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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 112: “It Really Is My Bad.” Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 112: “It Really Is My Bad.”


With the sound of a thunderous impact, a figure flew away like a puppet without strings and slammed heavily onto the ground.


Following a scream of pain, Markray lied down there with a footprint on his face.

“Oh my. I was wondering who it might be. So it was the young master huh.”

Shien spoke with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. As he smiled, he walked toward Markray while still holding the fainted but still blushing Melika in his arms.

Markray’s rage burned even greater at the sight of that.

“Get your dirty hands off of her! Don’t touch her!”

Markray yelled out in anger. He even forgot the pain that he was in and once again charged toward Shien.




With another impact and scream, Markray once again flew back and slammed down right back were he was. He had another footprint on his face, which made obvious just what had just happened.

“You really scared me there.”

Shien thumped his chest as if he really did got a scare. However, his face was completely calm, making his actions take a mocking flavor. Plus, he also obviously pulled back his foot, and it went without mentioning just where those two footprints on Markray’s face came from.

“You… You…”

Markray pointed at Shien in anger and surprise. He couldn’t believe that he was actually sent flying by Shine twice now.

“Aren’t you only level 10? Weren’t you supposed to not have learned a single skill?”

Could a person like that really have been able to sent the level 38 him flying twice?

The answer was an obvious no.

Shien acted completely normally toward that accusation. In fact, he could be said to have spoken to Markray in a teasing manner.

“Sorry there, young master. I’ve recently accidentally leveled up a bunch, so my strength have increased rather quickly. Plus, the magic items I got from that personage wasn’t just ones with super strong magic attacks. There were also magic items for the purpose of self buffing. If you’re charging at me just because you think I’m easy to bully, well, I can only say sorry to that.”

Shien made such a half truth half lie statement, and Markray’s face twitched.

“Are you only able to act puffed up using those magic items?” Markray grinding out hatefully, “That’s not really your power at all. If you had any self respect as an adventurer, then put down those magic items and have a duel with me!”

“Is that so?” Shien spoke mockingly, “Then you take off all those high level equipment too and, with just your own strength, come try charging at me again.”

If not for his high level equipment, then Markray’s true abilities probably wouldn’t match up against the level 40+ adventurers.

Shien used that fact to mock Markray, but he didn’t expect Markray to not only not feel any shame, but instead start looking over in anticipation.

“If I don’t use my equipment, then you’ll also not use your magic items then?”

Markray stared hatefully at Shien.

Shien was startled for a moment before quickly understanding Markray’s intent. The mocking expression on Shien’s face intensified.


Thus, Shien happily agreed.

This made Markray’s eyes flash and he took off the high level equipment on his without hesitation. Then, filled with rage, he once again charged at Shien.

Half a second later…



The third impact and scream resounded though the night.

Markray’s rage got him a their footprint imprinted on his face, and he, for the third time, slammed right back where he was originally and cried out in pain.

“You… You… You broke your words…!”

The finger that Markray pointed at Shien shook. His voice was filled with not only anger but also indignation. It could almost make one sympathize with him.

Shien was just standing right where he was, still holding Melika, with an innocent expression on his face.

“What word did I break?” Shien spoke as if confused, “This time, I didn’t use a magic item at all.”

“You… You’re lying!” Markray yelled at Shien in anger, “How could you have sent me flying so easily if you didn’t use a magic item?”

“Why not?” Shien blinked, “Didn’t I say it already? Recently, I accidentally leveled up a bunch, and my strength increased rather quickly.”

In other words, Shien wanted to convey that he “accidentally” became stronger than Markray.

Of course, that actually was the truth.

By now, Shien had already risen to level 24. Even without using the Holy Sword and magic, even if he didn’t use his collection of cheat skills like [Magic Sword] or [Limit Evolution], he still wouldn’t lose out to Markray.

It bears repeating. When Shien levels up, all his stats will grow by the largest possible value.

With such conditions, even without any additional cheats, Shien’s base abilities were already stronger than the level 38 Markay.

Plus, Shien still has the max leveled [War God] and [Unarmed Combat] skills supporting him. Given all that, then never mind the level 38 Markray, it’s unknown if even the level 68 Balon would be able to put up a decent fight against Shien.

As described above, Shien could crush Markray with just his base stats, so he wasn’t nervous at all.

Markray himself obviously didn’t know any of this. He just believe that Shien was playing with him, so the indignation and rage in his heart just rose ever higher.

“Did you think that you’re the only one with a magic item!?”

Under the influence of his rage, Markray pulled out the tattered parchment and aimed it at Shien.

“[Come on! Do it harder!]”

Just like that, Markray loudly yelled out the incantation for the “magic item” without any care for the consequences.


Shien did a spit take along with a laugh. Then, he turned serious again.

“Since you’re saying that much, I’ll go ahead and do as you wish then.”

With those words, Shien’s figure suddenly appeared before Markray before viciously slamming the bottom of his boot into Markray’s face.



This was the fourth impact and scream.

Markay fell to the ground. As he still cried out in pain, he still constantly chanted without giving up.

“[Come on! Do it harder!]”

“[Come on! Do it harder!]”

“[Come on! Do it harder!]”

The noble young master had already spent everything he had. Or rather, he held onto the “magic item” as his last hope, and repeated the incantation over and over.

“As expected of a young master. You really are unafraid to die. I’m almost moved. Alright then, I’ll go ahead and do as you asked and [Do it harder] then.”

Shien held back his laughter and attacked mercilessly. He stomped down over and over at Markray, still lying prone on the ground, making him cry out in pain.

By the time Markray’s face was completely covered in swelling and bruises, he was almost crying.

“Why wouldn’t it activate? I’ve already shouted it loud enough!”

Markray really did start crying.

It’s too bad that he’s just a 16 year old noble brat. Being bullied mercilessly like that probably ended up leaving another trauma in his heart.

“Stop it! Stop hitting me!” Markray yelled why crying, “For you do dare do this to my, my Foleti family will absolutely not let you get away with this!”

“Is that so? I’m so scared!” Although that was what Shien was saying, his foot never stopped kicking away, “Only, don’t forget young master, you’re the one who came out and attacked us all of a sudden. I think, if guildmaster Leili found out about this, she would back me up on this. Never mind the fact that you scared Melika into fainting. It really is my bad.”

“Ha?” Markray was completely befuddled.

H-How did I suddenly become the one who scared her into fainting?

Markray had no idea then that the one he was up against was a terrible Hero who had already maxed out his scapegoating skills.

If he couldn’t completely bury Markray, then Shien wouldn’t consider himself worth of his own name anymore. (Grin)


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