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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 172: Eat Stuff Given By Strangers Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 172: Eat Stuff Given By Strangers

Capital, west side. Noble district.

After Shien came out of the Latrard home and onto the main street here, he started walking with some reluctance toward the lake island where the palace is.

“I really don’t want to go though…”

Shien sighed as he caressed the Holy Sword at his waist.

“I wonder if I’ll end up encountering something this time…”

Shien kept feeling like he’ll definitely end up getting involved with something annoying if he goes to meet Lucy at the palace.

Putting aside everything else, there’s definitely going to be trouble dealing those noble simps trying to win Lucy’s favor. If Shien tried to get past them and go into the princess’s room, then here’s no way that nothing would happen.

“It’s like I had to deal with annoyances from those so called nobility every day ever since I arrived at the Capital. I really do want to just copy Baydr for once and do a purge of all those nobles.”

Shien considered that idea somewhat hatefully.

It’s not like he’s afraid of those so called nobles. He just dislikes the annoyance.

Thus, even though he’s obviously unwilling, Shien still picked up his feet and moved toward the direction of the palace.

On the way, Shien passed by a sweets shop and had his attention drawn by a figure.

It was a little girl who was standing in front of the window of the shop.

Shien was drawn by that little girl for a very simple reason.

“So cute…”

Indeed. That little girl was just plain overly adorable.

She wore a princess-like goth loli dress with high boots and white stockings. Plus, she looked super soft and adorable with a face like a doll’s. She was just unbelievably cute.

It wasn’t just Shien who thought so either. Even the other passerby couldn’t help but have their gazes captivated by that little girl.

“Hey, look at that kid…”

“Wow, so cute…”

“Isn’t that a bit too cute there?”

“Is she the child of some noble family?”

“Never seen her before. Maybe she’s from some noble from outside?”

“Oh, I do so want to say hi to her and then take her home…”

“Then go ahead and pick her up.”

“I want to as well, but this is the noble district. If that child really is the child of some high noble, then we’d be in serious trouble, having offended them.”

“True enough.”

The various passerby all quietly chatted like so while looking at the girl with adoration.

If not for the previously stated reason, that she might be the child of some great noble family, then those young noblemen whose eyes were practically bulging out of their sockets may already have gone up to her to chat her up.

Shien looked down at them with derision.

“Trying to chat up such a young child? Perverts!”

Even so, Shien’s own eyes still couldn’t help but shift toward the girl.

Don’t misunderstand, this was a pure kind of appreciation.

After all, he’s not a lolicon. He’s a gentleman among gentlemen. This is a point that Diere could back him up on.

However, on the other side, Shien’s gaze did have a hint of suspicion within it.

“Why is it that I get the feeling that there’s something strange about that child’s magic power?”

Thanks to the [Magic Detection] skill, Shien should have been able to clearly sense the magic power of others.

However, with that little girl, Shien keeps getting the feeling like his own senses are being blocked.

“Am I mistaken?”

Shien considered it.

At this moment, Shien suddenly noticed that the girl had turned around.

And her gaze had, for some reason, strangely set onto him. She was staring at him intently.

That made Shien somewhat confused. He even purposefully took a look around him to see if there’s anyone else in his vicinity.

Too bad though, it was indeed just him there.

In other words…

“She’s staring at me?”

Shien was rather surprised at that.

Then, the person in question acted, proving Shien’s thoughts true.

Right before him, that unbelievably cute little girl was walking toward Shien.

As she got closer to him, Shien finally noticed that she had a small pillow held to her chest.

“Bringing a pillow with her outside?”

Just how sleepy is she?

However, for some reason, her action of holding a pillow not didn’t seem strange at all. Rather, it have a completely normal impression. She was like a little princess that just woke up from bed, and the impression raised her already unbelievable cuteness a few levels even higher.

With that, even Shien started getting the urge to pick the girl up and take her away.

The girl, ignorant of Shien’s thoughts, had arrived before Shien during this time.


The little girl pointed toward the display of the sweets shop that she had been staring at before and spoke up to Shien.


Shien blinked and dumbly looked at the girl, having no idea what she meant.

The little girl didn’t seem impatient either.

“That.” The Little girl reached out and pulled at the corner of Shien’s shirt while continuing to point at the display of the sweets shop as she spoke, “Buy it for me.”

This time, Shien understood what she wanted.

“You want me to buy the sweets from that store?” Shien tried to confirm.


The little girl nodded. She didn’t seem impatient though, although she still continued to stare at Shien. Her big, round eyes shinning brightly all the while.

Shien couldn’t help but gave in.

“Well, I don’t mind either way.” Shien scratched at his face before looking at the little girl and asking her in a weird tone, “But has your family not told you to not randomly eat stuff given to you by strangers?”

In response, the little girl lightly frowned as if trying to remember.

Then, the little girl shook her head.

“No.” The girl clearly spoke, “Rather, a lot of strangers that I don’t know would often give me stuff. There’s a lot of food included in that.”

“I-is that so?” Shien suddenly became worried, “You didn’t eat it, did you?”

If such an adorable girl got tricked by some strange pervert using snacks, it would be a serious crime.

Thankfully, the girl’s reply allowed him to relax.

“No.” The girl shook her head clearly as she spoke, “I’ve already gotten tired of eating those stuff. Even if those around me keep saying how those things are super valuable or worth tens of thousands of gold each, I still don’t want to eat them anymore.”

“That’s good then.” Shien patted his chest in relief. Only a while after did he suddenly realized with a start, “Wait, how much did you say those things are worth?”

If he didn’t mishear, she seemed to have said each one was worth tens of thousands of gold, right?

… For real?

The little girl, not knowing just why Shien was suddenly stunned, pulled at Shien’s clothes again.

“Anyways, buy me that.” The little girl spoke stubbornly, “I’ve never seen that before, so I want to try it.”

As she spoke, the little girl dragged Shien over.

“Alright, alright. I get it. I’ll buy it for you, so stop pulling me… Holy shit! You’re strong!”

The little hand pulling at Shien was exhibiting a terrifying level of strength, forcefully dragging Shien along. Shien was pulled to the front of the sweets shop without being able to put up any resistance at all.

Thanks to that, Shien also managed to see the sign for the store – [Lillet’s Desserts Shop].

That name made Shien stop again for a moment before he immediately remembered.

“Isn’t this the desserts shop that the princess mentioned?”


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