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Chapter 237: Focal Point of Many Things

The Capital, northeastern district. The Embassy.

As night descended, Jacinta had also received news from Lucy’s side.

“Sending out knights to seal off the areas surrounding the Capital?”

Jacinta was surprised by Lucy’s actions.

The twins in the meanwhile were complaining before Jactinta.

“This is definitely aimed at us, master.”

“They knew full well that we were moving in the areas surrounding the Capital, but they still did something like that. This is obviously targeted at us.”

The twins complained to Jacinta like that.

However, Jacinta not only didn’t get mad, he instead even grinned.

“Interesting. Here I thought that the princess would chose to stand aside, watch, and wait after learning that we’re not her enemies. To think that she instead ended up doing something so forceful instead. It’s not like the Treasure of the Kingdom at all.”

Jacinta might not have met Lucy all that much before, but there’s no way that he wouldn’t know just how that princess would normally act.

Based in the rumors, that princes should be a prodigy unimpeachable in either mind or ability. Her actions and methodologies tend to be very perfect in every respect. She maintains a kind of detached attitude when facing outsiders, and there’s never been any news of her using some kind of forceful method. She tends to always have been very gentle.

But this time, she took such a forceful method. Thus, it’s obvious that someone else gave her that idea.

Plus, it has to be someone that the princess views as very important. Only someone like that could do something like that.

And based on Jacinta’s knowledge, only a single person fits those conditions.

“It looks like it’s that one’s idea.”

When he thought that, Jacinta involuntarily smiled.

Seeing Jacinta like that, the twin demons stuck out their tongues though.

“Master really do look well on that human.”

“Even though he’s just a newbie of a brat.”

As the two of them said such things, their voices had a hint of envy mixed in.

It’s unknown if Jacinta had noticed that point, but he just continued to happily grin.

“Don’t look down on that human now.” Jacinta spoke meaningfully, “Being able to release that kind of aura and be so greatly valued b the Treasure of the Kingdom, that alone is already enough to prove that that person is not normal.”

That was why Jacinta was so interested in Shien.


“King Ancil also tried so hard to recruit that person that day. The nobility of this kingdom also have a lot of thoughts regarding him. This person has already faintly become the center of the Capital for this period of time, and everything is shifting while orbiting around him.”

Jacinta had sharply grasped that point, so that’s why he was so full of praise toward Shien and so interested in him.

This demon Commander might be called the Violent Dragon by the world at large, but when it comes to the big picture, few among the demon race can compare to him.

Thus, Jacinta had long since detected Shien’s importance via his own observational abilities, and he even believes…

“That person may very well be the focal point for many things that will happen from now on.”

Thanks to that, Jacinta is not only very interested in Shien, he also plans to properly observe him.

“Let’s see what kind of effect that person can bring about.”

That’s how it is.

As for the issue of the Capital’s surrounding areas being sealed, that won’t stop Jacinta either.

“I’ll personally have a chat with his majesty the king then.”

Thus, Jacinta plans to Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao, and act via Ancil’s side.

Rather than Lucy, Jacinta believes that the King might instead end up being easier to deal with.

The King very likely doesn’t even fully understand the situation yet, so Jacinta should be able to hook him with just a few moves.

Just as Jacinta was thinking that…

“You really are the same as always, always doing thing in such roundabout ways.”

With such a childish but beautiful voice rang out within Jacinta’s room, all the demons there reacted.

“That voice…!?”

The frivolous expression disappeared from Jacinta face for the very first time as his eyes widened.


The twins have realized that there’s an intruder, so they immediately turned furious and released their vast magic power.

However, within practically the same instant, the magic power from the twins were forcibly supressed.

And it was none other than Jacinta who did it at that.


Jacinta suddenly stood up. While loudly rebuking them, he also blasted out his magic power, forcibly crushing the twins’ magic power down and even sending them flying.


The twins instantly rolled on the floor embarrassingly. They looked disbelievingly at Jacinta.

Jacinta however completely ignored his loyal subordinates’ gaze. Instead, he unhesitatingly knelt down facing the direction that the voice came from.


Jacinta lowered his head deeply in a humble and respectful bow.

Seeing Jacinta act like so, the twins were first momentarily stunned before they finally realized something.

That’s because there exists only a single person in all three worlds who can make a demon Commander like Jacinta bow down and call them master.

Cold sweat ran down the twin demons’ faces.

At that moment, a small figure appeared without a sound.

It was a young girl with a pillow in her arms.

Who else could it be but Airi?

“Y-your highness…!?”

When they saw that figure, the twins’s knees lost all strength and they fell to their knees.

Airi however didn’t even glance at the two of them. She merely slowly walked into the room.

Her attitude was like that of a king descending.

“A nice place you have here.” Airi spoke in a somewhat dissatisfied tone, “It’s just a bit hard to find.”

“My sincerest apologies.” Jacinta showed a bitter smile, “If I knew that master would come to the mortal world, then I would definitely have found somewhere better.”

“That’s not important here.” Airi spoke without much thought, “What’s important is that thing seems to have appeared in the mortal world, right?”

“… Yes.” Jacinta did not dare any deception, “I too have received reports to that effect, which is why I have been staying here in the Capital to investigate.”

“Then have your investigation turned anything up?” Airi looked down upon Jacinta, “If it’s you, you should have more or less gathered some information, right?”

“I suppose.” Jacinta reported truthfully, “Only, this matter seems like it’s not just people form the demon world plotting. Factions in the mortal world seem to have also gotten involved.”

“I know.” Airi spoke coldly, “Can you deal with it?”

“Of course.” Jacinta spoke without hesitation, “I will absolutely not disappoint you, my master.”

“I hope so.” Airi spoke like she was giving an ultimatum, “I’ll leave this matter for you to deal with then.”

“I am honored.” Jacinta accepted her order, but in the end, he did speak up to ask, “Only, why is master here in the mortal world?”

“Me, huh?” Airi’s expression warmed a bit at that as she spoke without much thought, “It’s nothing much. I just discovered something interesting, that’s all.”

“Something interesting?” Jacinta was stunned for a moment.


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