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Chapter 249: A Storm Is Coming

Canyon base camp, the main tent.

This is the biggest and center-most tent in the entire camp, so it’s naturally for the captain, Farbin’s, exclusive use.

At this moment, the five members of the Garibaldi family with Farbin in the lead all returned here. Each and every one of them had a terrible expression on their faces.

Raysig especially. His rage was at the point where veins were practically popping out on his head.

“Uncle!” Raysig couldn’t hold himself from growling, “Are we really going to just leave this as is!?”

The uncle that Raysig so addressed was naturally Farbin.

Farbin is Raysig’s uncle. Raysig’s mother is Farbin’s younger sister. That’s why Raysig dared to talk to Farbin like that.

Farbin however just gave Raysig a cold stare.

“If not, then what?” Farbin kept a cold expression, but his voice betrayed his own irritation, “The other party is someone close to her highness, and he even has the royal token. Are you really taking him as just a normal adventurer?”

“But… But…!” Raysig still could not let go of his anger though.

This made Jifgause and Katarine also join in rebuking him.

“But what? Wasn’t it your useless self who ended up ruining the whole thing?”

“I told you long ago to mind your temper, but you just refuses to listen. Now look what happened. You’ve been shamed publicly and we’re now on the defensive. You’ve seriously pissed me off now!”

The two of them started lecturing Raysig.

They had the right to do so as well.

That’s because the two of them are Raysig’s parents.

Katarine is Farbin’s sister. In the Garibaldi family, her authority is only just below Farbin’s. No one in the family has the right to order her about besides Farbin and the former head who had already retired. Back when she was young, she was also arrogant and unrestrained, and only she married, had a child, and became a vice captain of the National Knight Order did she finally learn some restraint. However, even so, she still often loses her temper and vent by torturing demonic beasts, which is why she gained the title of “Demonslayer”.

Jifgause was a knight who was born a commoner, but he was a vicious person since he was little. No matter who or what he’s facing, he absolutely never holds back once the fight is on. That’s why he was known as the Cold Swordsman. After making something of a name for himself, to the point where he was already well known among the National Knights when he was 33 years old. Thus, at that time, he caught the attention of the previous head of the Garibaldi family and was then married to the then 16 year old Katarine, joining the Garibaldi family.

Raysig is their son. He had quite some talent since he was little and he had reached level 63 at age 26, which is why he was promoted to vice captain of the National Knight Order with an equal rank as his parents. This made him extremely arrogant, which ended up causing no small amount of troubles.

But since Raysig was unusually talented for the Garibaldi family, which rarely produced high leveled powerhouses, no one dared to antagonize him lightly. Plus, the family also covered for him the whole time, which is why he as able to act so arrogant and unrestrained until this day, when he ended up so shamefully beaten.

Of course, there’s no way that Raysig would reflect and correct himself.

“That bastard. Isn’t he just relying on Princess Lucy’s favor? That’s the only reason he dares to act so arrogant.”

Raysig ground his teeth together.

As one of the good for nothing noble scions, Raysig was obviously no exception from the others in being deeply drawn to the beautiful Lucy.

Due to that, Raysig had asked his family to request Lucy’s hand in marriage multiple times, but was rejected every time. Thus, he could only fantasize about it in the hopes that he could one day catch the Princess’s attention with his talent.

Unfortunately, although Raysig’s talent is fairly good when it comes to the masses, it’s of little worth compared to the Royal Knights composed of the very best from all over the Kingdom. And compared to Lucy herself, he’s no better than a pebble on the side of the road, not worth mentioning.

In this situation though, after knowing that Shien had gotten close to Lucy, Raysig was obviously extremely jealous, which was what caused him to act so hostile in the end.

However, he never imagined that Shien would kick him in public without any fear, shaming him publicly like that.


“Who do you think you are?” Farbin instead let out a cold humph, “You didn’t see it, that scene during the previous audience where all the nobility were crushed under his presence. Even Duke Bali ended up taking a loss against that adventurer, and even his majesty was forced to back off. Yet, even so, he was completely unfazed.”

Thus, Farbin didn’t dare to visibly act against Shien.

Because if he tried, there’s no way that he could win against Shien.


“We can’t just let him be though, father.”

Those words came from Lana, the only person there who haven’t spoken at all all this time.

Yes, Lana is Farbin’s daughter.

Her natural talent is even better than Raysig’s by a bit. Currently, she has reached level 61 at age 24, and carries with her the hope of the family. That’s why she was promoted to vice captain of the National Knight order along with Raysig.

“That person is very hard to deal with, I can see that bit.” Lana lightly spoke, “But he’s already entered the canyon. If we don’t think of some way to stop him, then the things we did in there may well be discovered.”

“If that happens, then we’ll be done for.”

Those words make everyone’s heart clench.

Raysig even stopped stewing in his anger and hurriedly agreed, “Yeah, we have to stop him.”

Compared to that, Shien’s actions just now weren’t important at all.

Being kicked by Shien like that is at most an embarrassment. That’s something that will pass if he just bore with it a bit.

But the moment the matter in the Ataru Canyon is exposed, then never mind the people here, the entire Garibaldi family may end up being destroyed.

“What are you so afraid of?” Jifgause however just coldly chucked, “It’s not just our Garibaldi family here after all. Those guys in the canyon are still standing guard after all.”

“That’s right.” Katarine also spoke viciously, “Add in those enraged demonic beasts, since that guy dared to intrude into the canyon on his on, he’ll likely end up completely eaten.”

Although they did say that, it’s not like they didn’t have any worries though.

After all, Shien was a tough guy who was able to subjugate one of the branches of the Old Demon Faction. If he had the necessary abilities, intruded into the depths of the canyon, saw some stuff that he shouldn’t have, and then brought it out. Something like that is very much possible.”

If that happened, then it really will be over for them.

“Contact the guys inside.” Farbin spoke in a low tone, “Have them immediately deal with this Shien.”

“Will that really work? Father?” Lana so said though, “For them, some only care about collecting the sacrifices, while others are focused on just chasing after that girl in that party. Given how much they hate that little sinner of the Arbin family, any direction to having them give up on going after her may very well end up being ignored.”

“Then send in the black knights that we secretly raised.” Farbin immediately responded with viciousness, “This is our Garibaldi family’s chance. If this succeeds, then we’ll be able to turn the tables on the Arbin and Vladi families. When that happens, there won’t be any more people who considers us inferior to the Arbins and Vladi who control the Royal Knight Order.”

In response to that, everyone there showed a vicious look. A few of them even nodded.

“Just to be safe, Jifgause, Katarine, you guys go in as well.” Farbin addressed the husband and wife couple.


“Worry not, lord elder brother.”

Jifgause and Katarine so agreed.

Thus, during the night, a number of shadowy figures sneaked into the Ataru Canyon.

A storm was coming.


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