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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 176: Eats Well, Sleeps Well Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 176: Eats Well, Sleeps Well

“Oh… So good… It’s just so delicious…!”

Before they knew it, Lucy already had a pastry in her hands. As she ate, she gave off an expression like she was about to cry from sheer joy.

It has to be said. That particular expression of hers was also extremely beautiful.

Shien kind of disliked that.

He already knew that the princess wasn’t nearly as perfect as everyone might think. Even so, when he’s alone with her, he’d still end up entranced by her actions every so often.

“As expected, those with beauty will look good no matter what they do. And those without can only do without.”

It can’t be helped.

As Shien commented in his own mind, he also picked up a pastry and took a bite.

Immediately, Shien was quite surprised.

“This taste… It really is amazing.”

A sweetness that he has never experienced before stimulated Shien’s taste buds. He couldn’t help but take another bite.

“So that’s how it is. Now I get why these sweets are so expensive.”

It wasn’t just because of the magical effects. It’s also because they really are unbelievably delicious. It was better than anything that Shien has ever tasted.

Add on the beautiful appearance and the elegant texture, it truly does not shame its reputation as a noble exclusive high class item.

After all, even Lucy ended up saying the following.

“I’ve lived just for the sake of this bite.”

Those words would definitely make some of the more fanatical citizens cry.

“Looks like I’m going to have to be a regular guest from now on.”

Shien just sighed as he made that decision.

It just goes to show just how unbelievable the tastes of those desserts are.

Of course, Lucy was also extremely happy at Shien’s decision.

“Remember to bring me some often then!” Lucy hurriedly ordered him.

“Dream on.” Shien rolled his eyes, “Do you not know just how expensive these things are? And you’re asking me to get it often?”

Shien didn’t have that much money.

Thus, too bad. That girl is just plain too rich for Shien’s blood.

“You’re talking money to me now?” Lucy spoke disbelievingly, “I didn’t even ask you for money even when I helped you so much!”

“That might be true.” Shien refuted, “But you also brought me a lot of trouble as well. Thus, it all cancels out.”

“Why you…” Lucy nearly blew her stack.

In truth though, Lucy didn’t actually mind all that much.

After all, she already got a good grasp on Shien. It might be impossible to force him to do anything major, but it shouldn’t be all that hard to make him to stuff on the minor level.

Thus, Lucy decided to go for the long haul. She just grumbled unhappily for a bit before changing the topic.

“Nothing went wrong on your side the last few days, right?”

Shien understood full well what Lucy was asking.

“You mean on Diere’s side, right?” Shien confirmed.

“It includes you as well.” Lucy grumbled, “After the commotion we caused last time with the palace, and given that I’m one of the participants, those nobles in the capital didn’t start making trouble for you, did they?”

“So you do have some self awareness.” Shien raised an eyebrow and smiled without meaning it, “Then why didn’t you do anything to help me?”

“How am I supposed to help you?” Lucy sighed, “If I personally acted to help you, that’ll end up really making those nobles hostile to you, you know.”

That’s true enough.

If Lucy really did personally act to help Shien, then those nobles will definitely know that Lucy and Shien’s relationship was even closer than they had thought.

If that happened, while there might not be any major problems in the short term, they would definitely cause quite a bit of trouble later on.

Having realized this, Lucy decided to stay on the sidelines until something big actually happened.

“With your power, it shouldn’t be at the point where you can’t deal with it on your own. In the worst case, you still have the pendant that I gave you.”

With such thoughts in mind, Lucy decided to allow Shien to deal with it all on his own.


“If I actually brought out the pendant, then that’s when the real problems would happen, right?”

Shien had no words.

It’s completely obvious. Showing that Lucy gave him the pendant is practically declaring that their relationship wasn’t at the level of just close anymore.

At that point, if those noblemen don’t explode on the spot, then Shien would eat his hat.

“So, can you consider taking it back?”

Shien gave Lucy a hopeful look.

“Why you…”

Lucy got mad.

That’s the token of the royal family after all. Having it was equivalent to being recognized and trusted by the royal bloodline itself. At the same time, it meant that one could move about with the same status as a representative of the royal family. It’s an honor that people could only wish for, but this guy just keeps on treating it like a source of problems. It really makes her mad.

“Whatever. For someone like you, even without anyone else to help you, you should still be able to live just fine. It’s those who try to go against you who are likely to die of sheer rage here.” Lucy has fully experienced that point, so she just humphed and changed the topic, “Never mind you anymore. How’s Diere been?”

“Her huh.” Shien shrugged, “She should be alright I guess?”

“What do you mean by you guess?” Lucy pushed on, “Can’t you say something a bit more easy to understand?”

“Diere’s completely fine. She eats well, sleeps well. She’d even go out on the streets to farm some mobs every day. Nothing bad’s happened to her, and she’s living pretty well too. Now do you understand?” Shien’s mouth twitched and he hesitated a bit before continuing, “You mentioned last time that you and Diere had good relations before. Was that because both of you are Hero descendants?”

“You already know?” Lucy stopped for a moment before focusing on Shien, “Did Diere tell you?”

“Yeah.” Shien said, “Although there’s still a bunch of stuff I don’t know, she already told me about her identity and all that back when we shared a bath in the Latrard’s baths.”

“So that’s how it is. Diere seems to trust you more than I expected.” Lucy nodded. Then a bit later, she noticed.

“Wait!” Lucy suddenly widened her eyes and yelled out in surprise, “What did you just say? What were you doing when she told you again?”

“Mah, don’t mind the details.” Shien spoke dismissively, “Let’s get back to the real issue here. I’m pretty curious about Diere’s situation you know.”

“I really do mind what you just said! How could I not mind it!?” Lucy could no longer stay calm. She got up and showed a menacing expression toward Shien, “What did you do to that child? Tell me clearly!”

“What do you mean what did I do to her? Did you have to say it like that!” Shien frowned and looked disparagingly at Lucy, “Isn’t it just sharing a bath? We’re sharing taking baths together every day now! Really, what are you making a big deal of!”

Lucy just gaped disbelievingly. Only a bit after did she finally speak in a very regretful tone, “I almost forgot. That child might look cold on he surface, but her actual personality is actually very different. She wouldn’t put up any sort of guard against those she truly trusts, even if they’re of the opposite gender. She really could full well do something like share a bath.”

Right now, Lucy looked just like someone who personally pushed a friend into hell. She was practically teary with regret.


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