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Chapter 188: “There’s No Such Thing…”

It has to be said that during this time period, Shien’s name really had been heard by Balon and group without ceasing.

Although information about Shien is only circulating among the nobles and knights, those guys were still trying to gather information about him. Thus, be it by sending others to investigate or by gathering information themselves, in the end, they would naturally end up finding Balon, Alrith, Leon, and their people in the hopes of getting information from them about Shien.

This was especially true for Balon. Due to the fact that he was a noble, he had been personally invited by many nobles of higher rank than him to visit as a guest. Then, be it through direct interrogation or surreptitious information gathering, those nobles all tried to get some information about Shien out of Balon’s mouth.

How else could they have managed to pull out even information about Shien’s unique skill?

All of it was gotten from Balon and company.

And after encountering such situations so many times, it’s only natural for Balon and company to become suspicious. In the end, after a conversation, bam, all the stuff that Shien has been getting up to in the Capital these days was instantly exposed.

Even Vivian has learned all about Shien and Lucy’s private contacts. Afterwards, she had more than once asked him with a surprised expression on how things ended up that way. It can be seen from that just how much attention was on Shien and Lucy’s relations.

If this continued on, perhaps there would even come a day where even the commoners may learn about this matter.

This has caused Shien more than a few headaches, but for Balon, Leon, Alrith, and company, it was something to admire and be envious about.

They really were completely shocked after seeing Lucy. Much like many others, they had instantly fallen for that princess.

Even Shien was stunned for some time when he first saw Lucy. Even Lumia and Melika, despite being of the same gender, viewed her with adoration and yearning. Thus, it doesn’t even bear saying for those useless single men.

Wait, no. Of the three of them, only Alrith seems to be single for all this time. Never mind marriage he didn’t even have a girlfriend. Balon is already 28, so he had long since married and had children, with the addition of a concubine even. He was one of those winners in life. Leon bears even less mentioning. He’s been mooching off women so much that the number of his free meals could be stacked up into a skyscraper.

However, even so, when they first saw Lucy, they were dumbfounded, stunned, and then they fell.

Thus, how could they not admire and envy Shien?

Alrith at least got it easy. He won’t be having any wild and unrealistic dreams about it, but Balon and Leon were different.

For those two, one was a territorial noble who is currently trying to climb higher. Th other is a handsome lech who had been mooching off of women to improve his standings all this time. Lucy was pretty much peerless in not only looks but also strength and status, so there’s no way that those two toads – no, those two men won’t have thoughts about her.

Therefore, at this moment, even Balon was looking at Shien was complicated feelings. Never mind Leon, who was practically on the verge of treating Shien as his enemy.

Balon would never have imagined. That this newbie adventurer who he previously believed to have only gotten lucky. That it was only thanks to that luck that he managed to make Leisha’s acquaintance and defeat Jillian. That this person who, within less than half a month, would suddenly transform into someone of note in the Capital.

Leon couldn’t have imagined either that this demon would end up gaining the favor of the princess. That he would manage to connect with such an unbelievably high placed person with merely the status of an adventurer.

“If it was me, then I could do it too…!”

It’s not like Leon hasn’t had such thoughts.

Only, the moment he remembered Shien’s terrifying strength, Leon basically collapsed.

Even if he wanted to get a connection with the princess, that still required that he had the qualifications.

Within Lamdrion, Leon’s methods might be able to get those women who weren’t all that worldly or only lusted after his looks. However, here in the Capital, Leon had managed to meet many people in the past few days via Eudris’s connections. The result was that his formerly unfailing techniques got him absolutely nothing at all.

The reason for that is simple. This wasn’t the boonies like Lamdrion. Here, there are tons of people of status everywhere. They also like to take advantage of the location to scout out marriage alliances, so there’s no way that they wouldn’t keep their girls well protected.

Plus, the Capital was a place known as the center of the world. All kinds of capable people from all around the world will show up here. Of those people, there were plenty of those who were handsome, strong, and has a good background. Thus, how could someone like Leon, whose only value was in his face, possibly compete?

Back at Lamdrion, the strong may not necessarily be handsome. Those from a good background may not necessarily be handsome either. And for those who are handsome, putting aside whether or not they’re strong or come from a good background, they may or may not actually know how to woo women.

It’s because of those reasons that a guy like Leon could have done so well for himself.

But here in the capital, all the most capable talents in the world are gathered here. They’re practically everywhere. There were plenty of people who are better than Leon in every possible way, so there’s no way that he’d have a chance of doing anything.

Thaks to that, Leon didn’t manage to get anything out of these past few days. Even Eudrice, having seen all the excellent people around, have started to distance herself from him.

If someone like him tried to flirt with that peerless princess, then he likely wouldn’t have even been able to get past the palace gates. He might even end up getting thrown into the lake to feed the fish.

After learning this cruel truth, Leon only had one thought.

To use the words from Shien’s previous life, it would be something like…

“The city is scary. I want to go back to the village.”

That’s how it is.

Thus, Leon already wants to go back to Lamdrion by now. He also adjusted his goals.

Leon would be fully satisfied if he could end up the son in law of some minor noble in Lamdrion.

Of course, when he compared his own situation with that of Shien, Leon couldn’t help but turn envious.

That said though, it’s not like he would dare to actually make an enemy out of Shien.

After all, Shien’s even supposed to have a royal token, so he’s the equivalent to representing the royal family.

Make him an enemy?

Only if he want to give up on mooching off of women and try living the rest of his life by whoring himself off to men instead.

Shien has no idea all the thoughts going through those guys’ heads, so he just spoke very humbly.

“There’s no such thing. Don’t listen to those nonsense rumors. That’s the princess after all. She’s not someone I could possibly reach.”

Shien tried to make their relationship clear.

After hearing that, Balon, Leon, and even Alrith’s expressions finally looked quite a bit better.

Then, a female knight came in from outside the reception room.

“Might I ask if Mr. Shien is here? Princess Lucilosti asks that you go meet her!”

That’s the news that she brought.




Everyone silently looked at each other.

Instantly, Balon, Leon, and Alrith turned once again toward Shien.

Their gazes were as if they were looking at a dog.


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