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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 157: “I Get It.” Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 157: “I Get It.”

The royal training ground.

This was the only training ground within the palace. It wasn’t a training ground meant for knights, but for the royalty.

The training ground for knights are located in the northern military district. Even the royal mages under the employment of the royalty would use the training grounds there for their magic practice. Only the royal family and no one else may use this training ground located within the palace.

Of course, if there was a competition or duel that has to take place within the palace, this training ground would be used for such things as well.

Therefore, this training ground isn’t small. Rather, it’s quite large. There are even audience seating, which are capable of handling over a thousand spectators. There are even protective barriers set up, capable of making sure that not even detonating high class magic everywhere would affect the audience. It’s quite safe indeed.

At this moment, there are two individuals within this royal training ground.


Lucy stood before Shien, sealed Holy Sword in hand, and spoke while grinding her teeth.

“Show me what you’re capable of!”

In response, Shien’s lips twitched as he stood opposite Lucy.

“Given your expression, are you sure you’re not actually trying to just use this opportunity to teach me a lesson?”

Shien was very suspicious on this point.

“How’s that possible?” Lucy might say that, but her crimson eyes were leaking murderous intent as she enunciated each and every word, “I just want to properly see the ability of a true Hero after all, so how could I possibly do such a thing?”

“… You can go ahead and show a bit more hate when you’re saying that. It’s fine.” Shien felt like maybe he went a bit overboard with his playing around, “But let me just say this first. It’s been less than a month since I arrived on this world. Right now, I’m still a level 24 noob. You, as a level 70 big shot, won’t be bulling me with sheer level advantage, right?”

“Of course.” Lucy said so but what came next out of her mouth was instead, “This is feigning weakness against an enemy to give them a false sense of security, right? I get it.”

“It’s not!” Shien spoke like he’s in pain, “I really am only level 24!”

“But level doesn’t mean everything.” Lucy spoke completely uncaringly, “A Hero’s true strength comes from their Holy Sword and unique skill. Your Holy Sword’s not fully sealed anyways, so it can at least provide you some power. Plus your unique skill, you shouldn’t be weaker than a mere level 70, right?”

“Wait, you have a Holy Sword and unique skill as well too, right?” Shien shot back, “Putting aside the Holy Sword, Vivian had mentioned that your unique skill could fully match the Hero Mitra from a thousand years ago in strength. Your own advantages aren’t any lower than mine!”

At the very least, Shien really didn’t have any real advantages when facing Lucy.

Others might not know his situation, but Shien himself was fully clear.

His unique skill might be a super cheat, but this cheat is on the growth side. When it comes to the combat side, it’s completely useless.

The only real advantage that Shien’s unique skill gave him in terms of combat is probably just his various maxed out skills.

But although Lucy’s own skill levels might not be quite as unbelievable as Shien’s, they are still around level 7 or 8. Add to that the fact that the Holy Sword, even sealed, still had the effect of adding a level to all her skills, it really isn’t that much of a different compared to Shien, at least on the skill level front.

On the level front on the other hand, Lucy far trumped Shien.

And even if this princess’s stat growths in all areas might not be quite on the same level as Shien’s whose stat growths every level up are always maxed, she was still a prodigy comparable to the Hero Mitra, so there’s no way she’d be all that lacking either.

Therefore, this time, Shien really didn’t have any obvious advantages here.

Unless he unseals his Holy Sword that is. Otherwise, Shien felt like he’d be in for quite a tough time against this unprecedented genius.

Lucy obviously didn’t think that she’d lose either.

It was for that exact reason that Lucy wanted to fight.

“Don’t worry. My unique skill can’t be used as I like. This is just a spar after all, so I won’t be using my unique skill.” Lucy stared at Shien and, for some reason, spoke with some anticipation, “You can just go ahead and fight as you like. Go ahead and use whatever you like, be it your unique skill or Holy Sword.”

This time, Shien was certain.

That brat definitely wanted to just take this opportunity to beat him up.

“You really think I’m scared?” Shien started grinding his teeth as well and smiled without it reaching his eyes, “Fine, since our princess is asking for it, I’ll go ahead and reluctantly help dust you off. Especially on your ass.”

The meaning behind that is: Don’t let him get the chance.

Otherwise, he’ll definitely kick her ass.

Lucy wasn’t worried at all.

“Then come and try it. If you actually succeed, then you deserve the win.”

With those words, the two of them once again locked eyes. Their gazes met like a physical force, with sparks flying out from the impact.

Obviously, those two Heroes were ready to fight.

Thus, the two of them raised up their sealed Holy Sword and pointed them at each other.

With that motion, their expressions changed.

“… As expected, it looks like I can’t underestimate you.” Lucy muttered with a serious expression on her face.

That’s because, in her eyes, although Shien obviously only casually raised his sword, his entire form and stance were completely lacking in any openings. He had instantly entered a battle ready state. His eyes were alert and ready, and the presence he gave off was abnormal.

On the other side, Shien had realized that Lucy’s reputation was indeed deserved.

“That princess really is as amazing as her reputation says.”

Shien fixed his eyes on Lucy opposite him. He could clearly fell that, at this moment, Lucy’s magic power was blazing out like a flame, bringing with it an enormous pressure.

That pressure was definitely the most terrifying that Shien had experienced since arriving on this world.




If all three of those Old Demon Faction elites were to work together, they’d still likely not be a match for Lucy, right?

Hero of the current era. Her reputation does not do her justice.

However, all that did was instead make Shien’s own fighting spirit ignite.

Ever since coming to this world, besides those first few days in the forest, Shien hadn’t felt any pressure at all.

Be it Leisha, Baydr, or Jillian. Even though they were quite strong, they were still a long way off from being able to actually do anything to Shien.

However, this time, Shien felt like he really did meet his match.

In other words, this time, Shien could fight to his heart’s content.

Lucy seemed to have also caught that thought of his.

Thus, Lucy also smiled.

Her smile was full of fighting spirit.

“Besides teacher, it’s been a long time since I’ve met an opponent I could fight to my heart’s content.”

Lucy felt the same. She could finally go all out after so long.

The two Heroes with the same thoughts met each other’s gazes. The sparks intensified.

The next second…


Without any warning signs, Shien and Lucy both vanished from where they were and reappeared in the center of the training field in a clash.


With a clang that rang across the entire field, Holy Sword met Holy Sword in a clash.


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