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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 252: [Original Devil] Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 252: [Original Devil]

Back then when Shien and Lucy worked together to subjugate the Demon Lord Spawn, the ritual on the mountain had disappeared without a trace.

Now, Shien finally knows just why that happened.

It’s because the Demon Refining ritual can only be activated with the Demon Lord Spawn present.

And at that time, all the demonic beasts gathered in that mountain have probably already been made into sacrifices under that ritual and had been consumed by the Spawn. That’s how that Demon Lord Spawn became so strng.

“It’s just a spawn, but it’s already that strong. It seems like the original’s power is not to be underestimated then.”

Shien thought that, but he was also somewhat puzzled inside.

Based on Airi’s explanation, the thing being secretly created isn’t a Demon King, but a Demon Lord.

Although Demon Lords are the beings closest to the Demon King, and is far above mere normal demons, and had the potential of evolving in to the Demon King, but in the end, all that is only in theory.

The truth however is that there’s already no way in this world for another Demon King to be born.

And those existences that are trying to create the second Demon King have, after a thousand years of time, only barely managed to reach the final phase of creating a Demon Lord.

Since they’ve only just entered the final phase, that means that this Demon Lord of theirs hasn’t been fully completed, right?

After spending a thousand years, they haven’t even managed to successfully create a Demon Lord here. In that case, can those masterminds behind it all really break through the laws of reality and raise their new Demon Lord into a Demon King?

Even if that was possible, they had spent so much time and effort just to make a Demon Lord, so just how much more time and effort will it take for them to create the Demon King?

No matter how he looks at it, Shien feels like that’s something beyond imagining.

And yet, even given all this, Nien still activated the extremely important Hero Summoning Ritual to counter this nigh impossible Demon King. Isn’t that just a bit too rash of her?

Or did Nien summoned him to this world just to deal with this seventh Demon Lord?

But it’s just a Demon Lord. No matter how strong it is, there’s plenty of other existences capable of matching it in the world here.

Take the gods, one of the three great goddesses is stronger than even the Demon Lords. The other two goddesses might not be quite as strong as a Demon Lord, but unlike others, they should at least be able to put up a decent fight, right?

Also, consider the demons. Is any of the six great Demon Lords really going to lose out against a newly born Demon Lord?

Even for the mortals, there’s a Treasure of the Kingdom who’s currently growing and developing.

Perhaps, by the time that Demon Lord is born, that peerless princess would have already fully grown.

At that point, as an existence whose talent and potential that won’t lose even compared to the Hero Mitra, even if that princess hasn’t reached the same level as her ancestor, where she’s even able to deeat the Demon King, there’s still no way that she should lose to a mere Demon Lord, right?

No matter how he looks at it, it doesn’t seem like a situation where the world is on the verge of disaster and is in need of a Hero from another world to save it.

Does this matter have some secrets within it that even Airi doesn’t know about?

Or is it that it’s Nien’s side who was hiding something?

Shien fell silent as the scene of his kiss back in that temple came unbidden to his mind.

From that kiss, Shien had felt Nien’s obsession, dependence, as well as deep sorrow and sentiments.

“I just hope that you’ll understand that you’re the one that I’ve waited a thousand years for, as well as being the only thing that sustained me.”

The moment he remembered those words from that unbelievably beautiful goddess, Shien’s emotions started turning complicated.

Should he really trust in that goddess?

That’s the thing that Shien’s is struggling with.

Of course, Shien is also aware that now’s not the time to think about that.

Right now, his priority should be dealing with the problems here.

“Since that so called Demon Refining ritual appeared here, then doesn’t that meant that the masterminds behind the Demon Lord creation plan and the Demon King creation plan are also here?” Shien asked Airi, “Those people should be Old Demon Faction, right?”

“Who else beside those guys could possibly be so insane and obsessed?” Airi spoke with distaste, “The main organizers behind this plan is the first of the Old Demon Faction, as well as the oldest, strongest, and most mysterious branch of the Old Demon Faction.”

“We call them [Original Devil].”

After hearing that, Shien repeated that name in his mind several times over in order to commit it to memory.

That’s because Shien had a premonition that they’re going to be the enemy that he needs to take down the most.

“As an aside, we call the Old Demon Faction lead by Bayder that you subjugated the [Assassination Branch].” Airi added, “They’re an Old Demon Faction branch that mainlined in assassination activity. Although there weren’t any particularly high leveled existences among them, all of them focused on assassination or stealth based skills.”

“In the past, that particular branch was enormous, but the vast majority of them died in the mass assassination plot in the Capital ten years ago, which is why they slowly declined.”

“Still, it’s their own fault after all for coveting what didn’t belong to them.”

“Good riddance.”

With that said, Airi also gave Shien an additional heads up.

“The Old Demon Faction that’s here now is very unlikely to be from the [Original Devil]. Those guys won’t so easily expose themselves. Instead, what they’ll do is hand Demon Lord Spawns to various Old Demon Faction branches or human factions who might be plotting stuff.”

“With that, they can use those factions to do the ritual for them and collect sacrifices that way. Those factions will also be able to use the power of the Spawn to realize their own goals. It’s win win either way for them.”

“From the look of the current situation, the one that is holding this ritual and planned this current plot is very likely to be a faction of you humans, right?”

Shien naturally understood what Airi was getting at.

After all, the Garibaldi family practically had the word “Suspicious” printed on their foreheads.

In other words…

“Those guys allied with the Old Demon Faction, huh?”

Shien grimaced.

If that’s how it is, then the Garibaldi family are the sinners who betrayed humanity and are trying to destroy the peace.

“What do you plan on doing?”

Airi continued to stare at Shien as she asked that.

Shien didn’t hesitate at all.

“Whatever they want to do have nothing to do with me.”


“They dragged the people around me into this though. In that case, I don’t care if they’re humans or not, because I’m going to be seriously raising some hell.”

Shien gazed over at the canyon that has become the grounds for the ritual and casually spoke out some powerful words.

Airi showed a happy expression in turn.

“I’ve confirmed it again. You’re different form past Heroes.” Airi joyfully asked again to confirm what she already knew full well, “What do you plan on doing then?”

Does that even need to be said?

“Let’s kill them all.”

Shien spoke like he as talking about animals and not human lives.

“Not bad.”

Airi agreed with those words 120%.

Thus, the two of them headed into the depths of the canyon together.

And around them surged magic power that’s no less than all the magic power currently flowing about the entire canyon.


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