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Chapter 216: He Actually Agreed?

Studying magic is something very boring.

That’s true even for Shien.

Even though he didn’t need to worry about how to allocate his skill points or the magic training required, Shien still needs to firmly memorize each and every line of the spell incantations to the point where he won’t ever forget them.

If he doesn’t remember the incantation, then he wouldn’t be able to actually cast the spell even with the maxed level [Chanting] skill which allows him to skip the incantation.

Be it incantation shortening or omission, it is required for both to first fully remember the entire incantation for the relevant spell.

That’s the big condition for it.

Thus, for Shien who has already maxed out all the required skills, the only thing left for him is the boring task of rout memorization.

Thus, for the following days, Shien would continuously head for the underground library below the palace and memorize the contents of the books on astro and enchant magic with all his might.

There’s no real tricks or cheats possible for this step, so Shien could only take it step by step.

Thus, Shien had no choice but to be a studious bookworm and spend day after day reading and memorizing within the library. After several days of it, the whole process really was dry and hard to bear with.

This was especially true when it comes to memorizing enchant magic. That was seriously tough.

Astro magic was easier. Since it’s a very rare ancient magic, it’s not like fire and other elemental magic types that had thousands of spells that needed memorizing. Although there were still plenty of spells, it was still at a level where Shien feels like he could fully memorize them all.

But enchant magic is much harder.

This is a magic that has a spell for every single kind of possible enchantment.

An enchantment of “sharpness” counts as one spell.

An enchantment of “hardening” counts as one spell.

An enchantment of “cutting” also counts as a separate spell.

Then, based on the target of said enchantment, the incantation for the spell will also have certain differences.

Take an enchantment of “hardening” for example. When enchanting a piece of wood verses a rock, it’s required to make certain changes in the order, layout, and contents of the incantation.

And within the system of enchant magic, there are thousands of different possible enchantments, and for each separate enchantment, there could be tens or even hundreds of different variations depending on the target. All together, just the number of incantations alone total up to a number that could make Shien dizzy just looking at it.

And if he doesn’t memorize all of them, then not only will there be enchantments that cannot be cast, but there could also be situations where he could enchant one thing but is unable to apply that same enchantment to something else.

Thanks to that, enchant magic is considered the system of magic with the most incantations in total. That made Shien fell like blacking out and ascending to heaven on the spot.

Originally, Shien had even planned on hurrying to finish learning astro and enchant magic in the hopes of having time left over with which to learn another rare magic type or two. But from the looks of things now, it would already be pretty good if he could just finish learning astro and enchant magic during the single month he has.

“Why did I have to chose enchant magic? Isn’t that just asking to be tortured?”

Shien had regretted it more than once.

However, given the sheer unmatched versatility of enchant magic as well as how compatible it is with himself, Shien in the end still gritted his teeth and continued diving into his research of it.

Thankfully, Shien wasn’t disappointed with the effects of this system of magic.

Shien even found an opportunity to sneak out of the Capital to test out his enchant magic on a nearby mountain. He directly enchanted the mountain with the high class enchantment of “life”, and the result was that the mountain erupted.

Yes, erupted.

It turned into a volcano and blasted out magma from underground, nearly causing a disaster.

Of course, the reason it didn’t turn into a disaster was because Shien, while panicking and having little choice, had first used his full powered [Magic Sword] to slice the mountain from the ground before using the high class astro magic [Outer Force] to invoke astrological powers to call down a terrifying pulling force that sucked the mountain far off into space. If not for that, then the surroundings of the Capital would probably have been completely destroyed.

As an aside, when he used [Outer Force], Shien also almost lost control over its power and nearly also sucked up several of the nearby mountains as well.

This gave Shien quite the scare.

“Let’s not causally use high class magic from now on…”

Shien thus made that resolution.

Shien was able to cast beginner class magic with power comparable to high class magic. Thus, in his hands, the already powerful high class magic have now become catastrophe class mass destruction magic.

In Shien’s mind, if it’s his current self, he should be able to destroy one or two cities in mere minutes.

If he was willing to unseal his Holy Sword, then he’d probably turn into a real live humanoid nuclear bomb, destroying everything wherever he goes.

However, it’s also undeniable that, as he slowly mastered each type of magic, Shien’s power has also grown continuously.

That’s also Shien’s only motivation that managed to keep him moving forward.

Thus, as already mentioned, Shien finally manage to grit his teeth and push forward, constantly memorizing all the various magic incantations and stuffing them all into his brain.

As for Vivian and group, they seemed to also have been continuing their adventuring activities during this time period. It’s even rumored that they’ve already gained a small reputation within the Capital’s adventurers guild.

When it come to Airi, Shien ended up managing to convince her during those days. Although she’s still a bit unhappy with it, she did still agree to watch over Diere a bit and keep her from getting bullied too much by the nobles of the Capital.

This also let Shien relax and better focus his attention on his magic studies.

However, there is still a cost for that.

And that is that Shien’s wallet has finally been completely emptied.

Without any other alternative. In order to keep feeding Airi and a certain princess, Shien could only go beg Vivian for a loan.

And Vivian did loan him the money.

However, Vivian’s gentle and comforting gaze at the time really did make Shien feel quite a bit of humiliation.

It’s because, in the past, when Eudrice loaned money or magic items to Leon, she had that same gentle and comforting gaze.

“… In the end, I still ended up becoming what I hate the most.”

Shien wordlessly gazed up at the sky.

One thing that is worth mentioning is that during these days, there was another person who would appear around Shien from time to time.

Today was no different.

“Sir Shien has come again. You really are studious.”

When Shien entered the palace and got ready to head down to the underground library, a voice that had become familiar over the past days rang out.


Shien narrowed his eyes. Then he turned around toward the direction where the voice came from.

From there, a familiar royal knight came over.

“Good morning, Sir Shien.”

Limgir greeted him warmly and heartily.

“Morning, young master Limgir.”

Shien calmly gave his reply.

The two gathered together and started chatting.

Only, while Limgir was warm and inviting the whole time, Shien on the other hand was more calm, even disinterested. Thus, the two of them didn’t seem like who people who knew each other at all, but instead like strangers who happened to meet and was then just making random conversation.

In reality, Limgir had always been the one to strike up the conversation, while Shien was merely humoring him. That’s something that anyone could see.

But Limgir would continue on this wa day after day, greeting and making conversation with Shien without getting tired of it at all.

“Are you going to be meeting her highness before heading to the library as well?”

Limgir so asked while smiling.


Shien naturally nodded.

“In that case, can I come along this time?”

Limgir spoke with a joking tone.


“Sure.” Shien reacted in such a casual way and nodded, “Come on then.”

Hearing that, Limgir was stunned.

He actually agreed?


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