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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 259: “He’ll definitely come.” Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 259: “He’ll definitely come.”


Diere, still not fully awake, felt like she had felt some shaking from somewhere.

It was like an earthquake had occurred somewhere far away and some of the effect had managed to spread all the way to where she is.

Diere was awakened by this faint vibration and thus opened her eyes.

“You’re awake?”

The moment she opened her eyes, Diere heard a familiar, gentle voice.

Thus, Diere turned her head to look to the side.

There, Vivian was looking at her with a smile while propping up her shield by the canyon wall.

At a more careful look, Vivian had traces of blood and dust on her in a lot of places. She doesn’t seem to be injured, but she did seem quite exhausted and disheveled.

Over to the side, Lumia and Melika were leaning against each other. Much like Vivian, they were covered in specks of blood and dust, like they were completely exhausted after a lot of fighting.

And of course, Diere was the same.

In that moment, Diere was just like Vivian, leaning by the canyon wall while covered in the most blood and dust out of them all. She seemed like the most exhausted and disheveled of them all.

This scene immediately made Diere remember everything that had happened.


They fell into a trap.

They fell into the trap of those nobles after her life. That’s why she’s in the depths of the Ataru Canyon with everyone of Vivian’s Party and ended up like this.

Diere faintly remembers those nobles, filled with hate, ordering the guards and knights with them to attack her party. Their group fought back with all their might and basically fought a running battle for three whole days. Only then did they finally manage to break contact, find this relatively well hidden cave, and then passed out in exhaustion.

When she remembered all this, Diere ended up going silent for a while.

“It’s my fault you’re all in this mess with me.”

After some time, Diere finally said those words.

“Don’t say such things.” Vivian was still as kindly as ever as she spoke, “We’re comrades here.”

Vivian obviously didn’t want Diere to place all the responsibility onto herself.

However, Diere didn’t accept that.

“I’m saying that I’m the one who ended up involving you, as my comrades.” Diere looked up at the ceiling of the cave as she muttered.

“Of course that’s not how it is.” Vivian was also very stubborn in her views though, “Since we’re comrades, there’s no logic behind involving or not. If you insist, Lumia and Melika will be sad you know.”

Diere could understand what Vivian was getting at.

It’s because, in the past, Diere was the strongest member of their party, but she also look care of Lumia and Melika a lot.

Lumia and Melika felt ashamed for that more than once. In the end though, they only finally accepted Diere’s aide due to the adventurer logic of “comrades should help each other”.

If in this situation, Diere still insisted in saying that she’s the one who pulled her comrades into harm, then perhaps Lumia and Melika really will end up quite depressed.

“… I’ll say it in a different way then.” Diere was silent for a brief moment before sighing, “Thanks, Vivian.”

That word of thanks is something that Diere had to say.

After all, the fact that everyone was able to hold on for three full days here in this canyon is all thanks to Vivian’s protection.

It’s because Vivian stood in front of Diere and the others the whole time, drew all the attacks, and withstood all the damage that Diere and the others were able to hold on until now without harm.

Although, holding on until now is already their limit.

At the very least, Diere had already noticed that Vivian’s magic power has basically run dry.

If her magic power is exhausted, then not even Vivian will be able to continue displaying her amazing defensive power and cover her teammates against everything that comes their way.

Of course, Vivian simply continued to smile as if she didn’t notice that at all.

“No need.” Vivian spoke like she was comforting Diere, “Don’t worry, we’ll escape in the end.”

This gentle and kind party leader simply continued to comfort Diere’s fragile heart.

Vivian must now as well, right?

She knew of the trembling in Diere’s heart.

Truth be told, Diere wasn’t afraid of death.

Rather, Diere had mentally prepared herself for death the entire time.

It’s because she knew very well the problems that’s she’s facing. She’s even more clear just how strong that person that she had wanted to challenge her entire life is.

Faced with such difficulties, with such a powerful foe, Diere really wouldn’t be surprised at dying at any moment.

Thus, Diere had prepared herself a long time ago.

However, if the people around her ended up also dragged in and then died as a consequence of her, then Diere would have a hard time bearing with the guilt.

That’s why Diere was so uneasy.

What if they end up attacked again?

What if someone in her party ended up killed due to their connection with her next?

It’s fine if she died, but the people around her shouldn’t have been dragged in as well.

That’s how Diere things, and that’s why she’s so uneasy.

Vivian must have noticed that unease of hers, which is why she’s currently trying to comfort Diere, right?

(That person. She’s as kind and sharp as always…)

Diere could only chuckle bitterly to herself in her mind as she made to speak again.

“If it’s necessary, you guys can leave me and escape on your own.”

This way, those people who hate her probably won’t still keep on going after Vivian and the others, right?

Unfortunately for her…

“You think that I’d accept that?”

The gentle expression on Vivian’s face vanished for the first time as she focused her stare on Diere.

Diere was kind of afraid to meet Vivian’s when she’s like this.

It’s because she’s afraid that Vivian might be disappointed in her.

Diere has very few people left in this world who she cares about the opinions of, and Vivian is one of those few.

That person had protected Diere from the hostility of the world for so many years now, so she’s the person that Diere trust and depend on the most.

For that reason, it’s only when facing Vivian that Diere is unable to raise her head.


“I really don’t want to see you guys die because of me though.”

Diere couldn’t help but speak her true thoughts.

In response to that, Vivian only had one thing to say.

“I don’t want to see you die before us either.” Vivian continued to stare at Diere with a smile, “Therefore, I will absolutely protect you and everyone else. Then, we’ll leave this place with everyone in our party, safe and sound, and return to Capital.”

With was both an oath and her own determination.

“Believe in me.”

Vivian stated that to Diere.

The most unbelievable thing is though, just those few words actually managed to settle Diere’s uneasy and made her relax.

It can’t be helped. Since the Protector God of the Kingdom had made such an oath, she’ll definitely do it.


“I can feel it. So long as we can keep holding out, then that person will definitely arrive before us.”

Vivian’s quiet words made Diere react.

She knew exactly who Vivian meant with that.

It’s the Hero who carried with him great expectations of the world, and also the one whom she had placed her own hopes and wishes on.

“Will he really come?”

Diere unconsciously muttered those words.

“He will.”

Vivian grinned, nodded, and spoke loudly with confidence.

“He’ll definitely come.”

Perhaps that’s just a wish without anything backing it up.

However, Vivian seems to be strangely certain of it.

Those confident words made even Diere feel a thread of hope.

If it’s that person, then he’ll definite be able to help her and her friends out of this bind.

It didn’t really matter what happens to her, but Vivian and the others mustn’t die here.

Thus, Diere also made her decision.

“Until he gets here, we have to hold on no matter what.”

Even if it means using “that move.”


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