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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 210: “Isn’t That Bad?” Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 210: “Isn’t That Bad?”

Much alike always, the princess’s apartments still had a bunch of young noblemen hanging around like their waiting for the princess to grace one of them. They just continued to spend their time here doing absolutely nothing.

Shien really did want to ask those guys if they really found it that great waiting there in the dark. And wouldn’t it be better getting a mistress or something outside instead? Or did they really think that they could simply wait it out with the belief that their “sincerity” would move the princess sooner or later?

Rather than waiting around and wasting their time here, wouldn’t it be better go leave and plan out some cliches like saving a girl to get her hand in marriage? Wouldn’t that at least be far more useful than just waiting around here doing nothing?

They should already know that the princess won’t be seeing anyone there, but they’re still hanging around here like they might be able to get the princess to give them an additional glance among while among the crowds?

In that case, they’re better off going home and coming back while wearing a peach on their head. That way at least they’d be able to guarantee catching the princess’s attention right away.

Shien simply muttered like that in his mind as he entered the main reception room of the apartments with a blank expression. His entry drew the attention of every one of the noblemen there.

All of them looked toward Shien with hateful expressions. They wished that they could chase Shien out.

Unfortunately for them, the audience yesterday as well as everything that Shien had done then seemed to have already spread out among the noble circles. Even the commoners have learned that an adventurer by the name of Shien had subjugated the Old Demon Faction that cause the great chaos and losses in the Capital ten years ago. This has been a hot topic of gossip recently even.

With that said, added to the fact of what Shien did to them before (flicking stones), who among those weak and useless little noblemen would dare to come up to make trouble?

Thus, all those noble dandies could only glare at Shien with hate but also fear, too scared to go up and actually try to go at Shien.

Shien just walked forth confidently under the hateful but also admiring gazes of all those noblemen. Then he respectfully greeted the female knights of the Holy Sword knights who were on guard and entered without any obstruction into the depths of the apartments toward the princess’s room.

However, at this moment, Shien instead stopped.

It was because Shien had detected a magic power outside of Lucy’s within the room in front of him.

“Someone else is here?”

Shien was rather surprised.

This was the first time that there was someone else around when Shien came to visit Lucy.

Plus, this magic power seemed somewhat familiar. He should have met the person that it belonged to at some recent point. They should even have conversed.

“You can’t blame me for not coming now aright? You’re the one who had a guest after all?”

Shien eyes shifted about and he instead turned happy.

Since there’s a guest visiting, he can’t just go in and disturb them anymore.

Thus, if he just left like this, there’s no way that Lucy will be able to use that as an excuse to make trouble for him, right?

Hn. That’s how it is.

As he thought that, Shien immediately quietly placed the pastries in his hand down before he got ready to sneak away.


At that moment though, the door opened.

Thanks to that, Shien ended up face to face with the person inside just as he was about to leave.

An awkward atmosphere immediately descended.

“What are you doing now, Sir Shien?”

Shien heard a voice that seems to be holding back a laugh.

The person who opened the door stood before Shien. Her beautiful face, holding back laughter, as well as a pair of alert eyes appeared before Shien.

“… Isn’t this the crown princess?”

Shien smiled awkwardly.


The one in the doorway was Lucy’s elder sister, Liadella.

To think that the princess actually came to Lucy’s place. No wonder he felt that the magic power inside was a bit familiar.

“Sorry about that, I didn’t know that you were coming.” Liadella spoke in a teasing tone, “I wasn’t disturbing anything, was I?”

“Not at all.” Shien spoke without hesitation, “It’s me who has disturbed your highnesses. I’ll go ahead and leave now and leave you to your conversations.”

With that, Shien attempted to leave.

But just as Shien turned about, his shoulder was tightly gripped by a thin but unexpectedly strong hand.

“My, don’t be in such a hurry now.” Liadella showed a beautiful smile as she held on to Shien’s shoulder, “Since you’re here after all, why not stay around and have a chat with the two of us?”

Shien’s expression immediately turned reluctant.

His instincts told him that the crown princess was definitely trying to stir things up.

Or rather, she has already started stirring things up.

She seemed to be trying to use Shien and Lucy’s relationship to tease the two of them and get her jollies through that.

Although the two of them only met for the first time yesterday, the curious yet playful look in her eyes as she looked at Shien told him that this princess is definitely not a decent person.

And while Shien might be unafraid of the world itself, he is afraid of three kinds of people.

1: Little girls who start appealing via cuteness without so much as a word.

It’s because he wouldn’t be able to take it.

2: Women who giving themselves away to him without so much as a word.

It’s because he wouldn’t be able to take it.

3: Women who get interested in or curious about him without so much as a word, who may end up giving themselves away to him.

It’s because with that old cliché, Shien could easily guess what will happen from that. Then he’ll be able to guess that he won’t be able to take it.

Unfortunately, Liadella is the third type.

Thus, Shien really wants to run away.

“Isn’t that bad?”

Shien very hesitantly tried to signal her in the hopes that the crown princess could understand.

“What’s bad about it? Isn’t it fine.”

Who would have imagined that not only did the princess not understand, she even seemed like she was having fun, like she was about to eat Shien right up.

“I’m busy.”

Shien could only attempt to use words of escape.

“Whatever you’re busy with, this princess will deal with it for you.”

Liadella however just spoke some very domineering words and blocked off all of Shiens escape routes.

“Stop dragging it out and come in already.”

The next second, Shien was dragged inside the room by Liadella.

The moment he entered, Shien saw a cold looking female knight on guard behind an empty seat. And facing that empty seat with a resigned expression was Lucy.



Shien and Lucy exchanged glances like they could read what the other wanted to say from each others gaze.

(Why’d you come in?)

Lucy’s gaze was expressing that kind of thought.

(You think I wanted to?)

Shien also replied with his own gaze.

(Now we’ve done it. Elder sister will definitely tease us a lot. You had best prepare yourself.)

Lucy once again conveyed that information with her eyes.


Shien didn’t want to say anything more. All that came from his own eyes were those two scornful syllables.


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