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Chapter 134: Throw Up at the Sight

Truth be told, it wasn’t just Shien. It was also Lumia and Melika’s first time in the Capital.

Thus, the two of them were very interested in the Capital. At the moment, they were chattering up a storm next to Diere, asking about various things.

“Diere is just like big sis Vivian, right? Both of you came from the Capital, right?” Melika asked curiously.

“Hn.” Diere nodded and spoke indifferently, “Vivian lived in guildmaster Leili’s home since she was young. She’s guildmaster Leili’s childhood friend. I’m two years younger than them, but I did have some contact with the when I was little.”

“N-no wonder.” Lumia seemed to have understood something, “From the start, big sis Vivian told us that our party will be getting a new member, but we’ll be waiting for some time. I had been wondering about that. So you guys knew each other since long ago huh?”

“You can say that.” Diere replied calmly, “When she reached adulthood, guildmaster Leili was sent to Lamdrion as part of her training to be the guildmaster of the adventurer’s guild. Since Vivian was guildmaster Leili’s childhood friend, was of the same age, and became adults together, she also followed along and became an adventurer. I reached adulthood two years after them and had wanted to be an adventurer too, so Vivian and guildmaster Leili sent me an invitation to come to Lamdrion.”

That was the reason why Vivian’s party was formed in Lamdrion.

As for Lumia and Melika. The reasons why they became adventurers in Lamdrion was actually far simpler.

Lumia grew up in Lamdrion, so she naturally chose to become an adventurer there. That way, she could earn money while raising her seven little sisters at the same time.

Melika came to Lamdrion to train her magic. She had ended up learning under an older elf living in the elven exclusive inn in Lamdrion, and under the suggestion of said older elf, she chose to become an adventurer to continue training herself.

Then, Lumia and Melika also happened to be unusually talented. Their potentials were great. If they just continued on like that at the adventurer’s guild, chances are that they’d end up encountering trouble.

Thus, Leili, who had been paying attention to those two newbies with good potential, recommended for Vivian to take those two girls under her wing and form an adventuring party with them. That way, she’d be able to help keep them safe.

Later on, Diere also received Vivian’s invitation, came to Lamdrion, and joined that party.

This was the origin of Vivian’s party.

“So that’s how it was.”

Shien, who had been quietly listening from the side, finally more or less learned about the situation with the various members of the party.

However, Shien didn’t join in the conversation.

The reason for that is simple. It was obvious just form looking at the knights and adventurers with them.

Including Leon and Eudrice, all the knights and adventurers with them were keeping a noticeable distance from Shien. They would also occasionally look at him with a hint of fear.

It wasn’t just fear of his true strength. More of it was fear that came from the way that Shien tormented and killed Baydr.

Shien himself also had to admit that he really was kind of vicious when he dealt with Baydr. He did a lot of things that he normally wouldn’t have.

Normally, Shien would at most do some taunting. Maybe scare them with a few words. Truth be told, that was how he dealt with those adventurers in the guild who were looking for trouble as well as Jillian.

But with Baydr, Shien really couldn’t hold himself back.

It couldn’t be helped. Baydr’s attitude was just way too annoying.

“Constantly talking about killing with every other word like that. Also that statement about hanging heads over the city gates. That attitude that treats people not like people, but like animals that he could butcher whenever he felt like. I feel like throwing up at the sight of that kind of villains.”

He had always felt those kind of villains were both easy to hate and lacked class. Yet, each and every one of them acted like they were hot shit and could determine the lives of everyone around them. They won’t so much as blink at killing and acted like being able to decide the life and death of others without any feelings was something praiseworthy. Just who were they trying to show off for?

At the very least, Shien found that attitude annoying as hell, and he couldn’t wait to properly beat some face in and make them taste what it’s like to fall from their heights.

Generally speaking, that was Shien’s basic attitude toward all villains like that.

Ever since ancient time, villainous characters were all the type to want to see their enemies suffer. Thus, they would use any means they can, such as harming those close to their opponents, taking hostages, or using others’ beliefs and moral as a shield while they themselves acted as they liked. They’d run circles around the protagonist and keep them from fighting back, and through such means, revel in their opponents’ helplessness.

Ever single time he sees that kind of plot, every time he sees protagonists forced to act meekly under the villains’ treats and do as they demanded, Shien would feel extremely annoyed.

Even if the end result would generally be victory for the ones on the side of justice and the ones close to the protagonist would end up safe and sound. Unless the author wants to be flamed, there wouldn’t be a plot to the contrary. However, that was only the result.

Shien personally likes immersing himself in the characters’ places, so he found those situations rather painful to experience.

When it comes to such plots, Shien doesn’t want to be someone who’d end up being lead by the nose by his personal beliefs and moral. Rather than that, he’d rather take revenge instead.

Who said that only the bad guys get to act viciously?

Who said that only the antagonists are allowed to revel in the suffering of others?

Shien wants to be someone that the villains fear. Fear to the point that they wouldn’t dare touch anyone close to him or try to somehow threaten him.

Therefore, Shien won’t be showing any mercy to those kind of villains.

Of course, if a great, memorable villain like Thanos, Aizen, or Lelouch somehow appeared, then Shien might instead end up rather respecting them.

From that point of view, Shien was in fact rather infected by all the tropes and cliches from his previous life. That was why he turned out this way.

For such a Shien, giving him a normal and peaceful life may in fact be a good thing.

Because there’s no telling when he might end up doing something.

Perhaps he might, out of personal decency, do many kind things.

Or perhaps he might suddenly think of some unbearable trope and end up doing something unthinkable.

Simply put, Shien’s mind is full of mysteries. How else does he have the ability to adapt so well since he was transmigrated to this world?

There’s no way someone normal would think of sneakily assassinating the Demon King, right?

Thus, keeping someone like Shien from going out and harming others really can be said to be a good thing.

Unfortunately, Shien had already arrived at the Capital. He had arrived at this location that can be said to be the center of the world. Just what kind of things he might end up stirring up is something that only the heavens know.

However, no matter how one might put it, Shien’s current actions to date really did rather scare those who were traveling with him.

Given that even they became like that, then could Vivian, Diere, the timid Lumia, and the gentle Melika also be fearful of Shien?

Shien couldn’t be sure.

Given that, Shien had kept a certain distance for the past few days from Lumia and Melika. That distance was even further than back when they first adventured together.


“W-Where was Mr. Shien born?

Melika seemed to have suddenly thought of something, and asked Shien that question with some hesitation and nervousness.

Shien was stunned.


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