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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 22: Yet Another Cliched Development? Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 022: Yet Another Cliched Development?

The morning of the next day.

Shien was already awake the moment dawn came.

It’s not because Shien was used to getting up early, but due to those ten days of surviving in the forest. Shien had already made a habit of getting up the moment day broke.

In the wilds, just wanting to sleep comfortably is a very difficult thing. In those 10 days, Shien would be startled awake with a slightest bit of wind, grass, or even light, which made it so that he would get up early in the morning even now.

Thankfully, he did manage to sleep quite well last night.

“As expected, sleeping on a bed is the most comfortable.”

Shien was basically satisfied.

Thus, Shien got up early and washed up, cleaned himself up, and got ready to head to the adventurer’s guild.

Due to the fact that this world doesn’t have toothbrushes or toothpaste, people seem to use a rod of some sort along with a powder for cleaning their teeth. Shien was unused to that, so he ended up taking quite a bit of time and effort before he finally managed to finish.

Then, Shien put on the clean clothes he bought the previous day, grabbed the wrapped up Holy Sword, and made his preparations for an outside adventure.

Looking at himself wearing the clothes of another world while carrying a long package, Shien was moved.

“This way, there shouldn’t be anyone who might suspect me of being from another world.”

Not a single shred of evidence for Shien being an otherworlder could be found on him. Instead, he looked completely like he was born and raised in this world.

“Maa, it’s not like I’m depending on that.”

Shien grinned at himself, left the inn room, and headed towards the adventurer’s guild.

Lamdrion’s morning was just as lively as it was yesterday. Even though it just turned day, the streets were already bustling with various activities. Various shops were hawking their wares, drawing crowds and their movements.

Fully armed adventurers were mixed into the crowd. One party after another headed out from the direction of the adventurer’s guild as if they were getting ready to exit the town for work.

Shien, while observing this scene, moved towards the adventurer’s guild along with many other adventurers with similar goals.

Not long after, the field where the adventurer’s guild is set appeared before Shien’s eyes.

Shien along with many other adventurers entered the adventurer’s guild and arrived at the main hall he experienced once before the previous day.

Perhaps it’s because it’s still early, many adventuring parties where still assembling themselves and choosing the requests for the day, so the guild hall was even livelier than it was yesterday.

Shien passed through the crowds and headed toward the counter of the receptionist from yesterday.

At this time, the receptionist was also at work, currently explaining something to a few adventurers.

However, when she spotted Shien, she hurriedly waved him over.

Shien immediately moved before her.

“My apologies. I seem to be late.”

Shien still politely apologized to her.

“No, you are actually right on time.” The receptionist gave a polite smile and followed up, “The party assigned to you have just gathered, so if there are no other issues, you should go ahead and report to them.”

“Understood.” Shien gave a nod and asked, “Where are they then?”

“On the second floor, please head up those stairs.” The receptionist pointed out a staircase going up to Shien, “There will be another member of the guild who will show you the way after you head up. Just tell them to lead you to Miss Vivian.”

“Vivian?” Shien was a bit surprised.

That’s obviously a girl’s name, right?

Could it be that the party he’s about to enter is lead by a girl?

It wouldn’t happened to be yet another cliched development of meeting a beautiful girl adventurer, would it?

Shien grumbled to himself.

Thus, Shien never discovered that the surrounding adventurers were pointing at and whispering about him.

“That’s him right?”

“Yeah, that’s him alright.”

“To think that there would still be male adventurers that could join Miss Vivian’s party.”

“It’s just temporary after all. In the end, he’ll end up just like the rest. He’ll honestly spend a month and then leave, right?”

“Or rather, if he could keep himself honest, he’ll be able to stick it out for the month. If not-”

“Hmph. That’s right.”

That kind of conversation thus appeared among the surrounding adventurers.

Shien didn’t notice it at all. He just asked the receptionist a few more questions before following her directions up the staircase to the second floor.

The second floor of the adventurer’s guild isn’t a large hall like the first flood, but rather it’s a bunch of rooms. Those are rooms prepared for adventurers.

Of course, those rooms aren’t given for adventurers to rest in, but for certain jobs.

For example, some quests require the quest giver to first explain additional details to the adventurers. Some quest givers don’t want their requests to be plastered on the public board on the first flood for everyone to see, so they need to give directions privately to the adventurers taking their request. There are also some courier or trade requests, etc., which need things to be handed over in person. Thus, the adventurer’s guild prepared these rooms on the second floor.

Supposedly, there are even secret quests from people of uncommon status that can’t be done in public. Those too would use these rooms.

Therefore, the second floor of the adventurer’s guild has many rooms for the use of adventurers and quest givers. Sometimes they will also be used by adventurers for party meetings to discuss important matters, and there are also times when the guild would use them when making various arrangements with certain adventurers.

The party that Shien was going to join had borrowed a room on the second floor to gather while waiting for Shien to report in.

Under such circumstances, Shien got to the second floor, explained to the guild staff responsible for showing him the way just who he was looking for, and was then led to a room.

A point worth noting though, is that when the guild staff heard that he was the one looking for Vivian, he showed a surprised expression and even muttered to himself, “So he’s the one,” which made Shien quite puzzled.

Unfortunately, the staff member didn’t explain, so Shien could only follow him along to a room.

“Miss Vivian, the newcomer that the higher up mentioned is here.”

The guild staff spoke while knocking at the door.

“Please come in.”

A second later, an unexpectedly gentle voice called out from the other side of the door.

The guild staff opened the door and allowed Shien to see the scene within.

It’s a box like room.

The room wasn’t particularly wide or narrow. When it comes to temporary use, it’s a pretty decent place.

However, Shien froze at the door.

That’s because the people within the room once more came as a surprise to him.


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