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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 132: [Airi] Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 132: [Airi]


As she watched the little girl holding a pillow looking in the direction that Shien left in, Leisha hesitated a few moments before speaking up cautiously.

It can’t be helped. Leisha was very worried over what this personage might do now that she knows about Shien’s existence.

Would she bring trouble for the gods?

Or would she bring up her objections to the mortal races?

Or, might she just directly kill Shien off so as to smother the threat in the cradle?

She might take any of those options.

Thus, Leisha had to ask just what she’s planning to do.

However, just as Leisha was about to speak, the girl in question spoke first.


The girl suddenly spoke that single word.


Leisha was confused for a moment.

The girl looked toward Leisha.

“Name.” The girl so told Leisha, “Just directly call me by my name.”

That is to say that the “Airi” that she just spoke of was the girl’s name.

When she understood the meaning behind those words, Leisha turned fearful.

“H-how could I possibly do that?”

Leisha was in a difficult spot.

It wasn’t that she was timid or anything. Rather, it’d be quite the test on any demon’s heart to call her directly by name.

That girl was one of the topmost of the demon race after all.

Given that, there’s no way that Leisha could just directly call her by name.

However, the girl Airi didn’t seem to care at all.

“It’s fine. I’m allowing it.” Airi gazed deeply at Leisha, “You’ve already left the demon’s hierarchy. Plus, you got that thing. Therefore, it’s only natural that I’d give you the right to address me by name.”

Leisha’s heart shuddered. She had nothing she could say to that.

“Are you worried that I might take you back and force you to hand that thing over?” It was like Airi could see straight through Leisha’s worries, “But there’s no need for you to worry about that. You’re allowed to go free. That was the combined decision that the six of us made together. You don’t need to worry about the demon race troubling you because of that.”

“Six?” Leisha was confused for a moment before taking in a deep breath in shock.

If things really were as Airi had said, and the six of them all agreed to allow Leisha to go free, then every member of the demon race would indeed hold back from acting against Leisha.

No, it should instead be said that it doesn’t just include the demon race, but the gods as well.

“Have you not wondered why for the past ten years, you’ve only been pursued by the Old Demon Faction, and yet neither the gods nor demons have chased after you?” Airi spoke the secret that few others know of, “It was because the six of us made guarantees for you as well as helped keep the gods from interfering that either the demons or gods have tried to catch you. Otherwise, do you really think you could have been able to keep running away with that thing by your side?”

Leisha had lost all words.

If things really were as Airi had said, then Leisha had finally unraveled a question that she’s had for all these years.

Ever since she stole that thing from the royal palace in the capital, Leisha had been very worried and terrified that the gods and demons will go after her for it.

Heck, it wasn’t impossible for the three great goddesses or six great demon lords to take action personally.

Leisha had always be scared that she might end up encountering one of the existences on that level.

The moment she encounters an existence on that level, then no matter how capable her space magic is, it was still unlikely that she’d be able to escape.

However, even after 10 years, neither the three great goddesses nor the six great demon lords have come for her. Not even the gods or demons have attempted to blatantly come after her. That was something that Leisha had found very strange.

Today, she finally got the answer to that question.

“Of course, the mortals will probably still want to take that thing from you. No matter if that thing fell to the gods or demons, it would end up leading to bad consequences in the end. Only when it’s under the control of the mortals will most people feel safe.” Airi gave Leisha a glance, “Originally, you having it was also something that most won’t allow, but you’re situation is special, so there were things that could be done.”

“It’s also thanks to the fact that you were originally part of the Old Demon Faction but then ended up betraying them, making you alone and without any attachment. Otherwise, your situation would be far worse than it is right now.” Airi spoke like she was just talking to herself, “For now, you can somewhat relax. The gods and demon’s won’t be coming after you. Mortals will also chose to observe out of caution, so you can basically do as you like to a degree.”

When she heard those words though, Leisha didn’t react with the slightest amount of happiness.

“For now… Huh?”

Leisha muttered self-deprecatingly.

“Indeed. For now.” Airi replied and spoke without emotions, “So long as the current situation is maintained, there won’t be any problems. However, if you wanted to do something with that thing, then that’s a completely different story.”

That’s how it is.

“You can be assured then.” Leisha gathered her thoughts and spoke quietly, “At the very least, I have never thought about using it.”

“… Is that so?” Airi as silent for a moment before quietly speaking, “That might be good too.”

When she spoke those words, Airi’s tone held many complicated feelings.

Reminiscence. Sorrow. Nervousness. Anticipation or hope. All kinds of emotions were mixed together in a complex jumble.

However, soon Airi had also shook off those thoughts.

“Putting aside your situation for the moment, that suspected Hero can’t be left alone.”

Airi changed the subject.

“Then… What might lady Airi plan on doing?”

Leisha struggled with it for a bit before finally speaking Airi’s name respectfully.

“Me huh?”

Airi fell silent.

When she looked at Airi right now, Leisha had another urge.

Before her eyes, Airi had one hand holding her chin. Her immature face was fixed in an expression of deep thought. The impression she gave wasn’t one of considering something important, but rather one of pondering whether or not to have some ice cream, and if she might get cavities if she did have some.

And after she finished thinking, Airi even clapped her little hands like a little girl who was about to cheer because she thought of something fun.

That girl was made of cuteness, right? It must be, right?

What to do? She really wants to take her home…

As Leisha had almost lost herself on an indescribable path, Airi finally spoke.

“No matter what, let’s first observe him.” Airi so spoke, “What is that human thinking about doing from now on. What are the gods planning. I have to figure those things out first.”

What she meant by that was already quite clear.

“Does lady Airi plan on sending someone to monitor him?”

Leisha asked, having somewhat understood.

It can’t be helped at all. Airi’s eyes started shifting about again.


Airi smiled.

The smile was so cute that anyone who saw would have hearts in their eyes.

“Let’s monitor him.”

Thus, Airi made such a decision.

Leisha had no objections.

Rather, it’s pointless even if she did object.

All she could do was look in the direction Shien left in just like Airi.

“It looks like your life won’t be calm from now on. Here’s hoping that you don’t end up like me and become forced to live a life on the run.”


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