

When he grabbed her though, Shien nearly pushed Diere away right away.

“So hot…!”

That’s right. Diere’s body was incredibly hot, to the point where Shein felt like he was holding lava.

Plus, Diere’s aura was also turning chaotic and her magic power started gradually flowing out.

Shien’s expression shifted again.

It’ because, to his senses, the magic power erupting out of Diere had a kind of evil, dark, and spooky feeling.

This feeling is as if something terrifying is awakening, giving Shien a bad feeling about it.

“It can’t be…!”

Nearby, the worried Vivian seemed like she thought of something and reacted with alarm.

Seeing that, Shien tried to ask right away, but he was interrupted by a voice.

“Danger! Dodge!”

That voice came from up in midair.

Airi, who was still floating in midair, had originally intended on coming down, but she seemed to have noticed Diere’s abnormality and, with a frown, looked on over. Only now did she suddenly visibly react and shout out a warning.

Shien wasn’t able to react in time.

A hand had already grabbed his shoulder.


Shien’s pupils shrunk.

Within his arms, Diere’s hood fell off, exposing her half masked face to Shien’s eyes.

Of course, that’s not the important part.

What’s important is that Shien clearly saw it.

At some unknown point, a pitch black horn had grown out from Diere’s forehead.

Diere then raised her head and opened her eyes.

Those pair of eyes were bloody red.


The next moment, a tearing sound rang out.

A spray of blood flew into the air, making everyone’s hearts tremble.


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