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Chapter 106: [Baydr]

Several days quickly passed in the blink of an eye.

It had been several days since the team for transporting Jillian had first set out, and soon, they would be leaving the territory of Marquis Murrow and entering the territory of Duke Fednis.

That was a territory that was more than three times the size of that of Marquis Murrow’s. The lord was Duke Fednis, the current king’s younger brother. The size and prosperity of the territory was thus naturally on a completely different level than that of Marquis Murrow’s.

For the transport team to pass through this territory, it would probably take quite a bit of time.

However, when they have passed the Fednis Ducal territory, they would have finally reached the capital and entered the most central city of the Mitra Kingdom.

That was the greatest city of the Mitra Kingdom as well as the capital. It’s size is on a completely different level than other cities, and the amount of traffic passing through it is uncountable.

However, that was also the center of political intrigue. Not only was the royal palace located there, it was also where a great many nobles and high nobles lived. One cannot go there without being prepared to be torn apart by the sharks.

Of course, that had nothing to do with Shien right now. Heck, it didn’t even have anything to do with the current transport team.

Shien and the rest were still on the road. With the capital as their destination, they were currently getting ready to leave Marquis Murrow’s territory and enter Duke Fednis’ territory.

As the same time, in a deserted and dark corner of the Marquis Murrow territory, a number of shadows gathered.

Those shadows had just came out of a church. Held in their hands were either weapons or staffs. Their bodies were also splattered with blood.

Especially noteworthy was the old man at their head. Nearly his entire body was drenched in blood. It looked quite terrifying.

Within the church behind those people was an unknown number of priests collapsed on the ground. They had long since lost all signs of life. The church was dyed red with blood, and even the statue of the goddesses were all collapsed onto the ground and crushed to smithereens.

Thus a scene shouldn’t possibly have appeared in this world.

That was because all lives in the mortal world were the children of the gods. They worship the gods as their creators and accepted their blessings. Their faith in the god superseded even royal authority, so not even the head of a nation would dare to commit such terrible evils.

Never mind the mortals. Even the demons wouldn’t do such things nowadays. Otherwise, it would shatter their hard won peace.

However, these people did such a thing without a care.

That was because they were the Old Demon Faction. They consider the gods their foes and mortals as mere ants. They consider even those demons who live in peace as traitors. They were the cancer and terrorists recognized by all three worlds.

Under the leadership of the old man at their head, this branch of the Old Demon Faction killed their way all the way here. However, whenever they saw a church or a priest, they could always act without holding anything back. It was unknown just how many deaths they had already caused.

This wasn’t the first time they did something like that. It was unlikely to be the last time either.

That is if they managed to continue living.

“We’ll be at Lamdrion soon, right?”

The old man at the head muttered that.

“Indeed lord Baydr.”

A demon answered the old man with their head lowered while also speaking the old man’s name.

That old man was indeed Baydr. The main culprit behind the planning for the mass assassination in the capital ten years ago. He was also the leader and the strongest demon of the three main culprits behind the plot.

“Any news from that side?”

Baydr wiped his bloody hands while questioning the subordinate demon beside him without any expressions.

“Yes.” The subordinate spoke respectfully, “Based on the news from the person we sent over, it seems that lord Jillian had already been transported away by people from Lamdrion.”

“Transported away?” Baydr paused in his actions slightly before comprehension dawned, “So that’s how it is. They couldn’t get people from the capital to do the transport quickly enough, so they decided to just do the transporting themselves, huh?”

“It is after just a minor town under a Marquis. The town’s strongest person is also only level 68. With only that much power, they were probably worried that they wouldn’t be able to defend against our rescue attempt, right?” The subordinate spoke disdainfully, “Compared to the capital, the people here are just too weak.”

The Old Demon Faction members around them all nodded and agreed. They seemed quite confident in their own strength.

If if their levels weren’t as high as Baydr, they didn’t think that they themselves would loose to Balon at all.

Thus thoughts weren’t really blind faith.

From the start, demons as a race all had great powers, to the point where they’d win even against the gods. Even if the Demon King was dead, if it was just counting the power of the race, demons as a whole were far stronger than any other race.

Thus, even if their levels were the same, or even if the other side’s level was higher, someone from a different race may not be able to actually win against a demon. In fact, it was quite likely that they’d end up loosing.

The Old Demon Faction members here may all be varied when it came to levels, but when it comes to power, they were all stronger than most others of similar levels.

To use Vivian’s words, those Demon’s growth rate in all their stats were quite high. Every level up will gain them greater yield than any other race. Plus, they could learn various skills that were demon race unique, so one must not underestimate any of them just because someone’s level might be higher.


“Even though they were obviously so weak, that guy Jillian actually ended up loosing there of all places. He’s probably so deeply humiliated that he’s wishing he could kill himself, right?”

Baydr darkly laughed. His words proved just how deep his relationship with Jillian went.

“On this matter, we also managed to collect quite a bit of information.” That subordinate reported, “Supposedly, lord Jillian seems to have lost because someone had a very powerful magic item.”

“Oh?” Baydr raised an eyebrow before looking at that subordinate and asking, “What magic item is that? A forbidden item left over from the war a thousand years ago? Or was it some legendary class rare item?”

“That’s currently still unclear.” The subordinate lowered his head and spoke in shame, “There were very few information relating to that magic item. However, it was definitely something with quite the history. Various major anomalies had been appearing around Lamdrion recently. Sometimes it was a batch of wilderness and a mountain being split apart. Sometimes it was a patch of ground outside the town being scorched to crisp. Adding in the fact that lord Jillian had fallen there, I believe that Lamdrion probably had hid something terrifying.”

“Is that so?” Baydr narrowed his eyes and started muttering to himself, “No wonder that traitor who had been doing nothing but running away would stay there to the point where we managed to trace and locate her. It looks like that thing should have caught her attention too.”

“What should we do then?” The subordinate asked, “Should we attack Lamdrion and take that treasure for ourselves?”

Baydr was a little tempted.

If that treasure ended up in his hands, it would definitely come in use.


“We’re currently still not sure just what it is. If we just attacked without any preparations and ended up just like Jillian, then that would truly not be worth it.” Baydr considered carefully, “Let’s just save that guy Jillian. Then we can ask him just what that really is and properly prepare and plan things out.”

The subordinate and all the other demons around him immediately acknowledged the order.

Only then did Baydr give a glance at the church behind him. Magic power the exploded from his body.


The church as instantly blow away by an enormous blast of flames, leaving it completely on fire.

The group of the Old Demon Faction then disappeared soundlessly without a trace.


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