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The Academy’s Only Monster Summoner chapter 60

60 – Apprenticeship (5)

Kim Soo-han’s sword penetrated the stomach of the man who had lost his weapon.

The man fell to the floor coughing up blood without a single moan.

The other criminals standing behind them blushed one by one.

Men with bloody weapons.

“U-those bastards dare to kill our boss…!”

“Spread out and attack them all at once!”

As far as I know is.

The man who was subdued by Kim Soo-han a while ago is the most skilled in this store.


The rest means that they are ragtags regardless of whether they have a job or not.

Of course, there is no need for rice tongs to come out.

Test the strength of other summons,

Or I was thinking of leaving it to Kim Soo-han and resting in peace.

“I remembered… I remembered…”

The guy muttered as he looked at the tanned man with blonde hair.

Even at a glance, he was a man reminiscent of the word golden sun.

at the beginning of the novel.

It seemed that the archangel who started a fight with Kim Soo-han, who had been transferred to this world, bumped his shoulders.

‘He’s not on the list. Seeing him mixed in with that crowd, he doesn’t seem like a normal person at all.’

Although the cause of the trauma.

He was a man not on the criminal list.

I ordered the kkaebi.

“Kwaebi. For now, put them all into fantasy except for that blond guy.”

─Yes! I’ll put it in my harem fantasies again!

Kaebi activated an illusion.

-You bad guys! Don’t upset me!

All of the men lost their focus in the illusion and stood in their seats.

The only man left with a sane mind was the blonde bully.

Looking at him, Kim Soo-han’s eyes were full of life.

Fear is long gone.

It seemed that his head was full of thoughts of killing that archangel.

It’s a good opportunity to alleviate the reluctance to kill the wicked, but…

“Kim Soo-han, wait a minute. Since he wasn’t on the list, I think we should capture him alive.”

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Judging by the circumstances, the transport method was certain.

However, because there was no permission to kill, I couldn’t kill him hastily.

But then.

─Error. was on the roster.

The rice cooker took out the list I had handed over and listened.

And showed a picture of a dark-haired man.

“yes? The hair color is the same, but the face is different?”

─Assumed to have been molded. 72% identical to the face in the photo.

The iron rice bowl’s lens buzzed around to scan the blonde archie.

─Compare with the photo. nape point location, coincidence. Scar below ear, match. Pupil shape, coincidence. 98% chance it’s the same person.

Was this an old picture?


It is said that the person on the list of criminals is correct.

That said, there would be no remorse even if he died.

Did Kim Soo-han listen to the Iron Rice Bowl?

Without hesitation, he jumped out toward the blonde archer.


The scorching sword pierced Yangachi’s heart.

Yangachi, who was just an ordinary person, could not react.

Kim Soo-han’s agility ability is overwhelmingly higher than that of ordinary people due to the rewards in the dungeon.

It was only natural that he could not follow the speed of Kim Soo-han, who was not lagging behind even by high-ranking investigators.

Kim Soo-han let out a rough breath.

Slowly, he looked up at the arch he stabbed.

The two met eyes.

Kim Soo-han’s eyes were bloodshot with anger.

Yangachi’s eyes gradually lost their vitality.


Kim Soo-han twisted the sword and pulled it out.

Yangachi had his left chest pierced.

He lost his life and fell helplessly backwards.

“I···. I did it…”

In this way, Kim Soo-han’s revenge was completed.


The clean-up of the illegal business is over.

Kim Soo-han stared at the back of Lee Hyun-seong, who led the criminals to the association.

‘…he said he was a hero in the original world.’


A hero who saves people in danger.

It was a dignified look that suited those words.

‘If Lee Hyeon-seong hadn’t come to the rescue at that time… I must have died.’

When you run away ugly.

The beast that chased after him while playing with him.

Kim Soo-han recalled the trauma from the beast.

[This bastard looks like a real caterpillar?]

After school at a rural elementary school.

The past crawling around with arms and legs bound with blue tape.

[You have to go quickly, or you’ll burn up?]

The classmates combined lighters and bug spray to create a pseudo-flamethrower, which blew fire at the soles of Kim Soo-han’s feet.

There was also a real caterpillar next to Kim Soo-han.

It was a kind of play.

