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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 186: Utilize?  Propose Marriage? Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 186: Utilize? Propose Marriage?

———— [Shien].

That name really has been going around for the past few days. It was in the mouths of pretty much everyone. Although it hasn’t really spread out among the common citizenry, it was already commonly known among the nobility and knights.

The reason why he became so well known in but a few short days is all because he had made contact with the Treasure of the Kingdom.

Do not doubt it. This is the power of her highness Lucilosti.

With beauty that outshines even goddesses, being the only one to receive the recognition of the Holy Sword in a thousand years, and having received the blessing of one of the three great goddesses, the goddess of fate, her sheer popularity can be said to be an authority in and of itself. The sheer passion and zealotry that the citizenry have toward her is already at a terrifying level.

To put it bluntly, if she wanted to, then with but a simple declaration, she could easily gain the support of the entire Kingdom and oust the current King from his throne and instead take it for herself, thus becoming the fourth queen in her own power in the history of the Mitra Kingdom.

What’s even more terrifying is that her popularity not only works with the common citizenry, but even the nobility and knights.

There were quite a lot of nobles who have fallen for her beauty. Rather, they were the ones in the majority.

The number of knights who had fallen for the princess’s strength is even more uncountable.

Then add in her flawless education and her various legends, the princess had long since become an idol in the hearts of everyone in the Kingdom. She was an absolutely priceless treasure to them.

The treasure of the Kingdom. This title was by no means an exaggeration.

However, she suddenly started making contact with a man in a way she never has with anyone else before. It took furious information control just to keep that from getting out into the public, so it’s completely impossible to fool the nobility and knights as well.

Of course, the fact that the man in question wasn’t just the average adventurer was also an important factor to that.

All it took was a bit of investigation for people to find out about Shien’s various accomplishments.

“Single-handedly subjugated a mastermind of the Old Demon Faction.”

“Completely wiped out a major group of the Old Demon Faction during his travels to the capital.”

“In a spar against princess Lucilosti in the palace’s training grounds, they had nearly completely destroyed the training ground in question.”

These deeds have told everyone that this young adventurer was very unusual.

Supposedly, his actual level wasn’t all that high, but he had a unique skill that lets him adjust his own level and skills within certain limitations. Thus, his strength is nowhere near as simple as it might appear on the surface.

A bit ago, when he came to visit princess Lucilosti, all the nobles who tried to make trouble for him couldn’t even get near him before they were laid out.

There were even rumors that stated that the man seemed to have showed off the royal token, meaning that he gained the trust of one of the royal family, and thus has a very close relationship with said person.

And the only possibility for that token is the one belonging to princess Lucilosti.

All those things have made the name of “Shien” being furiously passed around among the nobility and knights recently. It even made a lot of people very hostile to him.

If not for the fact that he was just that strong, plus the fact that he had a royal token and thus can’t be casually acted against, it’s likely that the sheer number of people who want to get a piece of him would be enough to have torn apart wherever he was staying.

Yet, the person in question is currently staying at the Latrard family home, under the protection of the Latrard family. Thus, they can’t even take any subtle actions against him. In the past few short days, there’s already an unknown number of young noblemen who have been spitting up blood in depression over the fact that they couldn’t act against him.

And unfortunately, Limgir was one of said noblemen.

Of course, Limgir never did anything against Shien, nor had he spat out any blood. However, there’s no way that he hasn’t thought about doing something to Shien.

This wasn’t just because the fact that the task that his family gave him might be obstructed by Shien, or even made to fail. It’s also because Limgir too had long since fallen for the princess.

In the beginning, Limgir never had any particular thoughts about the princess.

His personality has already been greatly influenced by his coldblooded father and ironblooded family. He was cold and emotionless just like the rest of them, and in the beginning, he only thought about completing the task from his family. Thus, he came to the Capital to complete his family’s hidden agenda. At that time, he had no particular thoughts at all about the princess.

However, after he arrived at the Capital, when he saw the face of the princess alongside the sea of people who showed up at the palace around, at that moment, Limgir fell in love.

That awe-inspiring figure, those perfect motions, her beautiful face and powerful magic power capable of shaking his heart. All those things together had instantly conquered the cold tool of the family that was hiimself.

Ever since that moment, although Limgir never showed it on the surface, his heart had already been passionately given to the princess. He had sworn that he will absolutely have the princess.

Only this person is worth of having his heart. Worthy of his full devotion.

Limgir was also very patient. He never showed his intentions. Instead, he first focused on carving out a place for himself within the royal knights.

He knew that there was no way that normal methods would work in pursuing princess Lucilosti. All those noblemen who have been stopped at the door in her chambers are living examples of that.

Therefore, Limgir hid his desires. He instead put his effort in training himself, developing his strength, and doing his best to distinguish himself within the royal knights.

That’s because the royal knights are a force directly controlled by the royal family. Each and every knight within the order exist for the sake of protecting the royal family.

And the members of the royal family would generally pick one or two royal knights to be their personal guard, who will accompany them at all times.

The personal knight of the current king, Ancilfrig, is the Kingdom’s strongest legendary class knight, Aldia Arbin.

The eldest daughter of the King, the first princess Liadella also has a knight by her side. She too was a member of the royal knights, whose family was a knight family just a rank below that of the Arbins.

Given those rules, princess Lucilost should also have a royal knight by her side for her personal protection.

However, even now, the princess still hasn’t chosen anyone to be her knight. She only founded a female knight order for the sake of her own work – the Holy Sword Knight Order.

This knight order basically filled the role of the princess’s personal guards. They helped the princess in completing all her work, but unlike a royal knight, they can’t stay in the same room as the princess as the same way that a personal guard would. Thus, their relationship is undoubtedly more distant.

Limgir’s goal is to become the princess’s personal knight. Then, he’d be able to get close to her and win her heart.

For the sake of that, Limgir worked hard for two years, developing himself without giving anything away.

It was only a few days ago when Shien appeared from out of nowhere that an obstacle had appeared against Limgir’s steady progress.

That’s why Bali came here.

“Based on the current situation, there’s no more time for you to slowly and steadily develop your own plans.” Bali spoke coldly, “A few days from now, you’ll be accompanying me to the palace to seek an audience with his majesty.”

“An audience… Is it?” Limgir looked toward his father and spoke in a low tone, “What is father planning on doing?”

“Very simply, I’m going to directly propose a marriage.” Bali spoke calmly, “Of course, if I just directly bring up the proposal, it’s very likely to be rejected. However, I’ll make some preparations and utilize that adventurer called Shien.”

“Utilize?” Limgir didn’t understand.

“You don’t need to overthink it.” Bali completely ignored Limgir’s puzzlement and turned his back, “When the time comes, you just need to cooperate, that’s all.”

“Yes.” Limgir lowered his eyes and whispered his reply.

The face of that beautiful princess flashed before his mind again, making Limgir tightly clench his fists.

In his heart, a terrible heat was rampaging within his body like flowing lava.


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