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The Academy’s Only Monster Summoner chapter 58

58 – Apprenticeship (3)

Kim Soo-han revealed that he was a transfer.

Of course, I thought it was the first time he told me.

But no.

‘I told Park Soo-min too…’

It seems that his mind was more unstable than he thought.

understanding has gone

I needed someone to lean on.

You want someone who understands and cares for you.

He must have hoped that Park Soo-min, who remained by his side until the end, would play that role.

‘It’s fortunate that I didn’t tell Han Ah-reum.’


Can you believe it’s Park Soo-min?

I thought about it for a while.

Park Soo-min is the first heroine to die in the novel.

It didn’t matter that much.

It was difficult to know for sure what kind of personality she was, so we had to figure out her only with what was written in the setting book.

‘Although it was stated that he could die for Kim Soo-han.’

of course,

Now that I know Han Ah-reum’s real face, I can’t blindly trust the setting book anymore…

‘…Still, it must be true that Park Soo-min really likes him.’

Kim Soo-han was Park Soo-min’s benefactor.

Because he solved the habitual harassment of the professor.

Even had the professor socially buried.

He is the savior who helped me get out of the hellish academy life.

So I believe that Park Soo-min will be different from Han Ah-reum.

I decided to talk slowly with Kim Soo-han again.




“therefore···. Are you a possessor…?”

Kim Soo-han asked in disbelief.

I shook my head.

“You can think of it as that feeling.”

“…So that’s why people suddenly changed. I understand now ······But I said my original name was Lee Young-woong. Then you are not Lee Hyun-seong?”

“You said it earlier. Lee Hyeon-seong is me, and Lee Young-woong in another world is also me.”


Kim Soo-han blurred his eyes as if he was lost in thought.

Unlike before, when I was trembling with anxiety.

It seemed to have calmed down considerably now.

That will be too.

—Kreung. little bit

─Little, little, chureup.

Because little wargs are licking every nook and cranny of my body.

For Kim Soo-han, Little Warg’s love attack was more effective than any other drug.

‘It should be prescribed periodically.’

Kim Soo-han opened his mouth again as if he had finished his thoughts.

“Lee Hyun-seong. You said that you in another world had the same face as you do now, right?”

“It’s almost the same.”

“Is the soul split in half then…?”

“I don’t know.”

Unlike himself, who came over as his original body,

I, who had only transferred my soul, looked strange and interesting.

That time when I was about to return to the main topic because the story seemed to keep leaking.

Kim Soo-han trembled again and asked a question.

“…Anyway, is this world real?”

“You have felt the pain.”


Kim Soo-han’s hands are shaking.

‘It’s been a long time since I’ve felt the pain, so the trauma has come back.’

Seeing this for myself.

I felt sorry for something.

Kim Soo-han started to confess again with tears in his eyes.

“I was always on the side of being taken away from the original world… So, in this world, I wanted to be the stealer. I thought it would work though. Because I thought this was a virtual world, not reality.”

I’m already hearing that for the third time.

I can’t say shut up

I gave him a small hug and comforted him.

‘… Well, the image I’ve shown so far is part of Kim Soo-han, but.’

Until this time.

Considering this place as a game world,

It was revealed as it was as it was active as an internet woman.

On the Internet, not in real life, he’s no different from a national Iljin.

However, it is difficult to dismiss it as its true form.

I want to kill someone on the internet, even if it’s a person who doesn’t hesitate to say such radical things.

“I shouldn’t have committed murder…”

Like Kim Soo-han now.

In reality, there are many cases where you have a soft personality.

It’s just a rhetoric to relieve stress by hiding behind anonymity.

‘Still, Kim Soo-han is at least a nobleman.’

When playing a simulation game with a high degree of freedom.

Gamers who casually shoot and kill passers-by or run into cars are widespread.

Rape of women also happens frequently…

‘ah. He can’t have s*x anyway?’

Hmm. anyway.

Gamers do not feel any guilt for committing such crimes.

If it was natural, it was natural.

Because it’s just a game, not reality.

It means that they do not empathize with pieces of data that are not people.


What if the truth is revealed that he did not hesitate to commit inhumane acts considering it only a game, but in fact it was not a game, but reality?

It was a normal reaction to feel the guilt that hadn’t been there in an instant like a wave.

…But there was no need for Kim Soo-han to feel guilty.

It is right to kill the person on the liberation side.

“The people you killed are criminals. Don’t feel guilty.”


“You don’t have to classify the wicked as people.”

Hero’s mindset 5.

Show no mercy to the wicked.

They are animals, not humans.

The thought that was imprinted in my head came out habitually.

“Don’t classify me as a person…?”

“It’s convenient to think of it as the execution of justice, not murder. If you hadn’t killed them, innocent citizens would have died.”

I patted Kim Soo-han on the shoulder.

It seems that I was quite shocked by this part, so I decided to ease the guilt of the murder before getting into the main topic.

Because there are a lot of Liberation guys to kill in the future.

So, a kind of ideological infusion began.




I finally feel a little less guilty

Kim Soo-han’s condition improved noticeably.

It felt like I was gradually evolving from a dead person to a human being.

As I looked at Kim Soo-han proudly, he asked another question.

“however···. What are we?”


“I read a novel with Han Seok-ho as the main character, and you said you read a novel with me as the main character… I won’t deny that this place is real, but…”

Kim Soo-han brings up a profound story again.

The constant change of subject was of a high quality.

“Don’t mind that, I’m looking into it.”

Of course, what Kim Soo-han said is not something to be ignored.

Because I am also investigating separately.

However, it was not a topic worth bringing up now.

There is an order to everything in work.

