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The Academy’s Only Monster Summoner chapter 59

59 – Apprenticeship (4)

Bald Pink Panties, whom Bobtong shot and killed for the first time, was an executive at this store.

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Just a quick glance at the roster.

It seemed that he had just finished entering the data.

It took only 10 minutes to clear the first gay club.

Honestly, I expected about 5 minutes, but I had a little more trouble than I thought.

It was because Kim Soo-han tried to run away while gagging at the gays.

Of course, I wasn’t just watching it.

– Garbage. don’t run away

“Hey…! let go of this! I hate it, I hate it!”

The iron rice bowl grabbed Kim Soo-han by the back.

He forcibly confronted gay men and created a confrontational structure.

It seems that one-to-many is impossible, so the rest of the gays were put into the fantasy world of Kkaebi.

I heard it from Kwabi.

-I didn’t summon my alter ego! I’m afraid it will get dirty!

He created a fantasy world with the tall older sisters, and gay people say that they fell asleep with crab bubbles as soon as they saw it.

After making a one-on-one composition like that.

Kim Soo-han had a dog fight with a relatively weak-looking man for about 3 minutes.

He was heavily armed with artifacts.

The protective shield he always wore around his body was also reinforced to the utmost, so he was not injured.

Is it hard to even make eye contact?

Kim Soo-han, who closed his eyes tightly, swung his fists randomly.

Then got caught once.

The anchovy man was punched right in the temple and collapsed to the floor.

This is the progress of the first sweep.

After that, the second, third, and even the fourth were very smooth.

Maybe Kim Soo-han got used to it, but he gradually regained his old self.


It was still too much to kill.

‘As expected, they seem reluctant to kill even criminals. Is it natural since I’m from a peaceful world?’

My reason for prioritizing capture was different from Kim Soo-han.

If you’re evil, you can kill without mercy.

I didn’t want to present a peaceful rest to those criminals.

I knew it before

The camps of this world were more terrible and cruel than the one I lived in.

So I didn’t kill them.

than dying and going to hell.

It would be more frustrating to be taken to the camp alive.

It wasn’t that Kim Soo-han was burning fire with that fact in mind.

People who aren’t interested in the first place don’t even recognize them, because they know that this world’s prison camp is the same as the world they lived in.

‘The place where Kim Soo-han lived said that criminals also had human rights. It’s an unusual world indeed.’

anyway so.

There are a total of four gay clubs that have been knocked out.

Now, the next store is the last one.

‘It’s smooth, but… The guys Kim Soo-han met don’t appear. I wish I could be at the last store.’

Slightly regretful

Before moving, I used the detection ability of the iron rice bowl again this time.

─It is this way.

The iron rice bowl, which sensed the reaction of life, guided us.

like in other places.

There was a hidden door leading to a shabby warehouse.

Beyond them, shabby people lay limp like corpses.

It wasn’t dead.

It’s just a broken mind.

‘Real scumbags… If they’re going to enjoy it, they should enjoy it with people who have the same taste as them. Why are you kidding me?’

Cursing in my brain.

People who were kidnapped and locked up in warehouses.

I cut all the ropes that bound them.

“Huh, black…”

“it hurts···. It hurts…”

Elsewhere, people were still fine,

Everyone was bewildered as if this place had been pretty rough.


Unlike the indifferent iron rice bowl.

Kaebi gave them a pitiful glance.

─It’s pitiful…

Is the empathy level high?

-It’s okay now! We scolded all the bad guys!

Kaebi comforted them with tears welling up.

And small lights like fireflies hovered around Kkaebi.

The light seeped into the faces of those who were imprisoned, and soon they fell asleep soundly.

“Kaebbi, what did you do?”

─Illusion Infusion! Only good things will happen in your dreams!

Kkaebi said with a bashful laugh.

-Did I do well?

“Yes, our kkaebi are nice.”

—Then pet it!

The kkaebi flew up and rubbed her face on my cheek.

It seems that there is more aegyo.

I stroked Kaebi’s head until I was satisfied.


Sleeping abduction victims were handed over to association staff waiting outside.

And before heading to the final business site.

I called Kim Soo-han for a moment and put a little warg on his head.

“Is he…?”

“It’s your exclusive little warg. His name is dog poop.”

“Dog, dog poop?”

“I put it on. Carry on well.”

Little Warg, who gave it the name Dog Poop, was a pet with a cost that was born after 20 attempts.

Gae Ddong was given the role of Kim Soo-han’s care and contact.

If I had something to say to Kim Soo-han, I could possess Gae Ddong, and I could check Kim Su-han’s trend through Scout Ant, whose dog Dung was hiding in his hair.

To put it a little harshly.

Think of it as 24-hour close monitoring.

‘…It’s a kind of insurance.’

