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Chapter 194: The Various Voices

“That was how it all happened.”

After an unknown amount of time, Balon finally finished his report.

“Everyone already knows what happened afterwards. The wanted criminals Baydr and Jillian were subjugated by Sir Shien. The vast majority of the Old Demon Faction were also annihilated. Although the damages my Lamdrion took wasn’t exactly terrible, I still cannot let those harmed to have sacrificed themselves for nothing. Thus, I ask your majesty for your decision.”

At the very end, Balon concluded with a few words for Lamdrion.

However, that was fairly reasonable. If it’s within the bounds of what’s allowed, then generally, no one will have much objections to it.

“You’ve worked hard, Sir Balon.” Ancil nodded, “Worry not. I will not overlook any who have contributed. Lamdrion had also done well in this matter. Although you weren’t able to successfully transport the Old Demon Faction mastermind Jillian to the Capital, you also did not allow this sinner to survive. Plus, the subjugation of Baydr and those inhumane Old Demon Faction is of great merit. I will have my people organize the appropriate rewards.

“Thank you, your majesty!” Balon breathed out in relief. He seemed quite satisfied with this result.

Leon and Alrith also looked happy. It seems like they found the results acceptable to them.

Only Vivian simply maintained the same gentle smile that she always had. She didn’t seem to care about the merits or rewards at all, a matter that quit a few nobles looked quite well upon.

To not lust after merits or fall to greed, and merely quietly do what she’s supposed to do. Being like that, Vivian was indeed quite attractive.

“Well then, everyone has already understood the general chain of events for this incident, right?” Ancil once again swept his gaze across the room, “It’s quite obvious that in this matter, the vast majority of the credit goes to the adventurer Shien. In that case, what does everyone consider an appropriate reward for him?”

With those words, a lot of people started paying attention.

That’s because that’s when the real game starts.

“Lord Joule, Lord Jacinta. Do the two of you have any suggestions?”

Ancil did not look toward those nobles to start. Instead, he looked toward those two personages who sat on an equal setting as himself.

The who of them were still observing Shien. Only when Ancil asked his question did they finally withdrew their gaze.

Then, Joule spoke up first.

“It’s undeniable that this is a great accomplishment.” Joule answered Ancil’s question with a kindly smile, “The Old Demon Faction with Baydr at the head had not only slaughtered countless innocent lives within the Capital ten years ago, they also caused major damages and casualties to my church. I of course am overjoyed from the bottom of my heart that they could finally be subjugated.”

“Indeed.” Jacinta spoke. However, his tone wasn’t kindly like Joule’s, but rather, it was somewhat flippant, “The fact that the demon race produced such traitors has always been a matter of pain and sorrow for me, so I of course quite hate them. There’s also especially the fact that one of them had once been my subordinate, and that my lack of judgment had led to damages to the Dragon Demon’s reputation. Since the human prodigy Shien to have purged this stain upon us, I must offer my most sincere thanks in the name of my lord the Dragon Demon. Therefore, in my opinion, his reward must be great.”

“Indeed so.” Joule agreed, “This is a rare prodigy of us humans. His future is promising. I believe the gods too will pay special attention to Sir Shien. Such talent must not be mistreated, your majesty.”

“That’s right.” Jacinta’s lips quirked upward and continued to gaze at Shien in the same interested manner as before.

The attitudes of both the representatives of the church and the demons were one of praise toward Shein.

It’s obvious that those two were on Shien’s side.

Besides them, there were also others who showed their own opinions for Shien.

“Just as his holiness and his grace has said, I too believe that this is deserving of great rewards, your majesty.”

The one to say that was Megis.

This head of the Latrard family has been there the whole time. He looked toward Shien with approval and surprised joy.

After all, Shien’s an adventurer, and he’s also someone connected to his family. He’s also a newcomer at that. Thus, it’s only natural that Megis should look after him. That’s not even getting into the fact that Shien brought Megis such a great surprise and allowed Megis to see a part of Shien’s true strength. Thus, he naturally praised Shien.

“I too believe that sir Shien is a great talent. Father must not let him to have worked so hard for nothing, alright?”

The noblewoman who looked like Lucy also spoke up then. She continued to look at Shien with great curiousity.

And given that she addressed Ancil as father, her identity was thus obvious.

She is the firs princess of the Mitra Kingdom, Lucy’s older sister, Liadella Mitra.

“Lucy, Aldia. What do you think?”

Ancil was smiling, but he didn’t decide right away. Instead, he turned toward where Lucy and Aldia stood.

“I have no objections.” Aldia stated emotionlessly.

“I of course have no objections either.”

Lucy too just showed a faint smile. That smile was unbelievably beautiful, and the hearts of everyone there who saw it fluttered. However, then they realized just who she smiled toward, and their hearts instead fell.

As for Shien, he never spoke the whole time. He just acted as if the whole thing had nothing to do with him, and that he was just there to watch the whole thing.

Then, a voice of objection finally appeared.

“Your majesty, I believe that it’s still too early to speak of rewards.”

When that voice rang out, the atmosphere there changed.

Everyone looked toward where the voice originated.

Shien looked over as well.

The next second, everyone saw a middle aged man with his hand held behind his back, wearing a military uniform, and standing ramrod straight.

“Elder brother Bali is it?”

Ancil narrowed his eyes.


Shien was a bit confused.

He naturally didn’t know this person.

However, a tiny voice at his side gave Shien an introduction.

“He’s duke Bali Stalim. A blood relation to the royal family. Although the actual blood ties are quite far by now, they are still Hero descendants. Only the person himself isn’t all that suited for personal combat, but he is very talented at military command. He’s a very capable strategist.”

Vivian had came closer to Shien as some unknown point and started quietly explaining to him.

“Duke Bali is famed for being coldblooded and heartless. He’s also quite powerful politically, and his own status within the Kingdom is also quite high. Now that he’s raised an objection, there should be quite a few nobles who will follow after him. Things are about to get complicated.”

Just as Vivian said, Bali’s entrance made a lot of nobles move toward him like they’ve found a focal point to center themselves around.

Ancil frowned in response to this development.

“Does elder brother not believe this accomplishment is deserving of rewards?”

Ancil questioned in a low tone.

Bali on the other hand shook his head.

“You misunderstood my meaning, your majesty. Accomplishments must be rewarded. This does not bear questioning.” Bali calmly spoke, “Only, in my opinion, there are far too many suspicious points regarding this matter. Presenting the adventurer Shien with merits now might be overly rash.”

“Oh?” Jacinta seemed to have gotten a little interested, “And why does the duke believe so?”

“I believe, based on Balon Murrow’s report, that there are a number of unanswered questions in this matter.” Bali coldly spoke, “For example, why did the adventurer Shien make contact with the Old Demon Faction mastermind Leisha in the first place. Add to the fact that Jillian had drastically changed for some reason mid-transport due to him for some reason and even ended up betraying Baydr and was thus killed. There are far too many suspicious points within, and it should not be overlooked.”

Those words induced a wave of consideration from everyone present.


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