For now, all you have to do is focus on dismantling liberation, the immediate danger.

By mobilizing all future knowledge.

I decided to have the story come to an early end before entering the second half.

To do so, Kim Soo-han had to regain his original form as soon as possible.

“First of all, we have to wash away the trauma, so let’s start with revenge.”


“Follow me at once.”

After heavily arming Kim Soo-han with a protective artifact.

We left the dorm together.


I arrived at downtown Gangnam with the guy.

“here is···.”

Kim Soo-han looked around as if he was used to it.

just get used to it

If you go down the alley here,

Because the place where Kim Soo-han was transferred to this world appears.

And it was also a place where there was a revenge target.

‘It would be more correct to see it as a solution to trauma rather than revenge.’

I didn’t come here to fix Kim Soo-han’s impotence.

The world he originally lived in.

Parents and classmates who bullied her there.

To get rid of the trauma of them,

The purpose was to use the gays who forcibly raped him in this world as substitutes.

If you face and overcome one of the beings that planted your trauma, you will realize.

Now that you have gained strength.

That you don’t have to be afraid of them anymore.

‘Well···. Didn’t I say that they change their business from time to time like an illegal club?’

I checked the map app on my phone.

There are a total of five illegal gay clubs in the city.

With Baek So-ah’s help, he found out through the association’s information network.

Kim Soo-han shrugged his body.

It seems that old memories are coming back.

There was no story about visiting this place in the novel, so he must have lived by erasing his memory.

“Did the story of this place be written in the novel in which I am the main character?”


I decided to lie just this once.

I can’t say I overheard it at the urology department…

“Poetry, f*ck…….”

Kim Soo-han’s face turned red like a carrot.

“It wasn’t written in detail.”

“···yes? Then it’s fortunate, but the reason you came here isn’t what I think, is it?”

The boy’s pupils trembled.

The red face was stained with contemplation.

On the verge of trauma.

He urgently summoned Little Warg and placed him in Kim Soo-han’s arms.

Only then did Kim Soo-han’s trembling stop.

I went into the alley and talked.

“Don’t be afraid. You are no longer the person you used to be.”

Then he gestured to Kim Soo-han to follow him and continued.

“I got permission from the Association to clean up. I’d prioritize capture alive if possible, but you can kill me if you want. Because they are criminals who do human trafficking.”

Permission to kill a criminal.

It is a searcher’s privilege that can be received from the government and associations.

Gangwon-do, Gyeonggi-do, and Seoul, which are close to the front lines, were able to easily obtain permission because the power of the association was stronger than the government.

‘It’s all thanks to Baek So-ah.’

Of course, there was a backlash.

There are several forces in the association besides the president’s line.

and among them.

It seems that there was also a force that was looking after the illegal gay club.

‘I said it was a force that is hostile to Baek So-ah. I oppose the hereditary succession of the president of the association.’

Baek So-ah said that sooner or later, they will all be purged.

He is also a dictator.

The moment he leads Kim Soo-han into an alleyway.

The encyclopedia automatically appeared in front of my eyes, and a black light jumped out.

─Risk detection. This is where the master’s chastity is at stake.

Behind the iron rice bowl that came out randomly.

-You tin can! I told you not to go out on your own! Wanna be scolded?!

The kkaebi came out as well.

It was an alleyway with few people, so I didn’t say anything.

If my safety is judged to be in danger,

There was a time when I said that you can jump right out without noticing.

“Guys. But I don’t need you right now.”

Today’s protagonist is Kim Soo-han.

I’m only going to be assisting by the side.

The basic ability has also risen a lot due to the recent drawing, so there is nothing to be defeated.

‘There are job holders among gay people, but they say they’re not that dangerous.’

At this point.

I was trying to check the power of other summons that I hadn’t used yet.

By the way···.

─No need for tin cans! i need it!

Swarms of scallops are used.

-Warning. Make sure you don’t need my presence. I will self-destruct.

The iron rice bowl has been threatening.

···This, sometime I’m going to have to catch me and go to mental training.

I couldn’t let him self-destruct, so I decided to accompany him for now.

Crossing the alley like that.

I arrived in front of the shady and shady stairs leading to the basement.

“Bob bucket. it’s kkaebi I don’t want to hurt innocent people, so I’m familiar with these lists.”

before entering.

He gave Iron Rice Bowl and Kkaebi a list with the faces of illegal gay club officials.

– Completion of familiarization.


I showed the list to Kim Soo-han while walking down the alley.

Whenever he checked the people on the list, he frowned as if he had seen a lump of filth, but he said he couldn’t remember the exact faces of the guys who raped him.

It didn’t matter.

Kim Soo-han’s appearance is quite intense and unusual.

Even if Kim Soo-han doesn’t remember.

There is a high probability that the other side remembers Kim Soo-han.

‘If you raid all the gay clubs, there will be at least one gay who reacts to Kim Soo-han.’

It was okay if the other side didn’t remember it.

There was no information that the gays operating in this city had moved their bases.

In other words, the guys who raped Kim Soo-han are unconditionally in one of the five places.

If you just catch them all

Revenge ends naturally.

‘If possible, having the other person remember it would be more helpful in resolving the trauma… That should be left to chance.’

I said as I headed down the stairs.

“Then let’s go in.”

Unexpected accidents will not happen.

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Just in case, the association’s staff are following me at an appropriate distance.

After descending into the basement, I opened the door to the first gay club without hesitation.


The door opens.

“Five? Are you cutie boys? Did the enema do it right?”

A bald man wearing a pair of pink briefs greeted us while wiping a wine glass.

At the same time.


– Removal complete.

The bullet fired by the iron rice bowl pierced the bald man’s forehead.


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