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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 108: They’ll Get What’s Coming To Them In Time Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 108: They’ll Get What’s Coming To Them In Time

The ogre pack that attacked the transport team were actually quite threatening. Not only were there a lot of them, every single one of them were also above level 30. If it was anyone else that encountered them, it would have probably ended up with a complete wipe out.

In such wilderness areas, this ogre pack was basically like the local tyrants. Not even a powerful demonic beast of level 60+ would recklessly provoke them, never mind adventurers. There were basically no adventuring parties who would get any ideas about taking on such a huge pack of ogres.

Too bad for them though, this time, the ogres were the ones who were acted bindly, given that they attacked the transport team from Lamdrion in the Murrow marquis territory.

Within the team in question, Leon and Eudrice were pretty much the only real exceptions who had relatively low levels. Practically everyone else, be it the knights lead by Balon or Vivian and Alrith’s adventuring parties, were all above level 30. Even Markray was over level 30.

Of them, Balon was already nearly level 70. Diere was also only one level away from level 60. Vivian and Alrith were both level 50. Those particular individuals were very high leveled.

Some of them, such as Lumia, Melika, and a portion of the elite knights, their levels were all above level 40.

As for Markray, his level was 38. Coupling that with the fact that his equipment were nearly all expensive and rare pieces, his abilities in close combat didn’t loose at all compared to Lumia, so he very much could be called someone with real abilities. Even Eudrice was the daughter of a magic item merchant, so even though her level wasn’t high, she had a ton of magic items on her. If she really fought, she could very well wield quite a bit of power.

Within the transport team, the only one who really couldn’t contribute was probably just Leon, right?

No, Leon’s own “connections” were quite widespread. Even Eudrice followed him at his side, so he could very well have some magic items hidden on him as trump cards.

Then there’s Shien. In the eyes of others, he was merely a level 10 newbie, but with his so called “magic items”, he ended up becoming the most brilliant person on the battlefield. This team might still be somewhat lacking compared to the group from the Old Demon Faction, but when it came to a pack of level 30 ogres, it couldn’t even be called a fight.

Thus, this sudden demonic beast attack ended within about 20 minutes.

The result was naturally that the ogres were defeated. Baring a small portion of them that realized that the tide of battle was against them and ran away, the rest of the ogres were all subjugated.

Afterwards, following Balon’s orders, everyone started cleaning up the battlefield.

Vivian’s party was also gathered in a corner. They chatted as they cleaned up their section of the battlefield.

“This time, you’re still using that ‘magic item’ to fight.” Vivian spoke peevishly, “How about showing your true abilities in front of other occasionally? If this continues, you’re going to be labeled as a guy who does nothing but depend on a ‘magic item’ to show off you know?”

Obviously, ever since leaving Lamdrion, Shien had been constantly fighting using the “magic item”. That particular matter was already stirred up some disgruntled mutterings.

Shien naturally understood that too. His own level was so low, but he was running so energetically on the battlefield while relying on a “magic item”. The fact that he ended up doing more than even high leveled knights would obviously give rise to some people becoming disgruntled.


“It can’t be helped. I don’t have a decent weapon after all.”

Shien shrugged.

This time, other than the Holy Sword still hidden in a bundle, Shien didn’t bring any weapon with him.

The broadsword from last time had shattered back when he learned the [Magic Sword].

That showed Shien that a normal weapon wasn’t very suitable for him to use.

Thus, Shien decided to go shopping around in the capital for a magic weapon that might suit him.

As for Lamdrion, although it also had magic weapons for sale, those were not only unbelievably expensive, their stats also could not even compare to the high quality items in the capital. Shien naturally didn’t want to waste money, so he decided to hold off his purchase.

Anyways, if it was really necessary, Shien could just randomly borrow a weapon from someone in the transport team. Or he could just use his just learned [Unarmed Combat] skill to fight with his bare hands. Plus, he had also learned some very powerful magic, so he decided that he might as well just blow everything in his way up with magic.

Only, due to the fact that the power of his magic was way too terrifying, Shien ended up using his “magic item” as a convenient excuse.

Thus, in the eyes of others, Shien was just showing off while relying on a “magic item”. It’s not like they knew that it was all Shien’s own power.

Shien didn’t really mind either.

After all…

“They’ll get what’s coming to them in time.”

“What do you want to do now?” Vivian spoke resignedly, “Don’t mess around. We’re on a quest here.”

“Don’t worry.” Shien gave a completely unconvincing promise, “Putting me aside, Diere and Melika have also done quite well. It feels like your power has increase quite a bit from the last time I saw them in action. Or was I mistaken?”

As he reached the end of his statement, Shien had already turned toward Diere and Melika.

Vivian had also looked over.

“Indeed. Your abilities do seem to have progressed.” Vivian gave a smile, “Did you make some new improvement?”

When they heard that, Diere and Melika had stopped what they were doing.

“Somewhat.” Diere gave Shien a glance and spoke blandly, “Due to a certain someone having provoked me, I’ve recently upped my training. If nothing unexpected happens, I should be leveling up soon.”

Those words had drawn everyone’s attention.

“Diere is going to level up huh?” Lumia was both surprised and happy, “That is to say, Diere is going to be level 60 soon, right?”

“Hn.” Diere nodded and continued blandly like she wasn’t talking about herself, “I can feel that it’s close. In maybe a few days to a month’s time, I’ll have reached level 60.”

That wasn’t a minor thing at all.

“When you have risen to level 60, you’ll be a grade 6 adventurer. You’ll only be a step away from the highest grade 7 adventurer.” Vivian spoke meaningfully, “When that time comes, a 16 year old grade 6 adventurer would probably end up shaking up the entire kingdom, right?”

“Really?” Shien was quite surprised there, “It’s that amazing huh?”

“Of course.” Vivian spoke without hesitation, “Even in the entirety of the mortal world, there’s only a single person who had reached level 60 by the time they were 16. Once Diere also accomplishes it, that would prove that Diere doesn’t lose to that person at all. If you knew just how special that person is, then you’ll understand just how amazing Diere’s accomplishment would be.”

As she finished, Vivian then turned to Melika.

“What about Melika? Are you close to leveling up too?”

Vivian’s words make everyone’s gazes concentrate upon Melika.

“M-Me, huh?”

Melika on the other hand had started acting somewhat evasively. She seemed a bit hesitant.

“What is it? Melika?”

Lumia immediately asked in confusion.

“No, I haven’t.” Melika was still hesitating, but finally, she spoke in an unsure tone, “It’s just that, I don’t have the feeling that I’m going to be leveling soon, but for some reason, recently, I keep feeling like my magic power has been constantly increasing.”

Those words made everyone quite surprised.


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