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Chapter 147: [Shien]

Actually, there was one more situation that Lucy didn’t mention.

“Is it really true that only under the third situation could a single goddess activate a Hero summoning?”

Shien hesitated for a moment before asking Lucy.

“Is there the possibility that the Highest God herself activated the Hero summoning?”

That’s the situation that Shien believed true all this time.

Since the blessing he got was the [Blessing of the Highest God], then isn’t it normal to think that it was the Highest God herself who summoned and blessed him?

Nien said it too, that Shien’s blessing was something she granted him, not that Shien’s blessing came from the ritual. Plus, that goddess’s name is somewhat similar to that of the Highest God Omnis, Shien had always thought that Nein might actually be the Highest God Omnis herself.

And if Nien really was the Highest God Omnis, then she fully had the capability to use the Hero summoning ritual on her own.

After all, the ritual itself was something that goddess created herself. She was also the origin of the gods. The true peak of the gods. Even the three great goddesses were merely her subordinates. Given that, as the creator of the ritual and the origin of the gods, there’s no way that the Highest God herself wouldn’t be able to use a ritual that can be activated by the combined powers of the three great goddesses.

Such was Shien’s thoughts.


“No, that’s not possible.”

“Hn. Impossible.”

After Lucy and Vivian heard Shien’s words, they unhesitatingly denied it.


Shien stopped for a moment, confused.

Lucy and Vivian gave each other a glance before turning back to Shien.

“You’re from another world, so it’s only natural that you wouldn’t know this.” Vivian spoke, “But, in this world, the indifference of the Highest God Omnis is known by practically all.”

“Indifference?” Shien was confused by that statement.

What is that supposed to mean?

Seeing the confused look on Shien’s face, Lucy begun explaining.

“Highest God Omnis is a truly transcendent existence.” Lucy spoke softly, “She’s the very concept of omnipotence, the origin of the world, a truly omnipotent goddess. There’s a fundamental difference between her and the other goddesses.”

“At the beginning of this world, Omnipotlin only had two living existences. One was the Highest God Omnis.” Vivian followed up, “At that time, the world itself was merely an empty void. It was Omnis who used her unsurpassed authority to create something from the void, and thus the world was born.”

Thus, Omnis was the creator goddess of this world, as well as the origin of everything in this world.

“Gods were created by that Highest God.”

“Mortals were created by said gods.”

“The sky and earth were also created by the gods.”

“Thus, other than the demons, everything that exists can trace its roots to that goddess.”

If not for that, that goddess wouldn’t have been known as the origin and beginning of the world.

“In that goddess’s eyes, all within this world are her creations. Thus, no matter what kind of existence it is, they are all viewed as completely equal in her eyes, with no distinction whatsoever.” Lucy pursed her lips, “Even if everything in this world was destroyed, that one likely wouldn’t feel anything. That’s because if she willed it, she could create a new world instantly, or even restore everything of this world.”

With such powers, why would she ever care whether or not this world was in any particular danger?

That goddess likely wouldn’t particularly mind even if the gods themselves were at the brink of destruction, right?

“There was only one thing that could truly make that goddess pay any attention.” Vivian spoke with a tense expression.

“That was the other life that was born alongside that goddess at the beginning of the world.”

“The Demon King. Claudis.”

It was the only existence that could catch Omnis’ attention, the only thing that she could consider differently from everything else.

“If the Highest God Omnis was the omnipotent goddess who created everything, then the Demon King Claudis was the demon at the end who could destroy everything.” Lucy explained.

“Her power is above even that of Omnis herself. Although she’s not omnipotent like Omnis, Omnis’ powers also had no effect on her. Therefore, so long it’s something destroyed by that Demon King, not even the Highest God Omnis could restore it.”

The Highest God would naturally consider that Demon King to be the only threat to her.

It was in order to defeat this threat that Omnis created the Hero summoning ritual.

“Besides defeating the Demon King, the Highest God Omnis didn’t have any other desire or wish. After she created the Hero summoning ritual, it was left completely to the three great goddesses to wield. She herself never paid any attention to either the Hero or the war between the gods and demons, nor had she ever acted or interfered with said war.”

As she reached that point, Vivian turned her gaze to Lucy.

Lucy nodded, confirming Vivian’s words.

“During the war between the demons and gods, the Highest God Omnis only acted a single time.” Lucy touched the Holy Sword in her hand as if listening to some far off voice, “That was a thousand years ago, when the ancestor of my family, the strongest Hero Mitra, achieved victory on all fronts and headed forth to his battle against the Demon King.”

That was when the Highest God Omnis acted, and it was the only time she ever acted.

“With the aid of that goddess, the Hero Mitra succeeded in defeating the Demon King. However, the world was also torn apart by the Demon King’s final remaining powers.” Vivian took over from Lucy, “Since it was caused by the Demon King’s powers, the Highest God Omnis couldn’t restore the world back to its original state. Thus was the world split into three parts, and thus was born the mortal world, divine realm, and the demon world.”

And after that, the Highest God Omnis had never appeared again. She hid away in the Holy Sanctum at the deepest parts of the divine realm.

“Do you understand what I’m trying to say?” Lucy looked up at Shien, “What I’m trying to say is that the Highest God Omnis will only act in response to the Demon King Claudis.”

Because it was the only threat to her.

“Now that the Demon King is dead, there’s nothing more that could threaten the Highest God. Nor are there anything that could deny her powers. Thus, even if the world itself was destroyed and the gods were wiped out, that goddess still won’t act again.” Lucy very confidently spoke.

“I heard that, originally, the reason that Omnis added her own power into the Hero summoning ritual, thus allowing the gods to summon a Hero with her blessing at their time of need, wasn’t for the sake of saving the gods or the world. Rather, it was so that if she was killed by the Demon King, when the world no longer had the power to resist the Demon King anymore, it could summon up a final possibly for defeating the Demon King.”

“Because of that, that Hero would the final [Hope], symbolized by the character [Shi].”

“Thus, that Hero would be the last [Grace], symbolized by the character [En].”

“Do you understand what I mean?”


Each and every one of Lucy’s words reverberated in Shien’s head.

They continued for some time without fading.


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