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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 258: “See If You Can Bear That.” Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 258: “See If You Can Bear That.”

“Ah, that really felt great.”

Having personally witnessed Farbin die under the meteor shower, Shien, who was floating in the air above the Ataru Canyon just felt satisfied at a job well done.

“You actually did something like this.”

Airi had appeared by Shien’s side at some point. Much like Shien, she could also see the situation outside the Canyon despite the distance. Thus, she was quite shocked at she looked at Shien.

Shien turned and immediately saw Airi floating next to him like it was nothing.

That girl had grown a pair of dragon wings from her back and was right next to him like they were on solid ground.

“You saw it all?”

Shien gave Airi a grin.

“At the very least, there’s no way that I wouldn’t at least see that meteor shower, and I have even less of a chance at missing the enormous magic power released when the meteor shower descended.” Airi spoke, still somewhat surprised, “Is that astro magic?”

“Yep, and it’s the strongest high class spell within the astro magic type as well.” Shien didn’t bother hiding it at all, and instead just honestly nodded and admitted it, “Well? It’s pretty decent isn’t it?”

“Decent is an understatement. If you didn’t purposefully restrain the area of effect, wouldn’t it have been likely for even this entire canyon to end up destroyed?” Airi praised him sincerely, “I really never imagined that you’d actually use such an ancient magic. If I’m remembering right, after this kind of magic was invented, its sheer difficulty of learning had made it so that countless demons were forced to give up on it.”

If it’s learning it to the beginner or mid class, then there did use to be people who have learned it a long long time ago.

But when it comes to people who have learned this system of magic to the high class, then according t Airi’s knowledge, the total number throughout all of history likely number less than three in total.

It’s for such reasons that such magic was slowly abandoned and then eventually lost.

“I really never did imagine that I’d be able to witness a day where this magic will reappear in the world.” Airi reminisced, “Besides that, your astro magic seems to be way more powerful than the one I know of as well.”

It’s actually quite rare for Airi to offer so much praise.

Even Shien found it somewhat unexpected.

After all, Shien knew full well that unlike what her unbelievably cute exterior might suggest, this hidden big shot is truly a prideful lord. If one wanted to gain her praise, then aside from doing one’s best to flatter her on her maturity and utter lack of childishness, there really is no easy way.

How however, that little girl’s actually praising Shien’s astro magic to the nines. Thus, he was quite surprised at that.

Of course, Shien could also easily accept that.

It’s because mages who were able to level their astro magic to high class is beyond few even when taking all of history into account. In the current age, never mind high class, even beginner class is something that no one could use.

But Shien was able to bring it back to the world, and it’s that powerful at that, so it was indeed deserving of Airi’s praise.

That said though…

“Are you really fine with this though?” Airi spoke with a half grin, “Those guys are the knights of the Kingdom after all, and they’re also fairly influential nobles at that, no?”

For such important figures of the Kingdom to all be slaughtered by a single cast of Shien’s astro magic, there’s no way that such a thing will be fine.

Putting everything else aside, after this move, the basic force protecting the Kingdom, the National Knight Order, will be greatly damaged.

Add in the fact that the pillars of the Garibaldi family have nearly all been killed, one can argue that the Kingdom had received heavy losses to its fighting power.

If this was war time, then such damages will likely end up giving neighboring nations thoughts and ideas, and they may very well use this opportunity to start attacking the Mitra Kingdom.

In such a situation, there’s no way that the main culprit behind this, Shien, would easily get off.

In the worst case, Shein may very well completely end up on the opposite side as the Kingdom.

There’s no way that Shien wouldn’t know all this.

However, he still did this anyways.

The reason for that is simple.

“First, the Garibaldi family had already allied with the Old Demon Faction here and were plotting something. So long as there’s evidence, then my annihilating them would not only not be punished, but instead be rewarded.”

“Second, even if there are no evidence, given the power that I have displayed and adding in the fact that there will be members of the royal family on my side, I doubt that they’d move against me carelessly.”

“And third, humanity is far more complicated than yo might think. The National Knight Order is supposed to be an important force in the Kingdom but was instead singlehandedly monopolized and controlled by a single ambitious noble family. I seriously doubt that the royal family would be utterly indifferent to that fact, and I believe even less that other nobles would want this situation to continue on. Thus, now that something like this had happened, they’ll definitely try to establish is as the truth, push all the responsibility onto the Garibladi family, and then force them off the stage so as to give themselves the chance of a bite at that huge pie.”

Shien just casually pulled out four reasons that he would go unharmed in an easygoing manner.

“So that’s how it is.” Airi nodded in understanding, “Is that why you purposefully let those knights and adventurers at the entrance go?”

That’s right. Shien had limited the areas of effect for [Auroras Meteoric] to the camp itself. He destroyed the camp entirely, but he had let the knights and adventurers at the entrance off.

They should have been blown off their feet from the impacts of the meteor shower or be dazed by the explosions and are now on the ground. However, they wouldn’t have been greatly harmed.

With that, when they get back to the Capital and report this matter, the people of the Capital will definitely notice certain points of suspicion.

And that would be, why did the Garibaldi family ignore the Princess’s orders and forcibly seal off the canyon?

If at that point, Shien then releases the news that the Garibaldi were working with the Old Demon Faction, then even without evidence, the masses will likely end up half believing it.

That’s the effect that Shien was going for.

“With a partial belief, also taking into account fear of my strength, and then add in the help from the people on my side, there’s no way that anything could happen to me.”

That’s Shien’s thoughts on it.

“Besides, aren’t you here too?”

Shien grinned at Airi.

Airi stopped for a moment before she understood what he meant.

Was this man planning on borrowing her own presence?

“If you were to protect me, then there’s no way that humanity would risk your anger and forcibly try to do anything against me, right?”

Shien beamed with a bright smile, but that smile make Airi seriously want to hit him.

“You’re that sure that I’ll protect you?”

Airi countered in an irritated tone.

Shien didn’t even hesitate.

“Of course.” Shien spoke with absolute assurance, “If you don’t protect me, then I’ll run away to the demon world and drop a high class astro spell every couple of days on some random location. We’ll see if you can bear that.”

“You…” Airi was utterly flabbergasted.

Obviously, not even she had thought that Shien would be that shameless.

Seeking Airi’s stunned expression, Shien laughed as he couldn’t resist pinching her adorable little cheeks.

“Let’s go. Let’s clear out all the eyesores here already. Lasha has probably already gotten dinner ready for us.”

With that, Shien dropped down to the ground.

Airi then finally shook herself out of her stupor. Then she got mad.

“You dare threaten me?”

“And even pinch my cheeks?”

“Stop right there!”

Airi immediately flapped her draconic wings and chased after him.

Thus, two figures started playing tag in midair across the canyon.

Outside the canyon, the meteor shower had slowly come to the stop, leaving only ruins in its wake, a crater filled land much resembling the surface of the moon. It was quite a sight to behold.


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