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Chapter 138: Reason for Opening to the Public

There was a huge lake in the center of the Capital.

The lake was clear to the bottom. When the sunlight shines onto the surface, it was like it was covered in a golden veil. It was extremely brilliant.

Ripples occasionally danced across the lake, creating a beautiful scene.

In the center of this lake was an island.

A white castle was situated upon it, practically taking up the entire center of the lake. It’s separated from the rest of the land with only a single huge stone bridge as the only path to said castle from the outside.


Lumia and Melika were so amazed at the sight that they didn’t even have the words.

“This really is…”

Even Shien couldn’t help but exclaim at the sight. That was just how beautiful a scene it was.

People came came from all directions and gathered before the bridge. After they were checked over by the knights guarding the bridge, they were allowed on and moved forward toward that white castle.

It was beautiful beyond measure. If it was made a tourist attraction, it’d definitely end up top of the charts.

No, it already is at the top of the charts.

As proof, more and more people came from all directions. Included were even nobility in their carriages and fully armed adventures. It made an unbelievably bustling scene.

Vivian brought everyone here and, after going through a simple security check from the knight at the bridge, headed up the bridge.

“See that?” Vivian pointed at the white castle at the island in the middle of the lake as she lead the way, “That’s the royal palace.”

Mitra Kingdom’s royal castle was situated on the lake in the center of the Capital. It was only accessible by a single bridge.

Without question, this was the “most important place” that Vivian brought up earlier.

“I-I never thought that the royal palace would be built on the surface of a lake…”

Lumia still hasn’t shaken herself out of the awe she was in earlier.

“Yeah. So pretty.”

Melika was instead looking at the clear lake on either side of the bridge as well as that beautiful castle with a joyful expression on her face.

As an elf close to nature, it’s natural that Melika likes this place, right?

Even Shien had somewhat come to like this place. He looked about while he questioned Vivian.

“So the royal palace is somewhere that anyone could enter as they please?”

It wasn’t just Shien’s group. Even the commoners and adventurers of the Capital could just casually get on this bridge and head to the palace. This particular situation was rather out of Shien’s expectations.

But this time, Shien was mistaken.

“Of course it’s not allowed normally. Never mind the palace, it’s generally forbidden for normal commoners and adventurers to even get on this bridge. There wouldn’t have been any point to the knights guarding the bridge otherwise.” Vivian explained, “Only at noon every day will this bridge be open to the outside. Although it’s still forbiden for anyone to enter the palace, the knights won’t stop you if it’s just getting on the bridge and heading to the lake island.

“Why?” Shien didn’t really hesitate to bring up his question, “If they don’t want anyone to pass as they like, then there’s no need to open it to the public at noon, right?”

Unless there was some kind of special reason.

Vivian had an explanation for that special reason.

“Because the island lake doesn’t just contain the palace. It also has the temple.”

Vivian pointed over to the side of the palace.

Following Vivian’s finger, Shien and the rest finally noticed that there was indeed a holy looking building next to the palace itself.

“That’s the largest and most important temple in the Mitra Kingdom. Within the country, all other temples answer to it. All priests and believers consider it as holy ground, and any who come to the capital will definitely come pay their respects. Plus, newly born babies will also need to be brought here to accept their divine blessing. Thus, there’s no way that the lake island can be kept sealed at all times. Thus, only during the three hours around noon will the lake island be open to the public. Baring the cases of suspicious people getting held back, anyone else could easily pass through.

Vivian looked toward the temple with shining eyes and spoke.

“There’s also a gate connecting to the divine realm within the temple. Through that gate, humans can reach the divine realm. The goddesses of the divine realm could also come to the mortal world through that gate. Thus, this temple is unbelievably important to the entire Kingdom and even the mortal world. If not for the fact that the founder of this nation was the Hero who defeated the Demon King, they probably wouldn’t have dared to built the palace so much larger and more splendorous than the temple, never mind setting the temple at the side.”

In this world, divine authority trumps royal authority.

Of course, that wasn’t an absolute.

Take the Hero who defeated the Demon King a thousand years ago for example. Even the three great goddesses would show him respect. Thus, the temple of the gods were willing to be placed at the side. If it was some other nation, there would have been no that for that to happen.

Plus, the matter of divine authority trumping royal authority also depends on the people involved.

Even if the gods created and guided humanity, gods too are ranked by status. If it’s a mere low class god, they’d obviously be far higher placed than commoners, but there’s no way they’d be considered higher than the nobility or even royalty.

Thus, although humanity follows the gods’ teachings, they aren’t completely obedient to the gods. It all depends on the position.

Normally speaking, royalty and nobility are higher placed than low class gods. The royalty of this nation founded by the Hero could even match that of high class gods. Only existences on the level of the three great goddesses can make the royalty of this nation kneel.

If it was the royalty or nobility of certain small nations, then their positions might not even match that of the lower class gods.

Thus, as mentioned, the issue of which is higher, divine or royal authority, depends on the people actually involved. Since this nation was founded by the Hero, the position of the royalty can’t be overlooked, and even the gods need to show proper respect.


“In recent years though, there was another reason for opening the lake island to the public.

Vivian’s words took a turn and brought up a new subject.

It caught Shien’s full attention.

“That reason being the treasure of the kingdom that you brought up earlier?”

Shien asked that in curiosity.

“That’s right.”

Vivian nodded and affirmed.

“About 17 years ago, the Kingdom gave birth to the existence known as the treasure.”

When he heard that statement, Shien was stunned.

That was because Vivian’s words told Shien that the treasure of the kingdom seemed to be a person.

The reality was also so.

“Her talent was unmatched. The moment she was born, her magic power shook the gods themselves. One of the three great goddesses, the goddess of fate, trans versed the worlds to personally bless her.”

“She was of the direct inheriting line to the throne and also the Hero’s descendant. Her potential was so high that she was known as a modern Hero.”

“She reached level 10 by age 4. Level 30 by age 10. When she reached adulthood 2 years ago, her level was 60. She is the greatest prodigy of both the Kingdom and the entire mortal world.”

“The Kingdom view her as a pillar of the future and one who would one day stand at the top of the world. Thus, she became the disciple of that legendary leveled knight captain, and thus studied under him.”

“Due to her amazing talent and beauty, she had become a mental pillar for the citizens. If they can’t see her safe and sound every day, it might even lead to rioting.”

“Thus, another reason why the lake island is opened to the public is to reassure the citizenry.”

“In other words, this is when she comes out to patrol.”

As they were talking, Vivian’s group reached the lake island and arrived before the palace.

At the same time, a commotion appeared.


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