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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 149: “Can Indeed Trust Her.” Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 149: “Can Indeed Trust Her.”

The meeting thus came to an end.

Afterwards, Lucy and Vivian spoke a few more words, but Shien didn’t join in.

What needed to be talked about had already been done with. Shien would have felt like a simp if he kept trying to continue the conversation.

In order to prevent himself from looking like those young noblemen outside, Shien calmed his mind. Even if it was a rare opportunity to chat with the princess and try to increase her affection, he completely ignored it. Instead, he started admiring the Holy Sword in Lucy’s hand.

However, no matter how much he admired it, Shien only had a single thought.

“That sword’s so weak.”

Wasn’t it unbelievable?

But that was indeed Shien’s true thoughts.

Compared to his own Holy Sword, wasn’t that Holy Sword quite a bit weaker?

Of course, being weak had its own advantages. At the very least the other party could use it publicly. Not like Shien, for whom holding a Holy Sword is like lugging around a nuke. Heck, he’s worried even just keeping it with him. What if the coverings failed and got sliced through? What would he do then?

Thus, Shien both lamented as he admired it.

Of course, Shien never even considered the fact that it wouldn’t have been like that if it wasn’t for how special he himself was.

Take [Magic Sword] for example. It’s power depended on the skill level and the user’s magic power. If not for the fact that Shien reflexively maxed out the skill in addition to his unbelievably high magic power levels, there’s no way he would have ended up a nuke sword user.

If it was anyone else, even if they had a Holy Sword just like Shien’s, they likely wouldn’t have had such power.

Therefore, he really didn’t have anyone else to blame.

Shien, with no self awareness for that fact, just continued his lamentations. Only when Lucy and Vivian finished chatting did he say his goodbyes along with Vivian.

Only, Shien didn’t realize the fact that the way he took the initiative to keep a distance actually gave Lucy quite a good impression of him.

Thus, before they left, Lucy spoke to Shien on her own initiative.

“From the perspective of humanity, the fact that a new Hero arrived in our world after a thousand years is unquestionably something joyful and exciting.”

Lucy showed Shien an enchanting smile.

“Although there are many factors that could end up being disruptive, I do greatly look forward to your future actions.”

In response, Shien looked at that incomparably beautiful princess and returned a smile while actually grumbling in his mind.

“It sounds just like the typical polite speech from the boss at a company.”

Does she really think just that was enough to get someone to sell their soul to the company without even needing to give a raise?

Not a chance!

While carrying such thoughts, Shien and Vivian left the princess’s room together.

They completely didn’t notice the fact that as Lucy watched the two of them leave, the smile on her face disappeared little by little until its all gone.

On the other side, as they were walking out Shien and Vivian also started a conversation.

“Just leave your matter to the princess.” Vivian spoke as if reassuring Shien, “Given her highness’s relations with the gods, it isn’t particularly difficult for her to enter the divine realm. She’ll likely get some information quite quickly.”

“Is that so?” Shien sighed and spoke without much anticipation, “Here’s hoping I guess.”

“What?” Vivian noticed Shien’s tone and language and asked, “Do you think her highness can’t be trusted?”

“Do you think that I should trust her?” Shien asked right back, “I’ve only met that princess once just now. Am I really going to just trust her because she’s pretty and acted brilliantly in front of the citizenry?”

“… It’s not like I can’t understand your point.” Vivian was quiet for a moment before replying, “From the perspective of you, as someone from another world, it is indeed rather unrealistic to have you trust her highness right away.”

If it was someone of this world, after having heard of the princesses various legends throughout their life, they’d likely already have a certain amount of faith in her, right? Likely absolute faith at that.

Only now did Vivian finally realize just how hard it would be for Shien to fully entrust everything regarding himself to Lucy.

The reason that Shien chose to expose his secrets to Lucy on their first meeting wasn’t because he trusted Lucy, but because he trusted Vivian.

“Thanks.” Vivian thanked Shien seriously.

But this instead ended up making Shien laugh in response.

“Isn’t this thanks of yours kind of strange?” Shien had no idea how he’s supposed t act, “You’re the one working so hard for my sake here, so shouldn’t the one to give their thanks be me? So how did it end up with you being the one to say thanks?”

“I don’t think that way.” Vivian shook her head and explained, “You should have understood as well after the discussion today, but there’s definitely some extremely important secret behind the matter of your summoning. It could even end up affecting the issue of the three races, to the point of even affecting the peace and safety of the world itself. Just that makes it my duty to do what I have.”

As he heard those words, Shien rather respected Vivian.

That girl didn’t consider the safety of the world as someone else’s problem. Instead, she was willing to do her all for that, unlike some people who might just consider it all the responsibility of others, that whatever might happen, it’s no business of little guys like them to get involved, and that stuff like saving the world should all be pushed to those with power.

Shien considered people like Vivian to be the “real nobility” type of character. She holds steadfast to her own morals, is very responsible, and understands and acts with prudence.

Only someone like that could hold up a shield oversized for her and protect everyone behind her, right?

“Her highness must think so too.” Vivian continued, “She had never betrayed the expectations of others. That’s why she is so idolized by the people, idolized to the point where public disturbances might break out if they couldn’t verify her safety every day. However, even so, she had never considered it something troublesome. For the sake of letting the people be relieved, she tirelessly shows herself every day.”

“Someone like her will not ignore your problems.” Vivian spoke to Shien as if she had great confidence in Lucy, “You can trust her, no problem.”

“Alright.” Shien replied without much care.

At that moment, Shien suddenly remembered something very important.

“Right. Just where did that princess’s Holy Sword come from?”

Shien suddenly remembers something that had been on his mind all this time.

“That princess isn’t an otherworld Hero like me, right? So why does she have a Holy Sword?” Shien asked Vivian.

It can’t be helped. The matter was just too strange.

Plus, only when he properly looked at Lucy’s Holy Sword did Shien discover that the effects of said Holy Sword were practically identical to that of the Hero from a thousand years ago.

Level +50.

All skills level +5.

All damage resist 50%.

That’s the same powers as the Holy Sword belonging to Hero a thousand years ago.

Added to the fact that it had the name “Mitra” under wielder, Shien had a certain thought.


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