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Chapter 264: The Imminent Meeting

While Shien, Airi, and Jacinta had decided on their plan of action and separated, unbeknownst to them, something was happening right that moment at that large lake in the deepest part of the Canyon.


That terrifying demonic beast finally seemed to have had enough and stopped tangling with the refining demons suicidally rushing at it. Instead, it spread its wings with a pained roar and blasted forth a gust of wind, blowing countless refining demons away, opening some space from the refining demons attacking it, and took to the air.

Seeing that, Vask who had been observing the whole time from a distance away reacted in alarm.

The nobles around him also did the same.

“Oh no!”

“It’s trying to escape!”

“I-it can’t be, right?”

“It actually still has the mind to resist, and even to run away…!?”

The nobles started clamoring in alarm.

They really didn’t expect this situation at all.

Logically speaking, under the Demon Refining ritual, any demonic beast will be affected and end up losing its thoughts no matter how strong it is. Even more so considering the fact that it had already killed so many refining demons and absorbed their magic power and flesh.

In such a situation, the subject in question should have long since gone completely mad, turning into the strongest refining demon in the entire Ataru Canyon.

Then, when it has finished devouring all the refining demons in the Canyon, the best sacrifice would have thus been born.

Accordingly, the Demon Lord Spawn that then consumes said sacrifice would become enormously powerful. That’s the outcome that Vask and his group wanted to see.

But now, this terrifying demonic beast was not only resisting the effect of the ritual with all its might, it was also resisting the refining demons from merging into it, and now it’s even trying to run. That truly was completely outside everyone’s expectations.

“Quick! Stop it!”

As Vask reacted in alarm, he loudly gave out orders.

The nobles and knights in the area immediately reacted and, after a moment of hesitation, started getting ready to cast magic at the enormous beast getting ready to take to the air.

Various spells exploded on the body of the demonic beast, but none of it had much affect on it at all.

After all, those people’s magic levels aren’t very high. There wasn’t even anyone capable of high class magic among them, so there was no way that they could have done much of anything to a terrifying demonic beast that’s at least level 90.

If not for the refining demons around it, that demonic beast would definitely have taken that as provocation and slaughtered Vask and his men.

Unfortunately though, the demonic beast was on its last legs just trying to keep its mind, so it had no energy to spar considering anything else.

Thus, the demonic beast just flew right up while bearing with both the attacks from the refining demons and the magic attacks from Vask and his group. Then, it flapped its wings and flew off without caring for anything else.




Now that the biggest target had disappeared, those refining demons left started fighting among themselves, completely ignoring the demonic beast that had just escaped.

“Damn it!”

Vask was enraged.

“Lord Vask!”

“That demonic beast flew away!”

“What should we do?”

The nobles started asking for directions in a panick.

Seeing that, Vask spoke up without hesitation.

“Chase after it.” Vask spoke coldly, “With the Demon Refining ritual active, that demonic beast can’t leave the Canyon. So long as we catch up and continue drawing more refining demons to attack it, it won’t be able to hold out for much longer.”

In response to that, the nobles started hesitating.

It can’t be helped though.

In terms of power, the highest leveled among them is less than level 60. There’s no way that they wouldn’t hesitate against a super powerful demonic beast that’s over level 90.

The reason they dared to go at that demonic beast is mainly because they didn’t need to face it head on at all. All they needed to do then was activate the ritual and then lure refining demons over for it to slaughter.

But now, they’ll have to go provoke that terrifying existence of their own initiative. They can’t help but hesitate at that.

“What? You scared?” Vask of course noticed all this, so he spoke sarcastically, “If you’re scared, then leave and go beg the Kingdom for forgiveness. You might even be able to get away with just having your title stripped away and be allowed to live the rest of your life safe in jail.”

Those words made the nobles suddenly realize it.

Yes, they’ve already lost the ability to go back.

They’ve chosen to join this plot and even helped the Old Demon Faction enact the Demon Refining ritual within the Kingdom. This is unquestionably an enormous crime.

At this point, they only have a single path left, and that is to raise up the Demon Lord Spawn, take revenge, and then use the powerful Demon Lord Spawn to try to restrain or even take control of the Kingdom.

They have no other way forward besides that.

Now that they’ve realized that, the nobles all grit their teeth, nodded, and agreed to Vask’s plan.

Vask then let out a cold laugh before leading everyone toward the direction that demonic beast left in.

On the other side, Vivian’s Party had, after a good amount of rest,. Have somewhat recovered their stamina and magic power.

Lumia and Melika had woken up as well, and is now huddled by Vivian and Diere’s side.

Although they showed expressions of uneasy, they weren’t afraid.

It was obvious that, just like Vivian, neither of them thought that Diere had dragged them into trouble.

Rather, for them, since Diere was met with such problems, then they have to meet it as well no matter the danger.

“Before, it was Diere who always took care of us…”

“This time, it’s our turn to help Diere.”

The two girls stated so with determination.

Diere was touched by those words. At the same time, it had also firmed her resolution that she’ll protect her teammates no matter the cost.

On Vivian’s side, she had already fully recovered by now and now clapped her hands and spoke up.

“Everyone, our current urgent task is to find a way to leave the Ataru Canyon first.” Vivian spoke solemnly, “Only by leaving the Canyon will we really be safe for the time being, at least until we get back to the Capital anyways.”

Lumian and Melika nodded seriously.

Diere however did not have a good look on her face.

“That’s not going to be easy.” Diere spoke in a low tone, “I can feel it. The air in the Canyon seems different.”

Those words made both Vivian and Lumia a bit confused.

It seems like the two of them didn’t notice anything wrong.

Only Melika immediately raised her hand.

“That’s right. I’ve had that feeling as well ever since I woke up.” Melika also had a bad expression on her face, just like Diere, and she spoke somewhat uneasily, “There a lot of strange flows in the magic power in the Canyon. It feels really uncomfortable.”

As an elf, born from nature, Melika was greatly discomforted by the air and magic power within the Canyon.

“I-it feels like something very scary is happening.” Melika hugged herself and shivered, “Everyone, let’s quickly leave the Canyon, as soon as possible.”

Those words made all the girls’ expressions turn serious.

Unfortunately for them, the next moment, Diere noticed something, sprung up suddenly, and stood protectively in front of everyone.

Vivian did the same, raising her shield without hesitation and stood in front over everyone.


“You’re still trying to leave? Don’t even think it!”

A noble along with a great deal of people appeared with an arrogant laugh.

It was Gerald.

“Let’s see how you’re going to escape this time.” Gerald sneered.

Around him, all the nobles and knights started leaking cold killing intent.

Everyone of Vivian’s party’s faces sank at the sight.

Diere felt a strong premonition.

Perhaps, this will be where she dies.

At the same time, two figures entered the deepest part of the canyon at an amazing speed.

“Faster.” Airi flapped a pair of dragon wings as she flew in front as she suddenly reacted, “Those girls seem to be in a bad situation now.”

Shien immediately raised his head.

A cold gleam flashed across his eyes.


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