Who will reach the finish line first, Kim Soo-han or the caterpillar?

Such a boring yet cruel game.

It was the same as when he was being chased by the beast.

He crawls on the floor and runs away.

The monster laughs softly and chases after you.

It was like a nightmare from my elementary school days.

And this time too.

no one is helping

I thought no one would save me.

Because Kim Soo-han was always alone.

Even my parents didn’t help.

It was scary.

I am afraid of being sick,

I was afraid to die too.

Please, I was hoping someone would save me.

I wanted you to give me a warm hand because it’s good just once.

When you yearn for life like that.

A man appeared like a comet.

Light descended on the world that had been dyed in pitch black.

that day.

Lee Hyeon-seong became Kim Soo-han’s hero.


After Kim Soo-han realizes that this world is real.

I was terrified when I met Lee Hyun-sung again.

ferocious face.

190 tall.

A cave-like voice.

In the world I lived in before, I couldn’t touch it,

It was the image of a predator at the top of the food chain, taking over other students with simple force.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a fictional character.

As soon as I realized that he was a real person, fear lingered around me.

No matter how much he was a lifesaver, he couldn’t help being scared.

However, such a scary man comforted him, helped him, and offered to be on his side.

It felt like I had won a thousand and one thousand horses.

Of course, if it was originally, Lee Hyun-seong would have been suspicious.

The fact that this place was real and the fact that the trauma had resurfaced and was in confusion were mixed, so I couldn’t make a proper decision.

Add to that.

He was a human who saved himself like a hero, so he decided to trust him without a doubt.

And that trust was rewarded.

In the end, thanks to Lee Hyun-seong, I was able to overcome and shake off the trauma.

‘…I feel like revealing my identity to senior Sumin was a mistake, but revealing my identity to Hyunsung Lee wasn’t a mistake either.’

Kim Soo-han’s faith in Lee Hyun-seong became stronger.


To post a sweeping report.

Kim Soo-han and I, who had visited the association, were taking a break in the staff lounge thanks to Baek So-ah’s consideration.

We talked about various things.

Even when I revealed my identity as a possessor.

Several conversations took place to convince them of this, but there were still many things left to ask about each other.

Kim Soo-han asked at what point I was possessed.

I answered while sipping coffee.

“It was at that point when you beat me.”


Restless Kim Soo-han.

He cautiously met my eyes.


In the original work, Han Seok-ho only took care of his hand in moderation.

He sincerely apologized for beating him too badly.

Because I was curious about the original original.

Han Seok-ho asked me how he dealt with me.

“I just broke my arm.”

“Is that the end?”


Well. I guess you just kicked the face after taking something that was enough.

Slightly offended.

I decided to just brush it off.

What are you going to do with the past?

“But speaking of dog poop, it’s still a monster, so can I take it outside? It looks like I’ll be subjugated if I turn a blind eye.”

Kim Soo-han asked cautiously.

It made sense.

Although the number of summons is not a problem.

In the eyes of others, it is impossible to tell whether a dog poop is just a monster or a summoned beast.

After a moment of silence, I replied.

“Buy some clothes and put them on.”


“There are things like dog clothes. If you wear that and a dog collar, will it look the same as a regular dog?”

“is it?”

This method was the best.

Or go to a pet shop and get a haircut.

After I finished talking, I got up from my seat.

“Take a little rest and go back slowly. I’ll go first.”

“Uh, uh, let’s go…. No, go.”

I was on my way back after leaving the association like that.

Instructor Tak Jae-hwan received a call.

I moved to the back of a building where there were few people, fearing that the surroundings would interfere with the call.

and got a call

“I’m Lee Hyun-seong.”

[Are you available on the phone now?]

“Yes, it is possible.”

The business was about a private academy.

[Suddenly, there is a little problem with establishing a private academy.]

“Is it a problem? Perhaps the establishment permit was revoked…”

[That’s not it. Anyway, the story is going to get complicated, so let’s meet and talk soon.]

After asking each other’s regards, the call ended.

‘…Is this because of me too?’

The future has changed again.

I don’t know what’s wrong, but I’m guessing it’s never going to be a good direction.

The date of the appointment was set for tomorrow.

The place is where I live.

It was a passasac mansion.


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