Even if I woke Kim Soo-han out of panic, there is no guarantee that he completely trusts me.

On the surface, there is no doubt about it.

Because the human heart is unknown to others.

‘Anything safe is good. It’s not like I’m spying on you secretly, it’s because Kim Soo-han always allowed me to watch it…’

Of course, the main purpose is Kim Soo-han’s care.

If Little Wog licks it.

Kim Soo-han becomes extremely calm as if he had been anesthetized.

I agreed and tried the experiment.

When Little Warg slightly bit Kim Soo-han’s elbow, he trembled and shed tears.


As soon as I licked the wound, I came back to my senses.

So 24 hours a day.

It was decided to attach Little Warg to Kim Soo-han.

Surveillance is just an added element. maybe.

“Well then, there is one place left, so let’s finish quickly.”

I took the lead and said.

We headed to the last remaining gay club.


I went down the stairs that led to the road.

‘… It’s more damp here.’

The scent of chestnut blossoms slowly rises from mold and mushrooms growing on the walls.

No, it wasn’t a scent, it was a stench.

I felt like my head was spinning and I held my breath as much as I could.

At the end of the stairs we arrived at.

Open the door decorated with pretty ornate decorations.

Upon entering, all the gay eyes were on us.

“Me, crazy!”

Kim Soo-han spat out curse words.

I almost spit out a double curse at the same time.

That will be too.

Because the guys at this store were naked without even a single pair of panties on.

‘Is this the final boss?’

I covered the eyes of Kaebi and Iron Rice Bowl.

Not good for education…

Kim Soo-han instinctively took a step back.

“I-I’ll just go out. I don’t think it’s here…”

clap. clap.

But the door was already locked.

i locked

At that time, the gay guy in front of me shamelessly talked about pretending that he was playing tricks.

“When you came in, you were free, but not when you left?”

He spit out lines that he seemed to have heard somewhere.

A gay man who scans us slowly.

The boy’s gaze froze for a moment.

“Huh? I don’t have a particular preference for liking women here.”

And looking at me, he quenches his appetite,

The moving gaze was fixed on Kim Soo-han.

The gays whispered.

“Isn’t that the guy who ran away then? Tied the rope loosely.”

“uh? Do you think that’s right?”

One of them winked at Kim Soo-han.

“Did you miss us too?”

Wouldn’t he throw up instead of gagging this time?

I looked sideways at Kim Soo-han with a worried heart.

“…Fucking bastards.”

Contrary to expectations, it was fine.

─Little. little bit

The effect of the dog poop was excellent.

In the meantime.

A man with a completely different atmosphere stepped forward and spoke.

“Are you the seekers who are raiding other business establishments? You came here too.”

It was the man on the very first page of the list of criminals.

I remember that her job was a ‘Paladin’, the same as Yu-Na’s sub-job.

I answered.

“Did you know? Didn’t you run away even though you knew you were going to be attacked?”

“Should a man run away ugly?”

The man had a very determined expression.

Although he was a criminal, his eyes were no different from those of a first-class prosecutor.

“Now, like a man, let’s fight with a real sword.”


The man drew his sword.

It doesn’t look unusual.

“This is my holy sword. That handsome gentleman over there, you pull out your sword too.”

The man pointed to Kim Soo-han.

It seems that he was misunderstood as a swordsman because of the sword he wore around his waist.

Kim Soo-han trudges forward and unleashes his sword.

A class B artifact with an attractive red sword.

It was the ‘sword of scorching heat’.

I cautioned Kim Soo-han.

“be careful. Because it doesn’t seem like a normal holy sword.”

That was definitely an artifact.

In addition, the paladin’s skill was also wrapped around it.

A white light was shining.

The moment I’m about to say that summoning a white tiger for safety looks good.

“Ugh…! Go back, you bastard!”

Unable to control his excitement, Kim Soo-han burst out in a seizure.

─Ugly fighting!

-I will kill you if you lose.

Thanks to the support of Kaebi and Iron Rice Bowl, Kim Soo-han swung the scorching sword with all his might.

The man’s sword collides with Kim Soo-han’s sword.

unlike worries.

Kim Soo-han was not pushed back at all.

He achieved the dragon and tiger appearance without summoning the white tiger.

As expected, the man was also a formidable talent.

visor! visor!

The man returned all of Kim Soo-han’s swords.

The scorching sword and the holy sword constantly intertwined and flew sparks.

‘As expected, he handles swords well. I’m not the main character for nothing.’

A speed that is difficult for ordinary people to follow with the naked eye.

It was like watching the battle of masters at their climax.

No one dared to intervene between the two fiercely clashing people.

like that.

One sum becomes two sums.

The sum of two becomes the sum of three.

When it leads to sums of tens or hundreds.


Finally, the man’s holy sword broke.


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