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Chapter 183: Protector God Of the Kingdom?

Shien had finally gotten back to the Latrard home with Airi in tow around the time when it’s nearly completely dark.

At this moment, it was a rare occurrence where Vivian, Diere, Lumia, and Melika were all there in the yard. They were sitting together and drinking some red tea.

“Why are you guys all here?”

Shien was a bit surprised as he stepped forward.

In the past few days here in the Capital, although everyone was living under the same room, they tend to only rarely gather in the same spot baring meal time.

Vivian was generally spending her time visiting the people she knew in the Capital. She also reported to the adventurer’s guild and had them send letters to Lamdrion to keep in contact with Leili. She was also responsible for communicating with Balon’s side and discussing matters relating to the upcoming audience.

Diere would wander about outside the whole day in order to lure out those nobles hostile to her and use their attacks on her to polish herself.

Lumia and Melika would spend their days together though. They’d go wander around outside from time to time and look at all the various attractions and popular items around the Capital.

Therefore, this was probably the first time they have all gathered together in the past few days outside of meal time.

“Welcome back.”

Vivian turned her head to look at the approaching Shien and showed him a gentle smile.

“W-welcome back…”

Melika had been happily chatting just a moment ago, but when Shien showed up, she suddenly turned shy. She’d fidget about awkwardly and her face turned slightly red as she greeted Shien with an embarrassed tone.

Lumia was as shy as always though, being too timid to speak up. Diere only gave Shien a glance and didn’t say a thing. She didn’t look like someone who had faced Shien “honestly” several times already at all.

Those four girls were as beautiful as ever, and together, they made quite a view.

But soon, all four of them had noticed Airi, who was following Shien along.


“So cute…”

When they saw Airi, still holding a pillow and obediently following Shien along, Lumia and Melika’s eyes flashed and they showed an adoring expression on their faces.

Even Diere couldn’t help but look over. It’s obvious that she too was drawn by Airi’s cuteness.

“This child is…?”

Vivian also looked at Airi with an adoring expression as she questioned Shien in a surprised tone.

Yet, before Shien even opened his mouth, Airi instead spoke up.

“I seem to know you.” Airi seemed to have been staring at Vivian the entire time, and only now did she finally speak up, “You’re that famous protector god of the Kingdom, right?”

With those words, Vivian’s expression instantly froze.

Diere’s had also stilled, and her gaze toward Airi had changed somewhat.

“P-protector god of the Kingdom…?”

Lumia and Melika were just dumbfounded though. They were obviously confused.

“Protector god?”

Even Shien was rather confused at this sudden new term.

The atmosphere had suddenly turned silent and heavy due to Airi’s words.

Only after a moment did Vivian finally recover her calm and looked at Airi.

“May I ask who you are?”

Vivian stood up. She no longer treated Airi like a child, and instead seemed very serious.

Airi seemed to be quite satisfied with that attitude.

“Call me Airi.”

Airi’s gaze scanned across Vivian, Diere, Lumia, and Melika. She even stopped for a moment when she got to Lumia before she spoke.

“With one exception, it seems like all of you are somewhat special. In that case, it’s fine to grant you the privilege of directly addressing me by name.”

Airi gave such a reply.

Vivian involuntarily gave Shien a glance.

“Mah.” Shien scratched at his face before shrugging, “Since she’s saying so, everyone should just do that. You’ll probably be spending some time together for the next while, so there’s no need to take things too seriously.”

In response, Vivian fell silent for a bit before finally relaxing and nodding.

“Understood.” Vivian once again showed Airi her gentle smile and spoke, “Then I’ll address you as lady Airi from now on.”

“Why do you have to add lady?” Airi spoke, dissatisfied, “Isn’t it fine to just use my name?”

It looks like she’s dissatisfied with even the connotation of “little” in the address. (T/N: The first character used in the Chinese for lady, 小姐, is the character for little. That character is what Airi’s complaining about)

However, Vivian shook her head.

“That’s no good.” Vivian so spoke, “That’s basic manors. It’s something we must adhere to.”

“… Is that so?” Airi was silent for a bit before finally speaking without showing any expression, “In that case, do as you like.”

“Many thanks.” Vivian did as she said and replied very politely.

Then, Diere spoke up.

“What do you mean by probably spending some time together for the next while?” Diere asked directly.

“C-could it be that this child will be staying here from now on?”

“I’ll definitely welcome that!”

Lumia and Melika finally managed to respond again. Although they didn’t really know what’s going on, their attitude was same as it was at the start, and they showed their adoration of Airi.

Vivian also looked toward Shien again with a questioning gaze.

In response, Shien hesitated a bit and gave Airi a glance.

Airi happened to have been looking toward him then, and their eyes met, allowing Shien to see the urging expression in her gaze.

Thus, Shien let out a sigh.

“Sorry about this, Vivian. I might be troubling you.” Shien thus requested of Vivian, “Can you let uncle Megis know and get permission to allow Airi to stay here for the time being?”

Everyone’s eyes were now focused on Vivian.

“Are you sure?” Vivian didn’t agree right away, but nor did she refuse either. She only stated the following, “Lady Airi should be someone quite important. Is it really fine for her to just casually stay here?”

It’s obvious that even though she didn’t know of Airi’s identity, Vivian was just like Shien in that she was able to tell from Airi’s words and actions that Airi is in fact no ordinary person.

“No problem.” Shien answered right away. However, his expression wasn’t nearly as certain. Instead, he spoke with a somewhat unsure tone, “Probably?”

“What do you mean by probably?” Vivian showed a wry smile.

“Don’t worry.” Airi spoke up again with a calm tone, “Nothing will happen. I don’t want to cause any trouble here either. I won’t do anything besides following by this man’s side.”

Airi so declared her position on the matter.


“Why do you have to stay by Mr. Shien’s side?”


Lumia and Melika blinked in confusion.

Diere was silent. However, she was appraising Airi with her gaze the whole time.

Vivian also fell silent.

Shien on the other hand started somewhat fidgeting.

(It can’t be that I’m going to be thought of as a lolicon, right?”

That was what Shien was worried over now.

Thankfully though, putting aside Lumia and Melika, Vivian and Diere both had certain realizations about Airi’s identity. Thus, they didn’t believe that Shien had done something to Airi to make this cute girl decide to stay here.

In the end, Vivian also sighed before speaking up again with a smile.

“Understood. In that case, I’ll go let uncle Megis know. I should be able to get permission.”

Thus, Airi had successfully gained permission to stay at the Latrard home.

Just what kind of consequences might such a thing bring about?

Nobody knew.


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