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Chapter 152: It’s Already Pretty Big, Alright?




Within the room the princess was sighing over and over. It hadn’t stopped since the start.

Shien sat in front of the princess, watching her sigh over and over. It got to the point where the tea in his hand had lost all flavor to him.

At this point, Shien and Lucy were sitting facing each other at a small white table, having tea.

Oh, and it’s not red tea either, but a sweet honey tea. The ultra sweet kind that, when Shien took a sip, it felt like his tongue was turning into sugar.

However, the princess was happily enjoying such a sweet tea. It’s just that she’s continuously sighing.

Shien had about enough, so he spoke up.

“I say, princess, just how much longer do you want to keep sighing like that?”

This actually wasn’t even the first time that Shien had said that.

Only, every time she heard it, not only did Lucy not stop, she started sighing even more heavily.

“I’ve hid it for all these years. Not even Leili or my elder sister has seen it. For something so important to have been seen by a man that I only just met, really… Sigh…”

Lucy had kept on saying stuff like that, and Shien was so tired of it that he kind of wanted to hit her.

Hmm, with as pretty as she is, if he actually did hit her, she’ll probably cry for quite some time, right?

Unfortunately, she wasn’t actually one of those super weak and delicate princess types. If he actually did hit her, putting aside whether or not she’d cry, the female knights outside would definitely charge right in.

Thus, Shien had no choice but to bare with it.

“Since it’s so important, then don’t go exposing it at all. Can’t you just go back to the princess mode from before?”

The currently Lucy really gave Shien a really useless impression. It’s to the point that Shien’s previous impression of the princess had completely shattered.

What’s even more terrifying is that even though she was acting so useless, when it’s her doing it, it actually had an amazing slothful beauty to it. Really, Shien had to admit it, someone beautiful really could get away with anything, because she’d beautiful no matter what she’s doing.

Lucy, who didn’t know what Shien was thinking, was already showing an expression like she’s giving up.

“I just tried that, but didn’t you say that I can’t just muddle through?” Lucy spoke like she had completely given up, “In that case, I don’t care anymore. It’s super exhausting pretending to be a good girl all the time you know!”

In response, Shien felt like, as an adult, he should give a very mature suggestion here.

“In that case, shall I go out and help you announce it? Just tell those young noblemen outside that their goddess is actually a complete good for nothing?” Shien did his best to show his goodwill.

“Don’t you dare!” The ungrateful princess immediately pounded the table, trampling Shien’s goodwill.

“Since you’ve seen it already, I’m giving up on this, but if you dare to spread the news of what had happened here, don’t blame me for what I’ll do to you.”

Lucy threatened Shien with a super fierce expression.

“Are you trying to kill me with moe here?” Shien couldn’t help but say, “I have to say, you did choose a method that’s very likely to actually work.”

The damage caused by that method couldn’t be defended against even with the Holy Sword’s protection, never mind Shien’s resistance skills.

“Who’s trying to kill you with moe? Speaking of, just what kind of method is this moe killing anyways? Why haven’t I heard of it before?” Lucy frown beautifully and looked at Shien suspiciously, “Is this a killing style from another world?”

“Basically.” Shien faintly spoke, “It’s a method only usable by pretty girls like you. It’s not all that effective against members of the same gender, but it’s super effective against those of the opposite gender. Anti-male, basically. When a cute and young the girl that uses this ultimate skill, all lolicons… No, all gentlemen will receive deadly damage, and in the end, they’ll spray massive amounts of blood from their nose and die of blood loss. It’s too bad that you’re too big though.”

“… Why do I fell like you’re just playing around with me?” Lucy’s frown deepened as she held onto her cup of honey tea and glared at Shien, “Plus, don’t call me big. I’m only 17!”

Those words made Shien unconsciously glance imperceptibly toward Lucy’s chest.

Then, Shien spoke up.

“You’re already pretty big at 17, alright?”

That’s the truth.

It really is the truth here.

At the very least, no other 17 year old could compare to this princess.

In a word, it’s the different between B and D, get it?

However, the princess didn’t, so she started arguing with Shien.

“What’s big about 17? I only reached adulthood two years ago!”

“But you are big though.”

“I’m not big! I’m very little!”

“No no no. You really are big. Believe me.”


Facing Shien’s rather meaningful seeming words, Lucy was pissed off.

However, seeing how Shien was grinning the whole time, Lucy was a bit confused.

“Don’t you feel it’s strange?” Lucy looked straight at Shien, “Aren’t you curious as to why I suddenly turned so different from how I was before?”

If it was anyone else that saw how Lucy currently was, they’d definitely have already started asking, right?

Yet, other than an initial bout of befuddlement and looking at Lucy with scornful eyes like she lied to him, Shien didn’t bother saying anything more about it.

This made Lucy, who was already ready to confess the whole thing, super disappointed.

Unknowing of the fact that…

“It’s because ever since you were little, you grew up under everyone’s expectations and hopes. You were viewed as the pillar of the Kingdom and worshiped as the modern Hero, so, in order not to disappoint others and to not bring sorrow to those who looked up to you, the great princess hide her true personality and forced herself to live, bearing the expectations of others. The normal princess mode exists for that sake, and your current self is your true self. Am I about right?”

Shien spoke without a pause and spewed out the most important secret in Lucy’s heart in a single breath.

“You, you, you, you…!” Lucy pointed at Shien with a shocked expression, “How did you know that!?”

“Hehe.” Shien’s smile didn’t reach his eyes, “How do I know? Because this kind of character setting is just way too cliched!”

Why else did Shien look down at Lucy with such a scornful look when he finally recovered from his shock?

It wasn’t that he looked down at Lucy as a person, but that he looked down at the character setting.

Thus, Shien didn’t particularly have any real objections to the huge differences between Lucy’s before and after. At most, he just wanted to grumble about it.

“And here I respected you before. Give me back my feelings.”

Shien stole the cup of honey tea from Lucy’s hands.

“I never made you have feelings in the first place! It’s you who put me on a pedestal here!” Lucy immediately grabbed her honey tea back while complaining, “It’s because you guys kept going more and more overboard with your image of me that I’m forced to turn into something like this. Yet now you’re blaming me? That’s way too unreasonable!”

“You’re the unreasonable one here. What does that have anything to do with me? I’m not even from this world!”

“Ahhh! Stop stealing my tea!”

The two started quarreling before they knew it.


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