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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 228: [Hero Summoning Ritual] Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 228: [Hero Summoning Ritual]

Silence once again descended upon the sacred temple, making it as if the commotion from before had never happened, so empty it has become.

Nien stared in the direction where Shien had disappeared from and touched at her lips as the blush on her face slowly faded.

“He’s already gone now, so shouldn’t you show yourself already?”

After a bit, Nien quietly spoke such a statement.

What answered Nien’s words was a resigned laugh.

“And here I thought you haven’t discovered me.”

With those words, a graceful figure appeared out of thin air before Nien.

Truth be told, when she saw that figure, Nien was actually quite surprised.

“I really never imagined that someone could actually come here.” Nien looked at the other person as she spoke, “I believe that you’re called Leisha, correct?”

“… So you know of me huh?” Leisha looked back at Nien, slightly bewildered and surprised, “Here I had thought that you wouldn’t recognize me.”

“How could that be.” Nien smiled, “Although I can’t leave this place, I am able to look out and directly observe certain places in the other realms to a certain degree. Thus, I have of course also grasped the existence of someone like you.”

“That really is an honor then.” Leisha so stated, but she didn’t show a hint of feeling honored in her expressions. Instead, she simply stared at Nien and spoke, “In that case, you should know just why I spent so much effort into coming here for, right?”

“If I haven’t guessed wrongly.” Nien spoke without any change in expression, “You should be curious about the issue of the Hero being summoned, right?”

“That’s right.” Leisha spoke bluntly, “I want to know just why you summoned the Hero after a thousand years.”

“And that’s why you kept by Shien’s side all this time while staying hidden, waiting for the right opportunity. You waited for me to finally call Shien here, and then you used the power of spacial magic to take advantage of and join in my summoning spell targeting Shien to also arrive here. All for the sake of that huh?” Nien unconsciously showed a knowing grin, “Then you should have also heard what I said to Shien before, regarding the reason for why I summoned him, right?”

The moment those words came out of Nien’s mouth, Leisha directly refuted it.

“That reason was just an excuse.” Leisha stated without any doubt, “You should know full well that there’s no way that a new Demon King can be created, no?”

That’s right.

There’s no way that a new Demon King can be created.

“Be it the Demon King Claudis or the Highest God Omnis, they were both the earliest existences and concepts born from the void itself.”

Those two existences are the unshakable origin of all, the start of everything.

Even the world itself is something that the Highest God Omnis created afterwards. Thus, those two beings above all are existences that not even the world itself could birth.

Rather, without them, there wouldn’t even be this world in the first place.

Thus, be it the Highest God Omnis or the Demon King Claudis, there will forever only be one. No second will be born.

“Those Old Demon Faction guys might have planned things out well, but even after a thousand years, all they made is a strange monster is all. Even if it continues to develop, in the end, the most they can do is to create a seventh Demon Lord is all. There’s no way that they can possibly create a second Demon King.

Leisha revealed the inherent contradiction there.

“Even it it does reach the end and a seventh Demon Lord is born, there are still plenty of existences in this world capable of countering it.”

“Although it can’t be said that this situation isn’t serious, it’s still not serious enough o require activating the Hero Summoning Ritual.”

“Besides, in the current age, the problems caused by the Hero Summoning Ritual being activated isn’t something that’s below the issues of a seventh Demon Lord being born at all.”

“You choosing to counter this issue by summoning the Hero doesn’t stand up to examination at all.”

Thus, Leisha completely ripped through all of Nien’s logic.

“Besides that, there’s also the question of how you managed to do the Hero Summoning without making any commotions or using any of the three normal methods. That’s something that you haven’t explained either.”

“There are other secrets that you’re holding back.”

Leisha laid it all out bluntly as can be.

“I hope to find out the truth. That’s also something that I have to know.”

It’s for that reason that Leisha paid so much attention to Shien’s existence, to the issue of the Hero Summoning, to the point where she spent all this time hidden near Shien while constantly watching him.

Thankfully, Leisha is an elite at using spacial magic. Add in the fact that she has the support of her unique skill, and she could use spacial magic to link up two spacial territories and observe Shien’s situation without needing to approach him.

Otherwise, even if Leisha didn’t have any hostile intent and thus will remain unnoticed by the [Enemy Detection] skill, she would still have been unable to hide in the face of Shien’s [Magic Detection] skill.

No, Leisha had finally grasped the right opportunity. She took advantage of the instance that Nien summoned Shien here, used her spacial magic as a link, and joined in the summoning. Thus, she also arrived here and was able to face Nien.

Thus, there’s no way that Leisha will let Nien go without properly taking advantage of this chance and clearing up all the questions.

After all…

“This is also something deeply related to you after all, no?” Nien raised her gaze and looked straight at Leisha as she spoke sarcastically, “You did get [That] out from the palace of the Mitra Kingdom. And just like me, you’re also an existence that was casually created and then thrown away. You naturally won’t be able to ignore it now that the Hero has appeared.”

Leisha reacted to those words.

“You’re saying that you’re just like me…?”

Leisha seemed like she finally realized something and spoke up in surprise.

“Could it be that you’re…!?”

Leisha wasn’t able to finish her words.

That’s because Nien had interrupted her.

“I don’t care about your situation at all.” Nien interrupted Liesha’s words with a somewhat cold tone, “The only thing that I’m after is the Hero. Beyond that, nothing else really matters to me.”

With that, Leisha finally understood what Nien was planning.

“You… You summoned the Hero just for that kind of reason?” Leisha spoke disbelievingly, “Are you insane?”

“Insane?” Nien laughed. She laughed like she had somewhat lost control as she spoke, “Yeah, I did go insane. If I didn’t do something, then I really would have gone completely insane.”

“You said for that kind of reason? And just for that kind of reason at that?” Nien unconsciously raised her voice, “But that reason is the meaning of my existence! It’s my everything!”

“My very existence is for the sake of summoning the Hero!”

“Now, the war is over, the goal was met, so now it’s fine to just toss me into a place like this to be abandoned?”

“I won’t allow it!”

The space around Nien started shaking.

“Since no one will use me, then I’ll just go ahead and activate my own function!”


“It is the Hero alone that sustains me! It’s the meaning of my existence!”

With that, Nien extended her hand toward Leisha, making the space around Leisha also shake as it sucks her away.


Leisha yelled out as she struggled.

“Hero Summoning Ritual…!”

With that final address, Leisha was sucked away by the warping space and disappeared from this place.

Leaving just Nien as she wept alone.


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