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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 139: [Lucilosti Mitra] Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 139: [Lucilosti Mitra]

The sudden commotion not only brought Shien’s attention back from listening to Vivian, it also alarmed Lumia and Melika.

“S-so many people…!”

“Why are there so many people?”

Lumia and Melika spoke up in surprise.

On the lake island, where the royal castle is, an enormous amount of people where gathered there, bringing the noise to a new level.

The people gathered here were the commoners, adventurers, and nobility previously mentioned. The numbers were so great that they turned into a sea of humanity, where all anyone could see was a sea of heads.

The numbers here has to be in the tens of thousands at least.

Shien was standing near the back area, but he could practically feel the combined body heat of the people in front of him. It was plain just how many people it took to create such a phenomenon.

And those people seem to all be waiting for something. They chatted as they fixed their eyes on a balcony up on the castle. They were like maddened fans waiting to see their idol appear. There eyes and expressions were filled with excitement.

If not for the knights all around still maintaining order, it’d have been probably impossible to keep such levels of population and excitement from bursting into chaso.

Shien was already stunned. Lumia and Melika weren’t any better either. Only Vivian and Diere could continue chatting like normal.

“It’s been a while since we’ve been back. Did the numbers here increase?”

“… Just how much does that princess plan on spreading her charm?”

“Mah, it’s not like the person herself is actually doing this on purpose, right?”

“That’s why she’s called the woman whom even goddesses envy, right?”

Vivian and Diere talked about such a matter. The information contained within were quite terrifying.

But to the two of them, it seems to be something rather normal.

“You guys should pay attention now.” Vivian even told everyone here, “What’s coming next is the greatest and most brilliant woman of humanity.”

Following Vivian’s statement, a huge commotion appeared in the sea of people ahead of them.

That’s because, upon the castle balcony, a figure had finally slowly come out.

Shien had to admit it. What happened next was something that left the deepest impression in his entire life. He would never forget it.

Shien, who didn’t know this yet, hadn’t even raised his head before he first felt an amazing magic power appear.

That magic power was like the sun itself. Magnificent and brilliant, and at the same time, great beyond imagining.

Someone like Baydr and Jillian can’t compare at all.

Even Leisha, before this mass of magic power, is far lesser.

It gave Shien the feeling that, for the first time since coming to this world, he had finally met someone worth to be called an opponent.


The strength of that magic power did not lose out to Shien at all.

Then, Shien raised his head and looked toward the castle balcony.

There, a princess appeared over the railing and looked down like she was cooling off at her home’s balcony.

Shien clearly saw her appearance.

The was dressed in an outfit different from other royal garments. The style was actually somewhat like that of the ancient Chinese dresses of his previous life. It wasn’t particularly splendorous, but it did give a faintly divine aura.

However, even this different royal garment, when paired with the person in question, seemed to give off a feeling of being overshadowed.

The reason was simple. That princess’s appearance was just that outstanding.

Her skin was as pale and shining as pearls.

Her figure had curves in all the right places, filled with abundant charm.

Her hair spread out like a waterfall, and there were small curls at the ends. They waved in the wind, attracting eyes and hearts alike as they shook.

Her face was so perfect that it’s like it couldn’t appear in mere reality, giving off an amazing beauty that completely captures the heart.

Shien couldn’t help but be entranced.

The entire sea of people fell silent like they were collectively holding their breaths.

The girl’s appearance greatly shook everyone’s hearts. It didn’t matter if they’ve seen her before or not, every single one of them lost all words and fell entranced.

Then, a cheer loud enough to shake the world rang out.



Lumia and Melika got quite a scare from the sudden cheering.

Shien was also forcibly brought back to earth, but those eyes that were looking at the princess were still filled with awe.

“That appearance is a bit much isn’t it?”

To be able to make Shien say such a thing. It could be inferred just how beautiful she was.

At the very least, the last time that Shien ended up so entranced looking at a woman was the first time he saw Nien.

In other words, the person in question could match Nien’s perfect looks.

The different between the two is that Nien’s beauty was filled with a sense of fantasy and art, whereas the princess’s beauty seems like a concentration of everything a person might consider beautiful. One is a phantasm far above, and the other shone like a star.

What’s even more unbelievable is that the two of them weren’t existences that only had looks either.

Nien is a goddess. She could resurrect Shien, grant him his Holy Sword and awaken his unique skill. Her power was already obvious.

As for the princess before him, Shien had already seen through her level via the [Appraisal] skill.

———— [Lv.70]

This merely 17 years old princess, at the same age as Lumia, had already broken through to level 70.

Shien could even see a bunch of high leveled skills listed in her skills section. Within it includes a level 8 [Two-handed Sword] skill and level 7 [Magic Sword] Skill.

With such power, likely not even the level 84 Baydr would be a match, right?

Everyone here were excitedly cheering at that princess. Even the young noble lords were staring at her will glazed over eyes like they wanted to pounce at her.

At this moment, Vivian’s voice entered Shien’s ears.

“That is the treasure of the Kingdom, baring beauty that overshadows even goddesses and talent that can match the Heroes. The second princess of the Kingdom – Lucilosti Mitra.”

———— [Lucilosti Mitra].

Shien memorized that name and engraved it in his heart.

Shien looked toward her from afar.

She was also looking down. Her expression was unchanged, but here gaze as bright and energetic. Her face showed a gentleness and elegance beyond compare, making her heart-wrenching beauty all the more pronounced.

After some time, that princess turned around and returned into the palace.

Everyone there didn’t feel disappointed either. Instead, they’ve only become more excited and energetic, and the cheering didn’t stop for a long time.

Shien quietly watched that retreating figure. No one could tell what he was thinking.

However, right after, Shien noticed something hanging from her waist.

It was a sword.

A completely normal sword without anything eye-catching.

However, that sword made Shien’s pupils suddenly contract.

That’s because.

[Holy Sword (Sealed)]

Wielder: Mitra. Level +10. All skills level +1. All damage resist 10%. All negative status weakened. Bound to wielder. Cannot be lost. Cannot be destroyed.

When such information came out of the appraisal, Shien really did lose his voice.

“Just what’s going on here?”

Shien quietly muttered. His voice was completely covered up by the cheering, and no one heard it.


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