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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 256: “Send You a Nice Big Gift.” Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 256: “Send You a Nice Big Gift.”

The battle was over about a minute later.

Shien swung his Holy Sword to shake off the blood sticking to it as he looked around.

Around him, each and every one of the black knights have all already fallen without exception.

At the same time, Airi had also returned.



With two thuds, two corpses were thrown before Shien.

“Well, they should be the masterminds.”

Airi gestured to the two bodies.

Shien immediately rolled his eyes.

“If you knew that they’re the masterminds, then shouldn’t you have left them alive to properly interrogate?” Shien blamed her.

“Wasn’t it you who said to kill them all?”

Airi was stunned.

He was obviously the one who said something so forceful, but how he’s blaming her for not leaving them alive?

Yet, Shien just made his next statement without so much as a hint of shame.

“We could have properly interrogated them before then killing them.”

Those words temporarily put Airi at a loss for words while she just stared at Shien.

Shien’s lips twitched slightly.

It’s like he could see from her expression that she’s questioning his race.

“I’m human, not a demon.” Shien hurriedly explained.

Unfortunately for him, although it would have been fine had he not tried to explain, the fact that he did ended up getting Airi to roll her eyes at him.

It’s not like she could have told him that she wasn’t actually questioning whether Shien is human, but whether if he’s actually a Hero, after all.

When it comes to an attitude like that, then Airi could even slightly recognize it as that of a Demon King, never mind a demon.

Shien however had no idea just what Airi was thinking, so he instead headed over to the two bodies and removed the masks that they were wearing.

The next moment, two familiar faces appeared before Shien’s eyes.

They were Jifgause and Katarine.

“That Garibaldi family’s problematic, just as I thought.”

Shien sneered coldly.

“it looks like they really do have some connection with people from [Original Devil]. In that case, the human faction who are enacting the Demon Refining ritual is this Garibaldi family then.”

Airi was acting unbelievably cold, to the point where she didn’t even spare a glance at the corpses of Jifgause and Katarine.

“I wonder what they’re trying to do.”

Shien casually tossed the masks in his hands away before crushing them with a stomp. It was obvious that his displeasure with the Garibaldi family has reached its max.

It’s a common plot point for some noble faction to use underhanded means to secretly try to make trouble for the protagonist. However, even so, Shien was still extremely unhappy after knowing that someone really did specifically send assassins after him.

Only now did he finally understand just why protagonists keep wanting to utterly annihilate anyone who provoked him, and to the point of not even sparing their associated faction or family.

Stuff like assigning proper responsibilities, only going after the guilty, not involving the family, people are only following orders, that the innocent shouldn’t be killed, all of that are false.

In an avalanche, not a single speck of snow is innocent. Since the other side is using their family or faction to attack him, then the aforementioned family is the avalanche that’s trying to bury him. In that case, none of them can be called innocent.

Of course, there’s also those who think that if one doesn’t purge their foes root and stem, it’ll just leave enemies behind to recover for later troubles. For that reason, they’d try to utterly annihilate their enemy’s faction or family down to the very roots. However, Shien doesn’t have that kind of chuuni thought processes.

Shien is just plain unhappy with it.

Since he’s unhappy with it then why not make the other person unhappy as well, no?


“Wait a bit.”

Shien said those words to Airi before calling on his magic power.

“[Enchant – Levitate].”

Shien cast magic on himself to add a “levitate” state to himself.

With that, Shien’s body turned weightless and floated straight up into the sky.

“[Enchant – Farsight].”

Shien then enchanted his eyes with magic and looked toward a certain direction, gazing past a great distance to see the entrance of the Canyon.

There, the knights were still arguing with the adventurers. The National Knight Order’s camp seems be be in a bit of chaos.

It’s obvious that the abnormality in the Ataru Canyon is still undiscovered by the outside.

However, the Garibaldi family seems to have already learned that the ritual has started, which is why the base camp seems to be in a stir.

In that case then…

“Allow me to send you a nice big gift first.”

That want to just watch from far away? They think that they’ll be able to get what they want just by waiting around?”

Like it’ll be that easy!

“————By the vast magic power, draw on the light from beyond the skies————”

Shien begun chanting the incantation for a spell.

“————Tears of heaven, rain of stars. The multitude of lights shall illuminate the earth————”

Waves of terrifying magic power erupted out from Shien as he continued to chant.

“————Accept my call————”

“————Accommodate my orders————”

“————By swords of light, subjugate the world————”

In that moment, the air trembled.

In that moment, the sky churned.

Right now, Shien was like a god reigning over the heavens and earth of this place. He hovered in midair, directing his magic power into the sky above.

As this happened, starts started lighting up in the sky one after another.

“————Descend, oh stars————”

Shien then took aim at the base camp set outside the canyon and released the strongest astro magic that he has currently mastered.

“[Auroras Meteoric]!”

The stars up in the sky shined with brilliant light.

Then, they fell, one after another.

The first one to notice the abnormality was a completely ordinary knight.

“W-what is that?”

That knight pointed up at the sky as he uttered those words in shock and disbelief.

The knights around him heard his words, and each of them also raised their heads to look up at the sky one by one.

Thus, they all saw it.

“Shooting starts…?”


They’re shooting stars.

Very bright and beautiful shooting stars appeared up in the sky.

They streaked across the sky.

Then they fell down toward the earth.

It was a very beautiful sight.

However, such a beautiful sight only made the knights restless.

“A-aren’t those shooting stars coming toward here?”

“I-I kind of think so as well…”

“… No way, right?”

“Oh gods…”

The knights were uneasy, scared, and had no idea what to do.

However, as those shooting starts grew larger and larger, brighter and brighter, the knights finally turned horrified.

It was because they can see the true form of those shooting stars by this point.

Those shooting stars were all meteor currently glowing red hot from the air friction.

Enormous meteors fell one after another and was approaching the campsite outside the Ataru Canyon at visible speed right as they watched.

The knights could only watch, stunned, at this unbelievable sight as one after another started shaking.

Not long after…

“R-run away!”

It’s unknown just who was the one who screamed that out.

Right after though, the terror that filled the entire camp instantly exploded.

Screams filled the air.

People tried to run.

However, it’s too late to react by this point.

The meteors in that meteor shower stared impacting the camp in twos and threes.


Explosions roared out.


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