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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 10: [Lamdrion] Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 010: [Lamdrion]


Standing on the street filled with the culture of a foreign country and viewing the scenery before him, Shien could no longer hold back and exclaimed.

To imprint the view before him, that’s his reason for doing so.

At this time, Shien had already entered the town and is now on the street before the front gate.

Around him is a number of middle age styled stone and wood buildings.

On the street itself are full of people riding carriages or carrying luggage while wearing retro robes and Greek style dresses.

The ground is paves with bricks. The roads are also wide and stretches out in all direction. Various shops selling all kinds of wares are spread out all over the place, and the noise of various vendors hawking their wares and people having conversations filled the air, giving the impression of a very lively town. It made Shien feel like he had returned to the past rather than reincarnated into another world.

Except for one thing.

That would be the fact that on the street, besides the various townfolk and merchants, there are also a number of fully armed and armored, dangerous looking people.

Some of them are patrolling soldiers being alert.

However, among those people, the majority are a bunch of dirty looking fellows wearing mismatched equipment. Some of them are entering the town smelling of blood while carrying heavy backpacks, and some are exiting the town as if they’re ready to commit murder.

The existence of those people told Shien that this isn’t ancient history, but a real other world.

After all, among them are people who are moving the corpses of gigantic demonic beasts, either to sell or to bury.

It’s thanks to the existence of those people that Shien managed to get into the town so easily. Otherwise, just from his looks along, he would have likely been stopped by the guards.

Ten full days of wilderness survival not only made Shien look very scruffy, but thanks to the aerial duel with the griffon, Shien’s clothes have basically turned to mere scraps of cloth, to the point where they’re nearly not enough to preserve his modesty anymore.

Given that, if not for the fact that there are tattered looking people and even those with wounds all over constantly entering the town from outside, Shien would definitely have been stopped.

Other than that, it seems that one has to pay to enter the town.

Before entering the town, Shien saw merchant and even commoners give bags of money or coins to the gate guards, and only after were they allowed to enter.

At the time, Shien had thought that his penniless self would have no way to enter the town, but who knew, the guards just took a look at Shien before they let him in.

“Adventurers don’t need to pay the entry fee. Go ahead.”

That’s the reason they gave.

That is to say, they thought Shien was an adventurer.

And those adventurers are probably the people around full of killing intent who are all heading in one direction.

“Adventurer is it?”

Shien got a little exited.

That’s the popular job of other worlds!

Complete other people’s requests and tasks to gain remunerations for living expenses. That’s the famous dream job of all who dream of other worlds. There’s no way Shien wouldn’t know of it.

“Well then, is there also something like an adventurer’s guild?”

As he thought of that, Shien couldn’t help but start moving forward following the throng of the crowd of adventurers.

Something to mention though, Shien is still carrying a long package made of beast hide on his back.

What’s in the package is obviously Shien’s Holy Sword.

That’s the preparation Shien had made before he entered town.

No way around it, the Holy Sword really is just too eye-catching in all sort of ways. If he just carried it in, Shien would probably end up the center of attention instantly attract the greed of others.

Thus, Shien remade the beast skin rug that he originally used to keep warm through the night into a wrapping for the Holy Sword. This way, he can keep the Holy Sword with him without attracting covetous gazes.

Just like that, Shien followed the flow of the adventurers obviously heading in one direction until he came before a certain building.

That’s a building that looked obviously different.

It’s set on an open field with no other structures near it. It looks to be around 4-5 stories tall, but the amount of space it takes up is very wide. Its design and adornments are also different from other buildings, making it stand out even further.

Above the front door of this building hung a door sign.

The left side of the door sign is a sword, and on the right side is a flame. It’s like it’s fully displaying the concept of “Sword and Sorcery.” In the center is a line written in the language of the other world – [Adventurer’s Guild].

“It’s the adventurer’s guild just like I thought!”

Shien first laughed, and then immediately stopped.

“No, wait. Why can I understand these characters?”

Indeed. Shien could understand these other world characters.

No, not just the characters. Shien could also understand the language of the people of this world.

Just like back when the gate guard was talking. Shien only just now realized it, but he actually understood back then. He could even understand the conversations around him.

“I heard someone saw the appearance of the griffon outside.”

“No way, right?”

“Griffon? A griffon appeared?”

“Such a high leveled demonic beast. Don’t they only appear in that dangerous Terria Forest?”

“Here’s hoping that kind of high leveled demonic beasts won’t fly this way.”

“I know, right? I don’t want to be summoned to deal with a demonic beast on the level of a griffon.”

The surrounding adventurers were having conversations like that while moving through the door of the adventurer’s guild.

They’re obviously using a language that Shien doesn’t know, but for some reason Shien could still understand them. He could even read. Plus, it’s only now that he’d realize that even his own speech has changed to the language of the other world.

“Could this be a blessing of being a transmigrated Hero?”

Shien scratched his head.

However, Shien didn’t think about it too much. Or rather, he felt like it’s saved him from a major problem.

“Not needing to worry about being unable to communicate in another world is the best.”

Holding that kind of thought, Shien entered the adventurer’s guild before him.


Adventure’s guild. First floor. Main hall.

That’s an open hall without many rooms attached.

The main hall is filled with adventurers wearing all kinds of equipment. Some are gathered in groups of 3-5 in front of various tables set around the hall while chatting excitedly. Some are gathered in front of a public display, looking seriously at the various parchments on it. Some are gathered in front of various counters, discussing various things with the people dressed like receptionists. The excitement within does not lose to that of the outside.

Shien’s entry didn’t attract anyone’s attention. Only a few shifted their gaze to give him a glance before going back to what they were doing.

Obviously, for adventurers, the ragged looking Shien isn’t something worth paying attention to.

However, some thoughtful individuals did discover Shien’s abnormalities.

That can’t be helped.

Since this is Shien’s first time here, he couldn’t avoid looking around, which made it obvious that he’s a newcomer.

“Hey! The newbie over there! The counter’s over there! If you have business then get over already! Don’t hang around!”

A rough looking man who is drinking impatiently shouted at Shien who was passing by. His attitude was really bad, but he did also show Shien the way.

It looks like that guy has a warm heart that’s completely at odds with his looks.


Shien naturally wouldn’t have misunderstood that, so he gave the other person a smile and headed towards the counter.

When Shien reached the counter, the receptionist greeted him right away.

“Welcome to Lamdrion’s adventurer’s guild. How can I help you?”

The pretty looking girl behind the counter smiled at Shien and asked.


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