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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 204: “Just Going To Have To Use My Hands.” Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 204: “Just Going To Have To Use My Hands.”


Airi started leaking killing intent as she glared at Shien.

It scared Shien.

“I… I just want one look, that’s all. It’s just out of curiosity. Is even that not allowed?”

Shien widened his eyes with a pitiful look on his face.

Airi was speechless.

There’s no need to even ask. That piece of shit is faking. Airi could tell.

However, although the pitiful part is pure acting, Shien’s curiosity is real. That too is something that Airi could tell.

Maybe it’s because everyone tried to hide it too obviously. She also reacted too strongly as well. That’s why that piece of shit just ended up becoming more and more curious until he got this chance to bring it up?

Now Airi really was was out of options.

If it was anyone else who dared to offend her so while constantly pestering her like that, then Airi would definitely have vaporized them on the spot with a single breath.

That’s no hyperbole there. A single breath from here is capable of evaporating whole oceans. Vaporizing a single person is child’s play in comparison.

But, in the face of Shien, although Airi could be angry or upset at him, she really didn’t have any way of dealing with him.

Really, when it comes to someone who could do such things to her, there likely wouldn’t be a second person even if one looked across all three worlds.

Of course, that probably is also due to the fact that Shien was interacting with her without ulterior motives, right?

Even though he obviously already more or less know that she’s no ordinary person, he’s still capable of acting so casually and unguarded with her. Putting aside the cases of her five older sisters, this really is a first for Airi.

Thus, although she just wanted to observe and monitor this mysterious Hero in the start, as she interacted more and more with Shien, Airi has started feeling like this kind of thing isn’t bad at all.

At the very least, it’s way better than those times when she was left alone in her castle to sleep the days and nights away, right?

As she thought that, Airi let out a deep sigh.

“Really, there really is no one besides you who could do something like this.”

Airi once again emphasized the point to make Shien understand what an honor this is for him.

Unfortunately for her though, Shien just brightened up in response.

“You mean you agree then?”

Shien asked impatiently as if that’s all that mattered to him and that all else was unimportant.

Now Airi understands how Lucy felt.

She really does want to bite him now.

Airi could only sigh deeply once again.

“Fine, I agree.”

Airi finally nodded.

However, before Shien could feel any happiness at it, Airi immediately followed up.

“However, that will wait until you’ve fulfilled your promise and destroyed the Old Demon Faction first.”

Airi added such a condition to it first.


Suddenly, it was Shien’s turn to be dissatisfied.

“What the heck though?”

Shien thus attempted to object.

“Don’t try to take a mile when I’ve given you an inch. This is already extremely magnanimous of me. This is the first time I’ve been so magnanimous since the original surrender of the demon race and the decision to live in peace with the gods and mortals.” Airi stopped holding back, “You’re dragging matter out by a month too, so what’s wrong with me doing the same?”

Now it’s Shien who doesn’t have a counter.

Seeing that, Airi had a rare instance of satisfaction.

If I don’t occasionally strike back, wouldn’t you start taking me as an easily bullied child?

No a chance!


Airi tried to confirm.

“Fine.” Shien grumbled, “But remember though, when the time comes, you have to let me see.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t go back on my promises.” Airi nodded, but she also emphasized, “But you can only take a single look, got it?”

In response, Shiens eyes went shifty for a moment.

“I got it.” Shien smiled and spoke with a certain emphasis, “I’ll make sure to keep it to just ‘one’ look, so don’t worry.” (T/N: The ‘one’ here spoken by Shien uses a different character here. It’s pronounced the same with as one in Chinese, but the actual character used represents 100 million, which is how he’s intending to trick Airi here.)

“That’s fine then.” Only then was Airi finally satisfied here.

Just like that, Shien and Airi made their agreement to head toward the Stalim territory a month later and destroy the Old Demon Faction there.

And until then, Shien will remain here in the Capital and spend every bit of time he could during this month in the library below the palace.

Shien believes that he’ll be able to find a lot of things that he needs there.

After the discussion, Shien and Airi got ready to head home.


“… Why are you hugging me?”

After seeing her feet which had suddenly let the ground and the sensation from her back, Airi fell silent for a moment before asking darkly.

Shien who picked Airi up just enjoyed the sensation of the soft loli in his arms while speaking as if it’s only natural.

“You won’t let me feast my eyes, so I’m just going to have to use my hands then.”

That kind of reasoning really is shameless.

Airi doesn’t want to bit him anymore. Instead, she’s getting ready to move to pinching.

Shien, perhaps having noticed that, hurriedly explained.

“You did agree before that I’m allowed to keep hugging you.”

Those words made Airi at a loss for how to react.


Airi could only sigh again for the who knows how many time.

And as he watched Airi who didn’t object no matter despite her irritation, Shien grinned in satisfaction and headed back toward the direction of the Latrard home with an adorable demon loli in his arms.

Not long after, Shien and Airi both arrived back at the Latrard home.

Only then did Airi finally struggled a bit, leaped out of Shien’s embrace, and refused to let him grab her again.

Shien was a bit regretful. It’s because the sensation of having her in his arms really was great.

However, he knows well that, given how Airi is, she definitely won’t want him to pick her up or hug her in front of other people. Thus, Shien didn’t insist, and just headed on in with Airi

What greeted him was much like the previous time though. Vivian and the others were actually all there. Only, they seemed to be discussing something unlike the previous time when they were just chatting about nothing.

“You’re back?” Vivian immediately waved to Shien when she noticed him, “You’re just in time, come over for a bit.”

“What is it?” Shien was rather curious, so he headed on over and asked, “Are you discussing something?”

“Yes.” Vivian nodded, “We’re discussing what to do next.”

Shien understood now.

Much like Balon, Leon, and Alrith, now that the audience is over and the transport quest that came about due to the Old Demon Faction has been completed, Vivian’s party also need to plan out their own next moves.

“Sir Balon and Mr. Leon have already prepared themselves to set out. They’ll be heading out tomorrow and returning back to Lamdrion tomorrow. Alrith will be doing just as he mentioned before. He’s planning to stay in the Capital with his own party. Thus, it’s just us who haven’t made a decision yet.” Vivian spoke, “I’m currently asking what everyone’s thoughts on this matter are.”

Just as Vivian finished with her explanation, the silent Diere looked toward Shien from where she was at the side.

“Vivian already told us. You’re going to be staying for the time being, right?”

Diere so questioned Shien.

“That’s right.” Shien didn’t bother hiding it at all and just spoke directly, “I have a month’s right to consult the underground magic library after all. Even if I’m leaving, that will probably have to wait until at least next month.”

The moment he said that though, two hands were immediately raised in a hesitant manner.

“I-is it really just because of that?” Lumia stammered.

“… Is Mr. Shien really not staying because of her highness the princess?”

Melika was also hesitant. She only finally spoke up in the end with a complicated tone.


Shien had no words.

Why are even you guys like this?

Is there no end to this?

Please, let this pass already. I’m begging you here.


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