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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 18: [Logic of the World] Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 018: [Logic of the World]

Supposedly, when the world was first born, Omnipotlin has only two races.

One is the gods.

The other is the demons.

Gods and demons basically appeared on this world at the same time, and they were basically natural enemies and have been fighting all this time.

Unlike demons, who were born with great powers, the gods may also have various kinds of abilities, but compared to demons, gods aren’t the kind of race that were born especially for battle.

Gods are capable of doing many thing. They can create earth, and they could create life, but if you just consider fighting power, they’re naturally a big behind the demons who were born for the sake of destruction.

Plus, gods as a race are limited in numbers.

Normally speaking, all gods have their own responsibilities. Some govern life, some governs nature, and some governs fate. There are even portfolios such as health, harvest, wisdom, culture, etc. But there can only be so many portfolios, so there’s naturally no way for there to be that many gods, and it’s even more impossible for there to be multiple gods governing the same portfolio. Thus, the number of gods were set in stone from the start, and only when one god dies could a new god be born.

Therefore, the number of gods are very limited.

Demons on the other hand do not have that kind of limitation. Over months and years, their numbers would grow larger and larger, their tribes more and more varied, until finally, they’ve completely surpassed the gods.

For the sake of doing battle with such demons, the gods begun to create other races, allowing humans, elves, beastmen, dwarves, etc. to be born. In addition, the gods would give them guidance and aide in their growth, until they were finally able to stalemate the demons.

But demons aren’t weak either. Not only did they create magic, they’ve also created demonic beasts.


Be it magic or demonic beasts, those all came from demons.

Thus, they were named what they were. The word “Magic” even arose from the demons themselves, so it could be easily seen how much more exceptional the demons are in terms of power compared to the gods.

However, putting aside magic for the moment. When it comes to demonic beasts, although they were created by the demons, due to the fact that demons aren’t nearly so capable in everything as the gods, the result was that the demonic beasts had fairly low intelligence. Thus, even the demons who created them would sometimes lose control of demonic beasts. Thus, although demonic beasts multiplied rapidly and even ended up spreading to all corners of the world, they weren’t tamed. They would indiscriminately attack even demons.

Thanks to that, even though the demons had magic and created demonic beasts, they still weren’t able to completely crush the gods. Plus, the gods even created magic forms such as holy magic and support magic, so in the end, neither could do much against the other.

“However, it does need to be said. Compared to the gods, demons are relatively stronger.”

Sitting before the just summoned table, the goddess chatted while drinking the aromatic red tea.

“It’s for that reason, for the sake of combating the demons, that the gods finally created the Hero Summoning Ritual. To summon from another world a Hero baring special powers to fight the demons, with the final goal of having the Hero defeat the king of the demons – The Demon King.”

At the same time she’s saying so, the goddess was also reminding Shien, who was sitting facing her and seemed to be concentrating on tasting the red tea.

“We gods may be able to do various things, but the only thing we can’t is to directly grant power. Thus, to the Hero to naturally holds the Holy Sword and have an unusually powerful unique skill, we gods hold anticipation and hope that they would one day be able to defeat the Demon King.”

Just like that, the goddess explained various things to Shien.

To that, Shien did have a number of questions.

For example…

“Why can’t goes directly grant power?”

Shien raised his question.

The goddess also answered without hesitation.

“Because levels and skills are things that were carved into the concept of [Logic], so even gods can’t affect it.”

That [Logic] is basically the laws of the world, the rule of reality, also known as the [Logic of the World].

“Be it gods, demons, humans or demonic beasts, all have levels and skills. According to each person’s status, natural talent, and potential, their growth rate in various directions are all different. Theses things are all carved into the very concept of [Logic]. In other words, they’re the rules of the world itself. We gods can affect matter and phenomenons, but we cannot interfere with the base laws of the world itself. We cannot affect [Logic] itself.”

The goddess so explained.

“Of course, if it’s within what [Logic] allows, some interference is still possible. For example, magic is basically using magical power to interact with [Logic] to affect matter and phenomenons. The final form of that power is what’s called magic.”

“Also, some magic weapons, items, and even potions also operate under this principle to temporarily increase skill levels and personal ability. Your Holy Sword also belongs to this category.”

“However, interference of [Logic] can only be done within the allowed territory. If it’s something that destroys the balance too much, then it wouldn’t be allowed no matter what.”

For example, gods could grant humans weapons or items that can raise their power, and they could grant humans their blessings, but they absolutely have no way to directly raise a person’s level.

If not, humans won’t need to level anymore, nor would they need to grow. They could just get it granted by the gods.

As for weapons or items capable of directly leveling someone up, those don’t exist at all in this world.

“Even now, weapons and items capable of increasing a person’s levels is something only the Holy Swords born by you Heroes from another world. This world rules only allow for equipment that can increase the level of a certain skill or raise a certain portion of a person’s ability.”

The goddess explained.

“That’s probably because you weren’t existences of this world in the first place, so you end up somewhat diverging from this world’s [Logic], right?”

Perhaps the reason that Heroes from another world could awaken extremely powerful unique skills is for that same reason.

That’s why gods would want to summon Heroes.

“Unfortunately, not every person from another world has what it takes to be a Hero. Otherwise, people from another world would likely end up all getting summoned over, right?”

The goddess said something earth-shattering like it was nothing.

Shien just rolled his eyes without any other reaction, but he felt quite complicated in his heart.

Based on those words, then doesn’t that mean that the fact that he got summoned over and became the Hero was not something random, but because he himself was special?

“That’s how it is.” The goddess once more saw through Shien’s thoughts and, with a smile, said, “At least, since ancient times, the number of Heroes summoned to this world number less than 10.”

The meaning behind those words is that the otherworlders who have the base conditions for becoming a Hero was just that rare.

Shien was one of those rare individuals.

“As an aside, the Heroes who were summoned in the past call came from different worlds than you.”

The goddess said something even more surprising.


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