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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 123: [Appraisal] Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 123: [Appraisal]



Leon and Eudrice shouted in joy as they watched the Old Demon Faction members be reduced to ash by the flames.

Never mind Leon and Eudrice, even Balon and the rest were overjoyed.

“It really did work!”

“As expected, our magic items are real trump cards!”


“This is our victory!”

The knights and adventurers were wildly celebrating. Even Balon clenched his fists in excitement. Alrith, who had always been a little suspicious of the “magic items” was also overtaken by joy.

“Big sister Vivian!”

“Bis sister!”

Lumia and Melika were also overjoyed as they hopped and danced next to Vivian.


Vivian also let out the breath she was holding and showed a smile.

“We’s have a much easier time now.”

Diere gave a glance over in Shien’s direction as she muttered quietly.

Shien retracted his magic power, looked at the blackened corpses before him, and spoke.

“Well, this is just the appetizer.”

Because the one who was the real problem here was about to explode.

As everyone was still cheering, a terrifying pressure along with a monstrous magic power swept through the entire area.

“You dare… You actually dare…!”

In the back, Baydr’s eyes turned scarlet as he growled out madly.

“Die, all of you!”

Baydr finally exploded.

Before them, the Old Demon Faction leader without any subordinates left took out a potion and drank it down in a single gulp.


Dense light immediately shone from Baydr’s body, letting him get back up and glare toward his enemies with eyes filled with violence.

The near mortal wound on his chest was quickly healing back up at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Baydr’s magic power and pressure turned more and more terrible at that, and the once overjoyed knights and adventurers were now terrified.

“Things have gotten troublesome now…”

Vivian’s face sank.

“That Baydr…”

Diere’s own voice also turned serious.

Even Shien frowned. He was now looking at Baydr with an appraising gaze.

It wasn’t because Baydr’s wound was healed.

Although he didn’t realize that Baydr would have a magic potion on him capable of healing such a terrible wound in one shot, Shien had never thought that he could have been so easily taken out from the start.

Thus, Baydr’s explosion of power was within Shine’s calculations.

However, Shien didn’t expect that Baydr seemed to have become even more terrifying than in the rumors.

Shien concentrated. He observed he raging Baydr, fully activated the [Enemy Detection] and [Magic Detection] skills, and, through observing Baydr’s hostility and magic power, attempted to gauge his power.

The result is…

「Skill gained – [Appraisal] – Would you like to learn?」

A new skill appeared as Shien concentrated on observing Baydr.

Shien’s eyes flashed at this new skill.

After all, this skill was one of the skills that Shien most wanted.

It could appraise people, demonic beasts, and even objects, allowing the appraiser gain accurate information about the target.

Originally, back when Shien was applying to become an adventurer, the magic item that the guild brought out to scan his level and skill was equivalent to a level 6 [Appraisal] skill.

Now that Shien had gained the skill, he naturally learned it without hesitation and immediately maxed out its level.

Thanks to that, Shien finally saw Baydr’s true power – [Lv.84].


Baydr’s level was actually 84. Not even Jillian could compare.

Plus, Baydr had also learned the skills [Magic – Fire], [Magic – Darkness], and [Magic – Mind]. Those skills were all level 7 and above. He also had the [Sharp Claw] close combat skill at level 6. He was quite terrifying.

“I won’t let a single one of you escape!”

Baydr, blinded by rage, immediately released a powerful destructive spell at his foes without hesitation.


Following Baydr’s yell, the ground beneath everyone started shaking.


Shien, Vivian and Diere all reacted.


Vivian screamed out anxiously.


Diere just grabbed Lumia and Melika and dashed for the back before the two of them could even react.

As for Shien, he immediately threw the rock in his hand at Baydr with all his might.


Instantly, the rock turned into a mighty cannonball. It shot toward Baydr with a terrible blast as it tore through the air.

Although Baydr’s in a rage, he wasn’t so blinded to the point where he couldn’t detect enemy attack. He didn’t even think about it as he dodged.


The rock cannon struck the hurriedly dodging Baydr’s shoulder, crushing it to smithereens.


Baydr let out a scream of pain.

He probably never expected that he’d be unable to dodge a measly rock.

What the max leveled [Throwing] skill gave Shien wasn’t just accuracy. When using throwing items, the power and speed of the throw would also increase drastically.

If not for the fact that Shien’s own level was just too low compared to Baydr, Baydr likely wouldn’t have been able to even try to dodge.



Baydr’s scream of pain turned into a roar of rage a second later.

Immediately, his shattered shoulder quickly and visibly restored itself.


Shien was surprised at that scene.

Shien did not realize that the potion that Baydr used was still in effect.

That was an extremely valuable potion. An ultra rare item that even level 90 superpowers would have a hard time getting their hands on. The moment it’s used, it will continuously restore the user’s body so long as the effect of the potion is active and constantly heal any injuries. It even greatly boosts one’s magic power. When one uses magic under its effects, not only does the boosted magic power increase the power of the spell, it could also allow the user to bypass the chant to a certain extent and instantly cast magic.

Thus, Baydr unhesitatingly activated the strongest magic he could use, high class darkness magic.

“Regret your action s in hell!”

As Baydr roared out, the shaking ground shattered.


Violent black flames erupted from the ground like actual flames from hell itself. Those flames shattered the ground as they surrounded the camp.



Several knights and adventurers were unlucky enough to have been touched by the black flames. They only managed to let out a pitiful scream before being reduced to ashes.

“Run away!”



The rest either fell into a panic or just screamed mindlessly. Although they weren’t struck directly by the black flames, they did seem to have still been affected. Several even had their limbs cleanly burned away.

In but an instant, the entire camp turned into a scene from hell.



A tempest blasted through the hellish sea of flames without any apparent cause.


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