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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 121: “Now Is The Time!” Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 121: “Now Is The Time!”

“It’s coming!”


As they saw the members of the Old Demon Faction charge at them with vicious killing intents, both the knights and adventurers started to somewhat panic.

It wasn’t that the knights and adventurers were particularly lacking. No, it was because the magic power coming from the oncoming Old Demon Faction members were just that terrifying.

Although it was known that demons were a race with standout might, and that at the same level, their magic power tends to be far greater than that of other races. However, in this situation, the Old Demon Faction they’re faced with shouldn’t be low leveled either.

The reality is indeed so.

Of the Old Demon Faction lead by Baydr, the lowest level among them were level 40. If considering just strength, they could easily fight on an even pace against level 50 humans.

In other words, each and every one of the butchers currently charging at them were basically the same as a level 50 elite.

An elite of that level would have been considered top class within Lamdrion, to the point where they could match Vivian and Alrith. Now that such beings were charging at them in a group, how could they not panic?

This wasn’t even getting into the fact that Old Demon Factions of that level were merely the weakest ones under Baydr’s command. Among them were even first class elites of level 60+. They weren’t something that normal knights or adventurers could deal with.

Thus, not only did the knights and adventurers start to panic, even Balon started to somewhat regret having provoked the Old Demon Faction into coming at them.

“M-mr. Shien…!?”

“Mr. Shien…!?”

Lumia and Melika were also somewhat panicked.

“Calm down, it’ll be fine.”

Shien had no choice but to place a hand on each girl. His own expression was not only calm, but also completely confident.

That was because…

“Our reliable teammate has already arrived.”

Just as Shien’s voice fell, a figure crashed down before everyone like a meteor from the heavens.

“Big sister Vivian!”

When they saw that figure, Lumia and Melika both brightened up.

Everyone else also saw the scene before them, and all of them were overjoyed.

“It’s Miss Vivian!”

“Thank goodness!”

Everyone started shouting such things.

Vivian however just faced the front, raised up the shield in her hands before slamming it down.


When Vivian chanted that incantation, a pulse of magic power expanded out from her in a mysterious manner like a net, spreading out to the surrounding area.

The Old Demon Faction members charging over made contact with that net of magic power, and then they inexplicably all changed direction as if caught in an invisible net and charged toward Vivian.

In such a situation, those Old Demon Faction members all either started attacking or releasing magic toward Vivian.

It could be imagined just how terrifying the concentrated firepower of a huge group of demons all of level 40+ can be.

In such circumstances, even a level 70 front line tank could probably only die under such concentrated firepower.

However, Vivian did not cower in fear. Instead, she just calmly activated a new skill.


Instantly, the magic power pulsing out from Vivian changed form.

If her previous magic power pulse was like a net, the magic power pulse this time was more like a shield, making Vivian’s surrounding light up with a glow. It was quite mesmerizing.

“Ding ding ding ding ding…!”

The attacks of the melee type Old Demon Faction members all landed on the shield, making sparks fly from the impact.

“Bang bang bang bang bang…!”

The spells of the magic type Old Demon Faction member also struck the shield, causing blasts of flame explode over the surface of the shield.

However, all those attacks were, in the end, blocked by Vivian using that single shield.

“She actually blocked it all?”

In the back, Baydr, still holding his bleeding chest and still forced to keep a knee on the ground, was stunned for a moment before focusing his glare on Vivian.

“That’s right. This squad came from Lamdrion. In that case, that human woman must be…”

Baydr seemed to have thought of something. His face fell and extremely thick killing intent shone within his eyes.

If not for his heavy injuries, Baydr would definitely have killed that woman right away.

It was unknown if Vivian had sensed that, but she gave Baydr a glace before shouting out to the people behind her.

“Everyone hide behind me! Do not charge to the front no matter what!”

Vivian cautioned them very solemnly.

So long as everyone stayed behind her, Vivian could guarantee everyone’s safety.

Vivian didn’t actually say that sentence out loud, but her actions gave such an impression.

Everyone also seemed to greatly believe in Vivian too, so every one of them retreated without a word of protest.

Shien also backed off even as he was surprised.

“Was Vivian actually this amazing?”

Much like Baydr, Shien didn’t think that Vivian could have endured the concentrated firepower of all those Old Demon Faction members either. The rocks that he had picked up ended not being of any use.

Of course, Vivian wasn’t the only amazing person.

As Vivian blocked the Old Demon Faction’s attacks, a petite shadow came forth in a flash of speed and appeared in front of the various Old Demon Faction members.


The air begun shaking.

Magic power started to concentrate.

Crimson light gathered upon a pair of vicious looking blades. The girl in black cloak raised her head and gazed at the assembled Old Demon Faction members with cold eyes.

Immediately after, crimson flashes cut through the air.


A level 40 Old Demon Faction member couldn’t even react before he was cut in two by a blade shining with crimson magic power.


A level 50 Old Demon Faction member was a bit too slow to move, and his entire arm was cleanly sheared off by a crimson blade.

The girl in black cloak was like a reaper in the pale moonlight. Twin blades danced, shining with crimson light, and sliced toward the Old Demon Faction members that Vivian lured over. Many were instantly slain, and many more were injured.



Cries of pain erupted from the mouths of those Old Demon Faction members.

“Is that [Magic Sword]…!?”

This time, even Baydr was stunned.

“Wasn’t it said that the highest leveled individual in Lamdrion was only level 68? How is it possible then that someone could learn the [Magic Sword] skill that can only be learned with great difficulty by a melee specialist of level 70+?”

Baydr couldn’t keep his expression in check anymore.

Originally, just that woman with the shield was already troublesome enough. Now though, there’s another unexpected factor like that. Baydr didn’t anticipate such a thing at all.

However, at the same time, Baydr’s thoughts expanded.

“If I could kill those two human women here…”

That would definitely be a great loss for humanity as a whole.

As he thought that, Baydr’s face was filled with killing intent again.

However, Baydr had forgotten.

Right here, the person that he wanted to kill the most was actually the biggest variable here.

“Vivian! Diere! Come over here!”

At that moment, Shien’s eyes shifted and he loudly yelled out.

“Everyone! Now is the time for us to use the magic item that personage gave us!”

With that statement, everyone was stunned for a brief moment before they got got excited with a strange mood.


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